That Thing In Jadudi’s Head


You are 22-years old in your third year in campus, studying political science and sociology. You start getting these headaches but you dismiss them. You pop a Panadol Extra. Headache gone. You go through life; attending class, keeping your head as low as a 22-year old in campus can. Maybe you chase a few girls. You sit in the mess eating your beans and chapo. You boil water in your room using your immersion heater at midnight and make some instant coffee which you sip as you study Machiavelli. Or Karl Marx. Fridays you might head to your friends’ room for some liqour, a cackle, troop into town for a little jiggy – or what the young-ins now call “turning up?” The headaches keep coming, only stronger each time. The Panadols don’t help. Neither do Brufens. Often you have to draw the curtains and lie still on your bed, measuring your breathing. The campus doctor suggests you see another doctor who suggests that you go for a CT-Scan.

A few weeks later you darken the door of Kenyatta Hospital.  They take pictures of your brain with that big scary machine and when he’s done, the radiologist tells you that you may need to call an older relative to come to the hospital. You tell him that you don’t have a relative in Nairobi. He says that you should go home and come back on Monday (it’s Friday) because he has to consult other radiologists. You ask him what the results are and he says, “There is something in your head.” You stare at him and ask, “Something like what?” And he says, “Hold on,” and he picks up the phone and calls another radiologist who shuffles into the room and together they hold up the scan of your brain, pointing at blotches with pens, mumbling and circling dark areas. You are handed the scans in a brown envelope and told to give them to your doctor. Outside the room, sitting on a cement bench, you open the envelope and read the report.  You have a ‘Grande III Ependymoma on the left paretial’ the report says, which is just another way of saying that you have a brain tumor.

You have a brain tumor! At 22.

You sit there on the cold cement. Throng of people walk by; they are soundless, blurry, like shadows creeping through the night. You sit there for a while, trying not to feel alone. Your mom is waiting for a call from you but you are scared for her more than you are scared for yourself.  You went to university to feed your brain with knowledge but all you got was a brain tumor. How do you break that to your mom?

It’s 2012.

Later, when you open the door to your hostel room you find your friends waiting to know what the doctor said. You tell them you have a brain tumor. There are a few gasps.  Shock all around. Everyone in the room has heard of a brain tumor, but no one has ever known anyone with one. Silence sponges life out of the room. You sit on your bed and look out the window. The Nairobi sky is a beautiful blue. You can hear laughter from the next room. Cars honk in the distance. Life is moving on totally oblivious to your brain tumor. How can this be? How dare people laugh when there is “something in your head?”

Eventually when you are alone you will return the missed calls from your dad. You will tell him it’s a tumor. He will be a father and say what he should say, what any father faced with such devastating news would tell his last born, “you will be OK, the Lord will prevail.” He hands mom the phone and you tell her that you have brain tumor. You can hear her physically break down. You can hear stark fear in her gasp. You can feel your mother literally age as you hold the phone to your ear. Then she starts to cry. A wounded cry. She cries like she has already lost you. Your lower lip trembles with suppressed emotion.

That night you don’t sleep much. You wonder if you have a brain tumor because of your lifestyle. If you could have avoided it. You wonder if you’ve been cursed. And if you are cursed, why you? You continue asking these questions until the weak light of the dawn intrudes in your thoughts marking the first day of your life with the realisation that you are carrying something alien and mean in your head. The coming weeks, days, months get tougher when you are told that ‘that thing in your head’ is cancerous.

You go for chemotherapy, “the most gruesome experience you can ever imagine”. Your hair falls off. All of your hair. Your face turns dark, such that when you look at it in the mirror you think someone else is staring at you. Your body crumbles. Your speech starts to slur. The feeling in your left hand goes. There is pain, unimaginable pain. You feel like the devil has invaded your body. You have to go to India, you are told.  Your father is a retired civil servant, your mom is a civil servant. They knock on doors. They take loans. They hold harambees. They make impossible promises. They do whatever anyone would do to save their son. And finally you find yourself on a surgeon’s table in India where they open your head and cut some of the offending tumor but it continues to grow, defiantly.

When they are done with that surgery, although successful, you are left paralysed on the right side and your speech is completely gone.  You start occupational, speech and physiotherapy. You are now a 23 year old learning how to walk and talk again. You end up going for another surgery. And another. And another. They open your head so many times it leaves you feeling abused, molested and at the brink of defeat. But you hang on. You hang on for your mother and for those who are batting for you and you hang on because of that little fight left in you.

During one those long lonely nights lying  recuperating in your hospital bed in India, you kill time by reading old stories on Bikozulu who you have read since “High School” and one night you drop him a DM on Twitter and ask him if he can make people aware of brain tumors.


When I received Jadudi’s DM in the dead of the night, many miles away in Nairobi, I was battling serious sleep problems at the time. I would wake up at 3am and not sleep until the wee hours of the morning.  I replied to his DM and we chatted briefly but to be honest I really didn’t think much of it. I didn’t empathise.  I didn’t care. It wasn’t my problem; he was a stranger, a chap hitting me up on DM at an odd hour talking about brain cancer. I had just observed my mom’s second memorial and the hurt in my own heart had embraced me with darkness so I didn’t really care about anybody else’s pain. If you had a mother you could suffer.

A year or so later, three weeks ago actually, Emmanuel emails me and reminds me of our conversation on Twitter. He also says his brain cancer had started to grow again and that his family has exhausted all their avenues and he is at the end of this rope and he needed a hand. At the same time Zawadi Nyong’o also tweets me asking me if we can help Emmanuel (@Jadudi).

I’ve had numerous phone conversations with Jadudi about his journey. We’ve talked about how it feels like to live with ‘something in his head.’ (‘You feel it as you chew, as you talk, as you yawn and even as you walk.)  I ask him about chemotherapy and about how that has affected his life. I ask him all these things that informed the first half of this post.

Because of the tumor he seems to forget some simple words, like he could be searching for the word, “bed” in his memory and he would say, “Uhmm…this thing…uhm , what do you call, uhmm…” and I would ask “Bed?” and he would say, “yes, bed!” And quite honestly that made me so damned sad.

I asked him what you are probably thinking now: Are you scared? He said “a little bit.” I asked him what scares him the most and after a long pause, so long I checked my phone to see if the call had dropped and just when I was thinking that maybe his silence was my answer he said faintly, “I’m scared of dying..” He said it in a near whisper like he didn’t want death to hear what he said. Then he added, “I’m scared of dying not having met my dreams.”

His tumor has reduced him to shuffling around with a walking stick, slurring in speech, a boy carrying the dark face of a stranger. But he continues to go to school because that’s the only thing that still gives him a handle on his dream. School is his straw. His hope.  His family have sold land and cows, borrowed from everyone they can borrow from, even those they would be too proud to borrow from and that desperate path has led Jadudi here, to us, the Gang.

He doesn’t have much time left. He needs our help to fly out to India for a fourth brain surgery. He doesn’t want to wait. He wants to fight.  This is our chance to join a fight that isn’t ours, but an important fight nonetheless. He needs 1 million shillings by Saturday. We all have the power to help this boy. We have the power to show our compassion to a stranger in need, because deep down I truly believe we all have good in us. Let’s dig it out. Let’s be the humans we are and extend our humanity towards Jadudi at this dwindling hour.

You don’t need loads of cash to help. Check your M Pesa balance. You have 204 bob? Send it. You have a loose 4K that you will burn by end of today? Send it. You have 130-bob? Mpesa it.  It will mean a lot.

There is something he said to me that I keep going back to. When I asked him what kind of help he would like me to accord him, all he said was, “I still want to fight.  Please stand by me.”  I have not forgotten those words. I will never forget those words. Nobody has ever asked me explicitly to “stand by them.”

And so I’m standing by Jadudi through this dark storm. Please join me.

Hashtag: #1MilliForJadudi

MPESA PAYBILL 806200 (Leave slot for ‘Account Number’ blank)

This monies will land into an account run by Africa Cancer Foundation.

Please contribute and share this as widely as you can.

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    1. perhaps you are there, you’ve read this article but your mpesa bal is at 0? Please share to all your contacts… Jadudi God is with you

    2. So touching. I have shared with all my whatsapp contacts. Atleast I have done something that may end up helping Jadudi. I pray with you Jadudi.

  1. Oh my God. This made me cry. It is so sad that he could be facing all this. And even more heartbreaking, how young he is. Jadudi, you will keep fighting. My hear goes out to you.

      1. A point of encouragement, I have a close friend who went through a similar situation. He beat the odds against an inoperable brain tumour and now he’s well again. I will share this all day if I have to. Jadudi has a strong will to live. Let’s all stand by him.

  2. And here I am feeling sorry for myself because I have a job that isn’t inspiring me anymore. I feel like a jerk…Jadudi, you will be ok…Fight it with all your might. We will stand by you. Sending prayers and light your way

    1. Kiki you’ve spoken for many of us. Sometimes we feel like some problems are the end of us…. till you look at your neighbor and realize how blessed you are. Count your blessings people, and send Jadudi whatever you have.

  3. Tomorrow is my birthday,I have been sulking at stuff and things that I do not yet have which now seem so flimsy and materialistic. This made me cry and reevaluate my look on life..May God grant you a chance to fight.

  4. Oh Lord! I had to hold it not to bawl in the office while reading this. I will pray for him, and my MPESA (though little) will hit ACF by end of day today. So so sad, but Jadudi is a soldier. He should fight on.

  5. Goddamn this cancer thing. Its been 2 months since i lost a loved one to cancer and I’m in that phase where the hurt in my own heart has embraced me with darkness so I don’t really care about anybody else’s pain. But this article has really made me cry.
    Let us all stand by him.

    1. Daniel was a close friend of mine too! I read this and thought to share his page with Jadudi too. We will pray for you, Jadudi, and give any help we can so you can get treatment.

    2. My heart is heavy with emotions after reading this story having lost my beloved mom to cancer of the esophagus on April 10 this year.
      I am however encouraged by the young man’s zeal and courage to keep on fighting for his life and dreams. Jadudi needs each one of us. Kenyans lets do this.

    3. I am so sad to learn that your friend passed on….So heartbreaking. He had the will and zeal to live. such a phenomenal writer. Heaven has an additional angel though….

    4. Your friend is a very strong person and i like the fact that he tries to make light of very trying experience..may his soul RIP.

      1. If this wasn’t a sad post I’d have put up a video of me doing my happy dance that you personally responded to mycomment 🙂 Thanks for helping him out.

  6. This totally broke me down man. Will sacrifice my lunch for the rest of the week for this. Will lobby some frineds

  7. Jadudi, thanks for telling your story. I just want to encourage you, and mention to you that God will heal you if you have enough faith. Faith can move mountains! Even if you are not religious, just BELIEVING that you will be healed will do it for you. I say this with utmost humility and hope for you. I will be praying for you fervently over the next few days. I am also going to donate. I am so hopeful for your healing. You will be healed in Jesus name, Amen.

  8. Take heart Jadudi… no matter how life knocks us down, we must just get back up. I love your spirit, I stand by you in this.

  9. I have cried through this article.. Yes i had to stop and pray while crying to God.He is the only one who can heal him. Lets all pray. pray Biko…pray NOW.Meanwhile i am contributing and sharing this a s much as possible.i feel obliged to stand by him.i will post this to all my groups on facebook. Lets do this guys… first contribute then share it as much as possible

  10. ‪#‎1MillionForJadudi‬ If you have lost someone you love to cancer then you must know how terrible it is. If you have had cancer and it went away then you know how lucky you are. If you have never had cancer in you or lost someone to it, then all the horror stories you have heard are true.
    This is another horror story. At least that is what it is now. Lets change the ending of this story. Lets help this guy Jadudi get his hair back.
    #MPESAConfirmed…Get well soon.

  11. This hit me like a thunderbolt. It puts meaning to this words ‘I would rather stand tall than live on my knees coz I’m a conquerer’ ….. I cried but I’ll do better than cry I’ll stand by him.

  12. We will raise more than you need to pay your medical bill. But that is not important. Your faith and the prayers we shall say for you are most important because your will be a cancer soldier. You will slay it and emerge victorious. By your will to fight and by asking us to fight with you, we are half way there. You will be well

  13. And am here complaining that it is cold outside, there are much bigger things in this world, Hitting my Mpesa button right away. It shall be well Jadudi.

  14. Most days to me involves delivering such news to patients. At first it used to be so difficult but i grew thick skin. They troop in everyday with hope and sometimes you end up sending them home with news that kills a part of them already. Biko you once said death has a reception desk at the end of the ward. Its true. I smell death everyday as i work. It lingeres so low sometimes you could “see” it getting ready to claim a soul. For me to work and give my best, i bottle my emotions and leave them at the hospitals gate. Jadudi has shown me what it feels to be on the other side. Its devastating to say the least. One thing i have learnt is however how much meds we pump into a patient will not work if they dont have the spirit to fight. Jadudi youre a fighter. You will achieve your dreams because we will stand by you. I have banked my contribution

  15. ….And when I was done reading this standing in the banking hall I kept wiping tears from my eyes……….. I went to mpesa option …JH46TRDQ7E Confirmed….. keep fighting my brother we will stand with you just as Biko is.

    Biko this is truly touching awww and there goes my tears again….

    1. Ma Amani im with you there. Cried my eyes out in the office. This cancer thing….smh….I love his willingness to fight.

  16. JH40TRVQ0W Confirmed. ……sent to Africa cancer Foundation for account on 4/8/15 at 12:34 PM New M-PESA balance is Dial *234# for Lipa Na MPESA charges.
    It is well Jadudi.I have shared the little I had.

  17. I know what he is going through. My wife is battling liver cancer which started as breast cancer but later spread to the liver. We have spent a fortune here and in India twice but feel like we are losing the battle. The reason for the spread to the liver was primarily lack of money to decisively deal with it while still in the breast. The doctor here in Kenya has actually told her she doesn’t have to live. We are of course not accepting this and are raising money for another India trip. I pray for Jadudi to recovery and pursue his dreams as I grapple with where to get money for my wife’s trip. If anyone can point me in the right direction where I can get financial help urgently it will be appreciated. Thank you. e

    1. Hi Gideon. There is some organisation that is part of Safaricom Foundation i think.Im not very sure of all the details because we are chasing that as well.But as soon as i have any information i will share. They give a certain amount but im sure a little goes a long way.Your wife will beat this.She has to

      1. Gideon muli…hi kindly passby myoffice in gilfillan house 411fourth floor i have a suppliment that has worked for many cancer patients…..
        Ask for doreen….

    2. Check with Caroline Ng’ang’a the founder can hook you up with Indian doctors who fly in Kenya for cancer patients. Good speed!

  18. Yes Biko. Standing by Jadudi. That’s the only thing we can do – it’s the most important anyway. I have done my part #standingByJadudi

  19. Thoughts have mass.When we focus our collective thoughts to one thing, it can physically happen..When we channel our healing prayers towards Jadudi,He will actually get well.

      1. he stands tall, May God who is able and is doing more than what we pray and hope for heal you today and many fighting this battle.

        I have sent Biko Confirmed. together we stand . in our hearts and prayers .

        Gideon you’re faith is key remain standing .

  20. I have heard a cancer patient since January.they say cancer has eaten all we have but still hanging on.May the Lord comfort us

  21. No words…
    Just Prayers.
    Pls tell me how this Mpesa playbill works.
    Let’s do the “Harrambee ” spirit.
    It is well, in Jesus’ Name

  22. I know Jadudi will be ok because this right here is fate. “During one those long lonely nights lying recuperating in your hospital bed in India, you kill time by reading old stories on Bikozulu who you have read since “High School” and one night you drop him a DM on Twitter and ask him if he can make people aware of brain tumors.” Mpesa sent!! Keep fighting Jadudi…

  23. @Jadudi am prayying for your healing and will support you as well. Be encouraged you will make it, a close friend went though the same in 2012 and now she has recovered. Take heart and keep on fighting.

  24. Hi Biko…perhaps for your fans in the might think of setting up a gofundme page?
    and thank you for highlighting Jadudi’s plight…

  25. Jadudi you will make it. Though your flesh may fail may God be the strength of your heart, hold on even if its just to a shred of hope.

  26. Mr. Biko … thanks for sharing. How can I send my little contribution from the diaspora? No access to M-pesa. Please assist.

      1. Hi Alice, thanks for the trouble. Been to their twitter page & the complaints from their customers…. ,Naah! Can’t get myself into that. Will find a way though.

  27. Biko thank you so much for reminding us the worth of our lives and most importantly our health. May God give his family strength, for Jadudi,deeply in my heart, i know you will make it through the operation you need. I choose to stand by you.

  28. Some phone number too , a text, a call! I cant use paybill but can send via worldremit to a mobile phone directly

  29. I do not know the young man but this has brought me to tears. My mum was diagnosed with Breast cancer stage 2 in April and it is tough especially financially. I am definitely sending my contribution not that I ever even have an extra coin nowadays but it is because of the struggle that my sister and I are going through now to ensure that our mum gets medical assistance. I really appreciate friends and strangers who help

    1. Kindly guys luk for suppliments at gilfillan house room 411that we have seen a suppliment worked on cancer patients.

  30. I cannot believe what have read and the pain this young live is enduring.
    May Almighty God grant him healing power,

  31. waaaaa.

    very disheartening yet encouraging piece, thanks biko for the initiative, together I’ll inform my fellow workmates and send not only our support but also our prayers to him and his family.

    heart on the cross, Jadudi and heart on the cross

  32. Praying for Jadudi. Never doubt the power of prayer and faith. God is always in control. I have done my part and stood with you via Mpesa. Get well soon.

    Thank you Biko for sharing this.

  33. On a loghter note…Biko,kwani you knew I had 204/= in MPESA,lol!I just had to send it.But seriously,this is very kind of you to bring Jadudi’s story to us.May the good Lord deliver him from the sickness.

  34. Emmanuel, i cannot begin to comprehend what you are going through, its heart wrenching and you remain so full of hope. You are an amazing young man. Please read Isaiah 40:30-31 “Even those who are young grow weak; young men can fall exhausted. But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not grow weak.” Stand on His promises He will see you through.

  35. yo, is there a place that shows the amount already contributed? so that we can fasten this up towards the target? #1milliforjadudi.

  36. I believe this is a hard situation, I also believe in the healing power of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Jadudi, rest in HIS promise and believe in HIM. i will support.

  37. Damn you cancer!
    am here in Somalia fighting the shabaab,but after reading this post……I am convinced am in a much better position.
    Jadudi,bro,the good Lord’s got you….we got you.
    God bless Kenya.sending my contribution now

  38. Wow,such a great yet sad read.. Said a prayer for you and I echo your dad’s response. It shall be well. Godspeed. #1milli4Jadudi.

  39. Jadudi…i will team up with you as you move around the world motivating and sharing your recovery as a testimony of what a faith in GOD and a resilient spirit can do. we are with you bro

  40. All things are possible with God. I am praying for and may God give you health. Thank you Biko for the information! I will do my part

  41. I am glad there are so many believers here and those who understand that our God is more than able to heal Jadudi. Let’s all join hands, let’s all go on our knees, let us all shame the enemy on jadudi’s head. My heavenly father Has never let me down and He won’t start today.I just made my contribution tho little and now #1milliononourkneesforjadudi. Our God is well able Philippians 4:6 let’s do this!

  42. it’s never over until our Lord says thats it’s over,he healed Job and restored his wealth and health.My brother God is in control.Do not loose hope.i have done my part

  43. The Lord is still on the throne.
    Jadudi,Keep the fire burning,don’t lose hope.We’ll stand by you.

    Biko,thanks for sharing!

  44. i pray the GOD that heals n restores may come in abundance, please jadudi come back n tell us what God has done for u n your family

  45. Legend is told of a humming bird ‘colibri’ that tried to put off a forest fire by carrying little drops of water in its beak.. Impossible task to put off entire fire but every little drop it poured counted for something. Pour your drop. I have mine. #1MilliForJadudi

  46. I met Jadudi sometime back when he was going for the therapy. Lovely young man, he would still manage to smile amidst the pain. So heartbreaking to learn about this, sending my contribution right away.

  47. I have sent my little amount. This totally broke my heart. May the good Lord see you through Jadudi. Sending prayers your way. You will come out stronger.

  48. Jadudi…ALL WILL BE WELL…will help you fight.Will see you through.
    Thanks for being brave and sharing your story Emman.

  49. I am lost for words. Will be praying for Jadudi and send whatever little I can by saturday.
    Deeply sad but lets hope it will have a happy ending.

  50. I have wept. Like a baby, in the office. Wa. I have sent my 165 as it is all I had on m-pesa. I will send more. I will share #AMilliForJadudi

  51. prayers and surpport will give u courage to fight jst keep on let me drop something have in my m pesa a touching story but God is with you mmmmm the last time we saw you u were stil strong but dont worry you wont fight a lone GOD will see you through.

  52. I actually feel bad that many times I’ve taken my good health for granted.
    Be strong Jadudi. You are a worrior son!

  53. My mom suffered a tumor,she made it because other people believed in her determination to fight.Jadudi will be well.Thanks Biko ,keep writing..Mpesa done

  54. Jadudi my dear brother, our loving God loves you without doubt. He has seen you through the surgeries and i am very hopeful that he is going to see you through the remaining process. you have a strong spirit, i swear am overwhelmed by the courageyou have shown to the world. you are His work in progress. he is not done with you yet. The devil is a liar, he is deafeated in Jesus Name. You will walk again,talk again, sing again, live your life to the fullest. you are a living testimony

  55. Oh no! Soooo sad, I pray for you Jadudi, that God in his mercies will come through for you in a way He never has. I pray that God will give you peace that surpasses all human understanding as you go through the surgeries. You will come out victorious for sure..soldier on. off to my mpesa

  56. Dear Gang,
    I called the AFRICA CANCER FOUNDATION and they have an Airtel line that is receiving Airtel Money Contributions.
    Kindly send the money to 0788263358. Just say its going to the Jadudi Contribution.
    Be blessed more abundantly as you give.

  57. im Reading in a mat on my way to jobo…..Damn its so sad made me shed some tears….Im totaly standing with you The little i got,….Fight hard kiddo God is in control for you Nd your family

  58. I have cried so badly! I have felt like a loser! I feel so bad right now! Emmanuel was my son in High school. I never knew his whereabouts. And this is how I get to know of his whereabouts. I have sent my contribution. I have marshalled my family too and their contributions are going to come in shortly. Thanks Bikozulu. I’m going to find him personally as I milk myself of all I have.

  59. Oh…i ask God to pour out his mercies to this young man…i speak resurrection power in all his body organs . i stand by you Son.

  60. Heart breaking.. Such a young person to pass through that with so much to live for.. n at the same time encouraging…. to learn that yet he seems at his end…he has the will n power to keep fighting….thats the Spirit, having faith in the most High our Lord n Saviour…Jadudi ur well…my prayers n my heart goes to you…#Standingwithjadudi

  61. Am ashamed that i pretended to feel sad and understand what this dude is going through. I can’t. I bet he’s really trying hard to keep it together and i pray that he may find solace in this ‘gang’ is here with him through all the myriad of different feelings, especially now when he needs a hand to win

  62. JH44TTKGA0 Confirmed. Ksh 150.00 sent to Africa Cancer Foundation……, feel happy I have been part of this, it might not be much, but thats what God has blessed me with right now, I did it for you Biko

  63. But all you guys who dont leave that “,,SURELY SHED SOME TEARS,,” line, is it rily true or you say it to make your comment sound more emotional? just asking

  64. Mpesa sent. Biko, please keep us posted on amounts raised. Let’s keep going until we reach target. Hang in there, Jadudi, you’re stronger than a whole lot of us put together. May God give you the miracle you want so bad. Biko, good man a million times over!

  65. Thanks BikoZulu,
    I have stood with Jadudi just as he had requested you to stand with him,it is really painful to read his tribulations,he will be well if all of us stand by him.
    He still wants to fight and we MUST give him that ammunition to soldier on.

  66. Let God be first contribution pray us who gives life gives good health… As Jesus lose dead from death nothin he cant do… Our father in heaven knows everything but he doesnt like those who turn away from him. May God be with you coz he is always there even the time we dont need him… GOD ABOVE EVERYTHING.

  67. This is so touching.Jadudi you are in my prayers tonight and accept my little conts.God is with you brother.

  68. I stand by you Jadudi…..Have sent the little I had….. Take heart… Siz to underwent a brain surgery 4yrs ago…..N now she is okey….. God loves a fighting spirit….You shall be a victor.

  69. Beeen shedding tears for you …but then i remembered this.The fact is you have cancer but the truth is God heals.Yes He does.You will never walk alone in this Jadudi.Believing with you

  70. 1 Mill is nothing compared to life. If it will save his life, and thereby his dream, we must make it happen. Keep up the good fight Jadudi, your dream is valid!!

  71. Jadudi, hang in there, I love your spirit,I have a sister who
    fought cancer and she beat it. So will you. Be strong there is an
    army behind you. Biko my mpesa will come through, thank you for

  72. Good Lord. At such a young age we really need to help this chap.
    God help him . Amen

    Good work Biko


  73. All the best Jadudi, its really brave of you to keep fighting. May the good Lord heal you bro.My MPESA has gone through.

  74. mpesa confirmed.i hope we reach and surpass the target, jadudi the hair will grow back, praying hard and remember God has your back..

  75. Good news for Jadudi is that it’s darkest when dawn is coming and above all Gods Grace is always sufficient. Jadudi you are more than a conqueror in Jesus name. Count on our support in prayers and financially. There is magic in numbers. Amen

  76. Jadudi, I shed a tear today because I am touched and I admire your strength, you are a hero in my world because you are prepared to fight. All will be well.

  77. “I still want to fight. Please stand by me.”

    The above words carry real weight. May God heal @Jadudi. All shall be well. He shall surely emerge victorious in this terrible fight. I am convinced he will.

  78. Praying and giving. May you receiving healing and peace that surpasses all understanding. Be strong in the Lord!

  79. I stand with you jadudi in prayer and in kind…”earth has no sorrow heaven cannot cure”. Biko, keep doing you.

  80. The devil seeks to steal from us, from you, but he will lose. For the past 2 years you have suffered immensely, you have been at your worst. Worry not though son, you can only suffer too much before God calls you by your name and things turn around. I may not have enough but, I am bound by the heart in me to chip in what I can. Stay strong buddy!!

  81. Well….this has made me tear up terribly……year 2006, living with my boyfriend and we had a 2 year old daughter…He started complaining of the headaches just lie you have described. Became more serious and thus a visit to a bigger hospital. CT scan conducted….something was noted in the brain, further tests done on MRI and we had to wait for 2 days to get the results. I went to pick up the results…and i went to the nearest internet cafe to understand better the diagnosis. Yes…..fancy and complicated medical terms but all boiled down to Brain Tumour.He went to India…operated on…chemos followed…..painful is an understatement…..and as if that pain wasnt enough..death took him. Hold on Jadudi…its gonna be well! you are strong and fight on.

    1. Now yours weighs some more weight, imagining of that 2yr old daughter hurts even more, cant let the thought of my 2yrd old without a dad,,,,,. Pole Dragones, Mungu akupe nguvu umlee huyo msichana to be a fighter like her dada n Jadudi

      1. Thank you Igamba and Reuben. Its not been easy but God has seen us through. Sent something too for Jadudi…Oh dear Lord heal this young man, take away this monster of a disease away. Its gonna be well Jadudi

  82. This made me cry, praying to the almighty to see you through jadudi, i will be sending my contribution.

  83. From a training session, my colleagues got this going and their contribution is coming. Thank you Biko. Jadudi,may God give you strength.

  84. This guy was a bright tough guy in high school he will be okay so social and down to earth we must fight til he makes it

  85. It shall be well Jadudi. We have faith because we serve a living and loving God. Some day we are going to read your testimony here just as we have read about your problem. May Jesus Christ be compassionate to you.

  86. This is so touching, i had some cash loaded for my GOTV, but that will have to wait…lets stand by our brother, Jadudi you will make it in Jesus name.Biko, God bless you for this.

  87. I choose to standby shall be well with you.In my thoughts & put my faith to action Mpesa too

  88. May the good Lord see him through the surgery!!He shall be well.Let us also pray for his family ..that they may be strong for him and for themselves!

  89. Not laughter as usual, but a story that will put a smile in Jadudi’s heart when the Gang stands by him. May Allah heal you quick Jadudi..Standing by you in Prayers first and then financially. Thanks Biko for sharing this.

  90. This is too sad. Never knew how hard it is to hold back tears in public till I read this…my friends mum is going through this too. Jadudi, you shall be well. For your zeal in life, for hoping, for not letting your dreams dim..#1MilliForJadudi

  91. You shall live to see better days Emmanuel…..he was my classmate in primary, a childhood friend, a university college mate…it was as if our destinies were tied…a most cheerful boy……Hitting my mpesa balance asap. WE LOVE YOU EMMAN

  92. Just sent my little contribution to the Africa Cancer Foundation. Biko you are one in a million. God bless you.

  93. The pen has the might.This is art with a cause…I couldnt stop reading and empathising with Jadudi.He sounds like a warrior and I am sure he will make it.After reading this I just reduced my froth bill to Mpesa something.I truly hope the funds get to him in time. #partofthegang

  94. i lost my dear sister 4 months ago through the same cancer. i know the hell we went through emotionally and financially i pray for you jadudi god is still on the throne. i dont have a lot but wat i have are give to u to continue fighting.

  95. I lost my mum last year to terminal heart condition,
    I have a first hand experience and perfectly understand how it feels when a family is caught in this sad situation.
    Jadudi is in my prayers because nothing is difficult to God. He can heal and also provide funds to boot the hospital bills
    lets us all do something..
    we just need a million people contributing something and our guy will be in the next flight to india.
    I did my part

    JH42TV5TSA Confirmed. Ksh****sent to Africa cancer Foundation for account on 4/8/15 at 6:59 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh ****. Dial *234# for Lipa Na MPESA charges.

    Did you?

  96. It is well with you Jadudi in Jesus name.Standing with you in prayer and in which ever little way finacially

  97. Cried in a mat so bad everyone is just staring at me wondering what is wrong with me….. I’m reminded of a friend I unfortunately lost, he was one of the strongest people I ever met https://
    adventures-and-chemistry-experiments/ .

  98. Jadudi, you better keep up that fighting spirit! We’re all standing by you. I believe God, your Creator, has the spare parts & will heal you. Doing my small bit right after this…

    Wa Diaspora, I saw a post pale juu @John Omwamba & he said you can use this Airtel No. 0788263358.
    God bless all who are #StandingwithJadudi!

  99. I am holding tears back…. but my heart aches like hell after reading this. Emmanuel, I pray that God will show you he is God. I am sending my bit. I hope to read your post soon. Telling us of your victory. Be well and be healed… Amen.

  100. This is soo sad..thinking that that could be anyone of us.Its scary.May the Almighty grant you relief from this ailment.Take heart.

  101. Putting out positive vibes for a full recovery Jadudi. Remain strong. Thanks Biko for sharing this story, have passed it on too…

  102. Hey Biko, thanks for sharing this. Is there a bank account number people not in +254 can contribute to? I intend to ask my sister to spot me via MPESA but just thought I should ask…..Jadudi, tunaomba pia, sending you Psalms 107:20.

  103. A problem shared is a problem solved and with all our prayers, God gonna lift you up and you shall testify his Glory. Am sending mine

  104. Jadudi was my classmate in primary such a jovial and hard working man we later met in campus and i did not know he would remember me. Its sad to know he is going through this. Praying for you dear, i hope for the best. Il send my contribution.. HOLD ON BRUH!!!!!

  105. Biko, this is a pain full story yet so encouraging. The spirit to fight gives lots of hope. I lost my mum through cancer it’s something I would not wish my worst enemy to suffer. So many Kenya are suffering and dying, with no one to voice for them neither walk with. I pray as we stand with jadudi it will be also an opportunity to call on our government to join us and improve our health sector. Very few can make it to India.
    Mr. Biko I will be talking to you . Sending my contribution.


  106. Yesterday I read a novel , The song of David ,Amy Harmon And the character has the same symptoms and learns he has a tumour that ends up being cancerous .” We don’t know what will happen but will fight and you’ll let us fight with you.” And in the end we really don’t learn whether or not he wins. But we learn about the fight and the decision to live each day. I hope you learn to live. I hope you win. Al do my part.

  107. This is a very touchy story.The lord God has sustained Jadudi till now, and will continue until he is completly will leave to tell the miracle that you will recieve.keep on fighting. You are a strong young man and i belive you will overcome it.

    It’s not easy but with God I know you will emerge victorious.
    He is our fighter, redeemer and healer: trust in him.
    Our contributions are in order as well. You are cared for Jadudi.

  109. I have just deposited my contribution via the mpesa paybill number. It shall be well. I pray for Gods grace and healing to be upon you. Best Wishes

  110. So painful that we pray that it may be well with you man,,,dont give up fight on and our mighty father Yahweh in heaven will not let you down.

  111. This left me crying so sorry very sorry I hope you feel better my friend..I am a Kenyan in can I send my contribution?

  112. Fight don’t give up. My prayers to your mum and dad who aged in that single phone call, Lord restore their precious son’s health. I stand by you Jadudi. It shall be well.

  113. I can’t remember the last time I broke down and cried like a baby. At 22 life has dealt yu one mean card Jadudi.But you know what?I choose to stand by you. Fight this “something in your head”. Please please dont give up.
    Sending my Mpesa now.

  114. May the lord grant him healing…. May the healing power of the Mighty God touch him n may his operation end da illness

  115. A really moving story on a fellow brother who needs help.
    He shouldn’t give up as we are with him at such difficult times.
    Got an inspiration verse Isaiah 41:10.
    To @Biko great article indeed and always look forward read more of your articles. I adore your chronological description of events, Kuddos.
    Kindly allow me correct something on the medical report,if you don’t mind, ‘ Grade III Ependymoma on the left parietal ‘
    Thank you once again for informing us.

  116. So touching and emotional…
    Stay strong and stronger than never comrade….my prayers and little contribution are with you

  117. Sooo sad!this takes me back how cancer nubbed our granny from us,nobody discovered a slight bump in her shoulder would result to cancer it was too late for her but seeing her struggling with pain it really teared my heart apart…Jadudi may the good Lord take you through this you keep fighting your vision is not dead!Our God hears and delivers may he put a new song in your mouth….#Getwellsoon you’re in our prayers

  118. My heart’s broken. I’ve wept with saddness but it’s amazing how determined this young man is. I’ll be praying for the sick tonight. Am not taking good health for granted one more second. May the Lord restore your health Jadudi. Biko, the good Lord will reward you oh!. Contributed

  119. My kid is a living testimony that God heals, that He hears and answers prayers of those who seek Him in truth, faith and humility. Jadudi all is well in the Lord, you are already healed. Standing by you all through.

  120. I usually come here to read and LQTM but today…today my heart goes out to this young man. My contribution was sent the moment I read this. So sad! Biko, kindly update us, the gang, on any and every progress regarding Jadudi…

    1. Same here… i have never checked my mpesa balance and immediately sentcash to a stranger…it will be well Jadudi…we endlessly pray for you

  121. Jadudi, your story has given me a new view of life. Some things may work contrary to our expectations, but we must keep fighting, keep striving, keep standing strong… I thank God for your life.

    Hold on, help is in the way! I am standing by you in prayers and support.

  122. This isn’t sad at all. It is pure inspiration. He is fighting when all odds are against him. A hero you are Jadudi. I keep you in my prayers and MPESA.

  123. Oh how this made me cry my heart out,God this young man Jadudi must live to enjoy his dreams.I sent something, the gang is one big close family,Jadudi is going to India come Saturday,Amen

  124. I’m saddened by this news because I was in high school with jadudi and he is a friend… let’s pull together and get that Milli

  125. @jadudi It is a brave thing you are doing. Standing up to cancer. By highlighting Emanuel’s plight @biko, you are shining a light on what many Kenyans are going through. It’s my prayer that each one who reads the post acts to save @jadudi, but also makes a conscious decision to get screened for early detection. It makes a big difference in treatment options, costs and period of recovery. Blessings.

  126. bro I just want to speak a word of healing upon you in Jesus name, let’s trust God am praying with you

  127. Truly, this world is not our home. Either way, we ought to be heavenly bound and earthly relevant so let’s do something about this.

  128. Reminded me of my friend Njoroge P.I (RIP) we will win this fight. I do this for you bro. Let’s get together and fight thus monster. I

  129. He’s from my Alma Mata and most of my former classmates know him. Apparently the condition was so bad ,some remember him doing exams using a laptop because writing using paper and pen was something alien to him.

    His story is an eye opener to me. I thought I have enough troubles but reading this makes me feel so much blessed because others have real troubles .

    I was very remorseful while reading this, my heart goes out to that fighter Jaduda. Just as Jacob was hopeful of God’s healing, so will the young man receive.

    I will send the much I can. He deserves the chance to fight and meet his dreams

  130. God hears God sees – God will never leave you Jadudi nor will He forsake you – you will pull through victorious – May Gods healing power cover you, and make you well again.

  131. Sent. I stand by you pal/former classmate. May God help you through this and may it be a thing of the past. Hope to see the jovial you again.

  132. Allow me to comment on spiritual angle,it is the evil strongmen spirits of infirmity(cancer),deaf/mute(attacking the head) and python(choking all finances slowly).Say this prayer points and the power of the Holy Spirit will manifest:1) Mathew 15:22 My Father,my Lord,have mercy on Emmanuel Jadudi in Jesus name.2)Luke 13:10-16;Mark 5:5;Revelation 12:7-11 I bind the strongmen of infirmity/deaf and mute,python spirit and the demons under it of cancer,paralysis,blindness,memory loss,epilepsy,ear problems.I bind and cast them out.I fill the gap/space/void/vacuum left by the demons with the blood of Jesus.3)Romans 8:2;1 Corinthians 12:9 I loose the Holy Spirit and the gifts of healing in Jesus mighty name.Amen.

  133. I read this with close zeal, my brother, 23 has been having acute short headaches. Am responsible for his treatments and it is just yesterday when the docs prescribed CT-Scan. God Good gracious, may it not turn out to be this. My heart is heavy. I stand with Jadudi. May Good God grant him Health. My Mpesa Must reach him.

  134. Dear God, O God our healer, remember Emmanuel today…please fight this battle for Him. Nothing is impossible with you O Lord. It is said in Isaiah that by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. Today, we pray for healing, the healing only you can provide. In Jesus name. Amen

  135. Get well soon @jadudi. God will in his infinite grace heal you. As I finish reading this am checking my mpesa. Let’s help him fight this battle

  136. Biko…noble of you to support this cause I feel you on that part where you say your own pain numbed your empathy…been there…still struggle with it sometimes…but now mostly always ready to back a good cause

  137. As I m-pesa I trust my God for Jadudi’s full recovery. I recently witnessed my sister’s recovery from a similar “something in the head”. My God is able.

  138. May the LORD Bless y’al., #runs to Mpesa pap! aky LORD ur ways are not our ways, neitheryour thoughts ours, thanx for reveiling this to us. I was wondering wats this sad story ma sister was insisting I read.

  139. Emmmanuel we are waiting to read of how you beat that thing in your head, though far trust so many of us will stand by you.

  140. I’ve cried silent tears on this one.I feel so bad over how self absorbed i am,over the petty things i view as world shattering……i’ll stand by Jadudi in both prayer and MPESA

  141. God is so merciful to all of us that he will see you through this problem and meet all your dreams, keep fighting

  142. Very sad and will send my contribution. Why can’t the government hv it’s priorities right and stop bailing mumias and Kenya airways and bring more cancer treatment machines???

  143. My eyes ached for sleep but few lines down this story,i cannot find sleep.I pray for my brother Jadu and everyone else going through or gone through this nightmare of a situation.God is still on the throne.Mpesa concluded.

  144. God has seen u through all these years,from your first /second n third surgery. trust me it shall be well with u. u are a soldier and u can make it. I have made my contribution as a sign of standing by u in this tough times. God is in control

  145. may our Almighty God see you through this bruh
    “stand by me”
    main real word
    thank you for fighting on you gonna be okay for our most high God is not asleep
    #standing by you bro….
    just hold on there

  146. By brother God is in control,I pray for healing,and strength to soldier on,my contribution on the way,God Bless you all for standing with our dear brother.

  147. Biko this is sad. To have a young person go through this is heartbreaking. Standing by him is what we will all do.

  148. Its so sad.
    Going for a fourth brain surgery and
    knowing that you will have to go for it again and again is painful.
    Bikozulu, I don’t know how he will regard this as an option but please I am asking you
    to tell him to go for deliverance to Prophet T.B Joshua in Nigeria.
    Many with such problems have been healed in Jesus name.
    They were supposed to go for operations but were cancelled after being delivered.
    This is the only advice i can give here.
    He may also be watching Emmanuel TV which is also a channel for Prophet TB Joshua:
    People are healed through praying with this channel because ‘Distance is not a barrier’.
    This is not only for Jadudi but all those with such problems.
    Thank you Bikozulu for taking into consideration my advice and proposing it to Jadudi.
    Get well soon Jadudi, May the Almighty heal you and give you light!
    I believe so.

  149. Jadudi, I stand by you, in my prayers, I have faith that you shall be healed. I shall send my contribution tomorrow.
    Keep that hope going, keep dreaming son, keep that faith that you shall be back from India fully recovered this time round.
    I remember all famous stories in the bible about Jesus’healing ministry where all the people that were healed was because of their faith or the faith of those who took their sick to Jesus.
    You shall be healed son.

  150. Tears….you shall be well in Jesus name.will mpesa the little that I can
    God bless you Biko for sharing this

  151. Thanks Biko 4 ur post,thnx 4 being kind thnx 4 ur love,u r so brave n such a fighter…..kudod uv really encouraged me,judadi God is in control n ur healed in tge name of Jesus,will mpesa kesho

  152. My sister has breast cancer, she was in remission until about a year ago. I see her and I don’t recognize her anymore. It’s stolen her from us. She’s had amazing health care, I guess one thing we’ve not had to worry about. She has come to terms with letting go. She says she is ready, but she’ll never tell our parents that. They pray and hope and believe. I want to help, I don’t live in Kenya, how can I help? I’ll pray until I find a way.

    1. Sue, am so sorry about your sister. I can only imagine her pain, your pain, your family. Keep holding her hand.

  153. i dont even have the right words to say but no amount of money can buy a dream. this guy is just my age and going through so much .i hope we can give him a chance to live for his dream by supporting him at this time. it shall be well . you already are a winner cus you refuse to give up on your dreams
    so much love for you jadudi . you are not alone

  154. What a sad story. Emmanuel fight on, you can do it pal. My prayers with you. I lost my brother at 21years to skin cancer a few years back, still feels like yesterday.
    Biko what’s the phone number for Emmanuel’s mpesa, am out of the country, cant access MPESA account directly but can send through phone number.

  155. Book your flights and things Jadudi,and stay focused on beating the thing in your head. We’ve got this. With Jesus by our side. My bit coming through…

  156. Notification of a new email came while i was in hospital having taken my dad. Naturally i opened n realised it was Biko, i shelved it naturally since i didn’t wanna laugh in hospital queues; i feel so foolish now. Checking my mpesa.

  157. Jadudi – Hang in there,God will see you through your battle.I have sent something,hope we can meet your target.
    Biko – Thanks for standing in for him,God Bless!! In other news,please get rid of that conman up there before he swindles one of us for Jadudi’s contributions…..
    Blessings to all.

  158. We are praying for you. We bind the spirit of infirmity in the mighty name of Jesus. We pull down strong holds and declare divine visitation for Jadudi in the mighty name of Jesus. We declare that God will send his angelic angels with healing. May God stretch forth his hand upon you. By his stripes you will be healed from the head to the soles of your feet. Amen

  159. Done my bit. Jadudi your story breaks my heart to pieces but sending prayers too your way. And God bless you, Biko. Please keep us posted on Jadudi ‘s progress.

  160. Done my bit. Jadudi your story breaks my heart to pieces but sending prayers too your way. And God bless you Biko. Please keep us posted on Jadudi’s progress.

  161. Wow!I like Jadudi’s fighting spirit. I stand by him and how best else to do it than to send the help he needs to fight. Checking my mpesa bal. Praying so hard for a happy ending to this story. Biko, thanks for standing by Jadudi and asking the gang to stand with you. You are a good man.

  162. Novena to St. Peregrine patron of cancer patients. I know u have the faith and want to heal. The above Novena will work miracles and shall be well. Thats wat i can offer and i promise you ul be a living testimony. Google ST.PEREGRINE PATRON OF CANCER PATIENTS and follow the instructions to the end. If ur prayer is answered b4 the 9days are over, dont stop, say it to the last day and good luck. I stand by you in prayer.

  163. Jadudi, lack words for ur strength, if possible I would have given you part of the strength that I have, keep fighting my brother hang on and soon that thing with that ugly name cancer it Will be under your feet. This has made me cry .

  164. Meanwhile Jadudi, if the Novena is tedious for you, say this prayer even 20times, it does wonders, its strong. JESUS MASTER, HAVE MERCY ON ME(say ur request here)COME HOLY SPIRIT.

  165. Hello Biko, may the Good Lord bless you for bringing such a life to our attention. We will do whatever we can possibly humanly do to help, including sending our 250/= bobs on Mpesa. I would like to encourage Jadudi, that ultimately, the Lord is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that he can be able to ask or think. My heart is very heavy for this young man, and indeed many more suffering families with similar or different predicaments. Today I will not pray about anything else, but that the Lord will hear his cry and come to his aid. God bless you Biko.

  166. Jadudi you are God’s favored son. trust in Him and all will be well. may He heal you and keep you healthier. 23, you should be done with campus but cancer cannot allow you to feel that joy. I lost my father to cancer and I know the pain
    Jadudi you will be healed in Jesus name. may His light shine upon you. please keep me updated on the progress.. God bless you.

  167. Biko, bless you for your talent and the gang that has followed you on account of it.What are our talents for if not to make a change? I stand by you Jadudi. You shall overcome!

  168. Always reads other biko articles that brakx ma ribs cos of humour in them . today as I read this Post ma heart is paralysed by jadudis cancer encounter. As medic hav see patients succum to death immediatly the cancer news are broken. His positivity altitude about life has touched God in his throne and his granted him a Secure chance. Lets all join hands for jadudis. I hav, hav?. Stay blessed.

  169. So sad but I believe God works miracles n through all our prayers, our young guy will make it and become someone important keeping in mind how all the people around him still need him in this world.

  170. Tears tears tears…. Contribution confirmed . Prayed n will always pray that that tumor gets gone. God will sure see you through!!!

  171. This is so sad, really it is. Jadudi has very inspiring Faith. That, alone, is enough to heal him. He will live to tell this tale someday, years on. I pray for him. I pray for his parents, who remind me of what my own went thru for three years from 2012 when my bro was hit by a speeding track along Ngong Rd as he rode his employer’s motorbike. My parents cried. Sleepless nights. Sold everything. Knocked on doors of people they knew and strangers. Fortunately, my bro healed a few months ago this year. He, too, has faith like Jadudi’s. It is well.

  172. may God heal jadudi. i couldnt fight back the tears. making a contribution but dear jesus please hear out jadudis wish to fight for his life.

  173. Tayari nimesimama na Jadudi.I pray he gets all the help he needs.I pray that bloody tumor goes back to where it came from.

  174. You are more than a conqueror Jadudi, you will be fine and you will achieve all what you have dreamt to achieve, i will personally be by you

  175. By the time i was done reading the post, i was confused and devastated. Halfway through the story, i was sure you would be asking us to support him so that he can have his tumor removed having just found out about it..but reading on and realizing that he’s already had FOUR surgeries broke my heart to say the least. I have just made my contribution. His fighting spirit shall be rewarded with full recovery, Amen.

      1. This is probably the hardest thing Jadudi will have to overcome in his lifetime. But I pray that it will be a testimony to him and his family, and that his story will inspire generations to come because he is getting out of this through God’s grace and public support. And Biko your sharing this on your blog is overwhelming. God bless you and may you never see sorrow.

  176. Went to the hospital about two weeks ago and I got an almost similar report but for me, it’s around the heart. I haven’t told anyone yet, I don’t know how to and I’m not sure for how long I will keep it to myself.
    But Jadudi, unlike me, you are already in the battlefield and you’ve proven that you can fight, and so I will stand with you too. I have sent my MPESA and I will continually pray for you. Maybe if you win this, I will also be encouraged to fight too.

    1. Em, as I pray for Jadudi I shall be praying for you as well. May the Lord guide you towards better health and give you the wisdom to identify those he’s placed around you to hold your hand and help you get better.

    2. Sorry for the news. Take heart EM and know that you will be well too. I have been through it and now I can proclaim that God is a healer.

  177. I have just realised that us human beings complain alot,of things that are soo soo materialistic,and yet someone else is fighting a war some of us would have already given up on,Fight on Jadudi,we will pray,we will contribute and we will stand with you in prayer#1MILLI FOR A FIGHTER# sending mine before day end.

  178. #1milliforjadudi
    That thing in Jadudi’s head has to go in Jesus name.
    Will pray for you for healing and also Mpesa you like i just did.
    Hang on Jadudi you have a strong will to live.Such a young soul

  179. This is not a sad story. It is a strong story. An experience we all relate to, if not, have experienced. Let’s fight with this young man!

  180. By you all through till you receive your healing in Jesus name. Hold to that little faith you have and surely you shall witness the doings of the Most High God.
    Just sent the little cash I had because I believe.

  181. Thank you Biko. Jadudi, keep on fighting!
    Cancer is a terrible thing, it will be 13 years this October since i lost my mum to a brain tumor which was misdiagnosed until too late.
    May God give you all the graces that you need.

  182. i know Jadudi, we both studied at Thurdibuoro sec. school. Am shocked and can’t control my tears. may you heal fast and wear the soft smile that makes you who you are… QUICK RECOVERY, WHOOPS!

  183. I am 10,000 miles away but in this moment I am literally home, in pain with this young man. 2.5 months ago I lost my best friend , Dedan Otini to a brain tumor, three weeks after diagnosis , and those three weeks of pain and inconsolable torture, all we could do as family and friends was to support him, raise as much as we could towards his surgery, but most importantly to say, we are here with you, every step. And man, he fought !! I pray you fight more and more and we are all thinking of you, supporting you, praying for you. Sending lots of love, hugs, lots!!!

  184. Biko, thank you for sharing this. Your articles are an inspiration and always have a lesson to learn from them.

    ‘Dear Lord, we pray for Jadudi, may you renew his strength and restore his health as Jehovah Rapha.’

  185. So scary a talented narration. So sad. So moving. So emotional! Reminds me the tears that rolled down my cheeks whenever I visited my ever smiling in-law, but instead of her smile, it was desperation and pain in her eyes, with only few words, “God heals. Pray for me and yourselves. It will be ok”. Finally, she left her two beautiful son and daughter in April. Cancer is real. My prayers for Jadudi. Usiringe ukiwa mzima wa afya na mwili. Nyenyekea.

  186. My prayers are with you Jadudi. I have lost my mum and sister to cancer. It is a painful experience but God is still on the throne. God is going to grant you the desires of your heart – “to live” Sending the little I have.

  187. Hi Biko. Am a book publisher. I love your articles…superbly unmatched and commanded, educative and thematic. How can I reach you for further conversations. Reply via my given email please.
    Good work.

  188. Shared this with my friends on whattsap and this morning one of my friends from the diaspora Lilian sent me 2k with instructions that she felt she had to do something, she is standing by this young lad,I have done the honourable thing…….thank you Lilian,Jadudi is going to India,amen

  189. Its a sad situation,,,but your courage, determination and above all God will surely see you through..,,i will join you in this war and stand by you,,,al send the little i have, i will make the sacrifice,,,lets do this people

  190. Jadudi, i may not have anything now in form of cash, but one thing will i do is to stand in the gap and pray for you. The God on the mountain is the same God in the valley. He will carry you through.

  191. Thanks Biko for standinb by this young man’s life,lots of blessing to you;The only noble thing for to do right now is send that Mpesa.

  192. Only God has the healing touch, may He touch Jadudi through the hands of the surgeons and all the people standing by him through his pain. As is said ‘kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba’. May you healing be yours Jadudi and all those terminally ill.

  193. You will be well Jadudi…l ve sent wat l had in my Mpesa and l assure you that this far our Lord God has vriufht YOU He wont abandon you. You are young, You are courageous…You will win this battle yet. God bless ypu with hehalth and at 30yrs of age you will lift up yur face and praise God. Amen.

  194. Lost both my grandpas and a grandma to cancer. I can so relate to this. To Jadudi : Your fight is personal to me, standing by you through this fight. It’s no longer your fight alone, it’s our fight too

  195. I am angry! I have taken my position. Will stand by you Jadudi in my own small way. This thing in your head will not stand between you and your dreams.

  196. M-PESA confirmed. Hang in there Jadudi. Thanks Biko for a strong server I know traffic to your site must be crazy.

  197. @Jadudi standing with you in prayer and chipping in financially..May God heal you man,keep believing,keep fighting baba…God is able to do exceedingly,abundantly above what you could think or imagine,may he heal you.AMEN

  198. I’ll not say how much am broken with the story instead I promise Jadudi that he will be victorious in Jesus Christ’s name….
    Bro I’ll fight with U, may He above see all of us in the fight through..

  199. Praying for you…
    I have personally seen GOD work Miracles. and it was in prayer meetings of THE PROPHET OF THE LORD, PROPHET DR. OWUOR. And such a meeting is coming up end of this Month 28th/29th/30th/Aug at Eldoret Sports Club. I have also listened to the live radio calls on Jesus is LORD radio by The Prophet, of the Prophecies of How GOD is going to bring HIS Healing Anointing in the Meeting. How I wish Jadudi can appear there and have Faith in GOD ALMIGHTY. I have personally seen tumors burst, heal and dissolve. even leprosy healed
    Have Faith in THE LORD bro.

  200. I have done my Mpesa part, I shall keep Jadudi in my prayers. He has done his part of facing cancer with a lot of courage. Trust in God, His will over your life shall prevail and in the end, you shall come out victorious.

  201. Jadudi u have left me crying but I know our God is a provider n he will see u through u n ur family… please continue fighting cause I know you are stron…

  202. jadudi we all luv u so much n we will make it happen…. I pray to God that he may see you through u n ur family… n keep on fighting

  203. you will handle it God is in control he cant tempt us beyond what we can handle he is the God of all human race so trust in him and you will never be disappointed .in everything lets be grateful to god and appreciate Wat we have.jadudi my the good Lord heal you my he show his favour and his face upon you that you may live to be a testimony of how great he is.

  204. there is hope yes God up there will shine his light on your face and YES you will accomplish your dream i went through a very heart breaking exprience too was attacked by thieves and stabbed close to the heart i was thinking i have seen it all but Gods grace is sufficient i feel i have not even seen half of misery but because i went through open heart surgery and as i type this am in the office only the prob remaining is numbness on my fingers since nerves were affected but i am well i believe emmanuel will be well too.i know how a mother cries i know the pain she goes through because i have been there i coulndt call my mum while hospitalized because all she was doing is cry.but IT IS WELL

  205. Thank you Biko for the good work you are doing. Jadudi I stand with you all the way, may God’s healing hand touch your head and give you a chance to accomplish your dreams.
    It is well in the Lord.

  206. gosh! so sad to read this, but God’s in control, Jadudi’s life is in his hands,I ve send my little contribution God Heal this boy please
    JH55TZV00P Confirmed…..00 sent to Africa cancer Foundation for account on 5/8/15 at 1:25 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh 9.86. Dial *234# for Lipa Na MPESA charges.

  207. I know a simple lady who deals with alternative medicine. She’s legitimate and can help Jadudi. Sometimes chemo might make things worse …

  208. And am healing stressing of how broke i am,ooh God you are in my prayers Bro,God will truly see you through.

  209. And here I thought I had problems! Sending all my love, prayers and the little I can financially. You’ll pull through. Thanks Biko for bringing my namesake’s plight to the world.

  210. #1millionforJadudi
    In my prayers, its sad but Never give up and it should be the last thing you think about.#JadudiforAmillion&more#

  211. Jadudi I know you will attain your goals as young as you are. I will remain firm with prayers and will make my little contribution towards this. I know God is in control of this situation and you should never stop fighting this battle.

  212. I will stand with you in prayer. I will stand courageously and say i know what you are going through as my mother has been in hospital two months now battling with brain cancer.It has not been easy.I found solace in prayer and even though she has already been given a death sentence, I stand in Faith to say the ways of the Lord are far much wider than our ways and thoughts.God is an unlimited God. In Him there is healing.He has not given a specification to what he can heal and not heal. In fact he says He will heal us from all our diseases. As i pray for my mother who is battling the same, I will mention your name all through.There is no end to his miracles