You might want to sit down for this cracker. So we posted the story on the blog on Tuesday circa 10.30am, right? Zawadi, who was working Twitter, called me at 4:12pm and said, “Are you seated for this?” I stood up and said, “I am.” She said. “We have hit a milli only 5 hours in!!!” Suddenly I got this naked craving for a double whisky with one ragged ice cube. But it was 4:12pm. When you are a factory worker you can’t have a drink at 4:12pm. It was such a beautiful day so far. Jadudi was happy; the sun had thawed the nippy day; we were trending at number one, my grandmother hadn’t called me about her arthritis and back-pain and how she couldn’t find someone to send to the shopping center for a Fanta. Isn’t this how God had wanted our days to go?

The next day – jana – at 4:08pm, Zawadi called again. I picked up the phone and said, “I’m seated but I can’t take any more good news. Please don’t say anything that will make me crave for a drink.” Then she said with no preamble, “We have hit 5milli.”

“Get the fuck out!” I said.

“I’m not kidding you!”


“I swear!”

“Kenyan money with the Baks on it ama Zim dollar?”

“Haha. Kenyan hard money.”


“Haha, I don’t even know what to say!”

“We can now die Zawadi. What’s left? We are done here. I say we die.”

I took my headphones, went on YouTube and played Ojuelegba by Wizkid featuring Sarkodie, the remix in French? Played it in the loudest volume. And it all felt so right. It felt so great to be Kenyan. You guys had done 5milli in, what, 28hrs? That was beyond paper.

Here is the final figure: As of 9am this morning you guys had raised a little over 6million, actually 6,111,638 Kenyan money. I will repeat, 6,111,338!!  It’s surreal. I saw the statements, running into over 180 pages. Kenyans in their thousands sending 130 bobs and 1,000 bobs and 500 bobs and 200 bobs. Kenyans making a bold statement putting their Mpesa where their hearts were at. I swear if you come to my office right now and tell me, “Biko, Ethiopians are at our border, get this gun and die for your country,” I will say, “Sawa, but wait, let me get a haircut first. If I’m to die for Kenya I want to die with a fresh haircut.” I’m heady.

I feel very grateful for you guys. How you all came through big time for this boy. How you heeded his call for help. Humanity has shown its hand here today and in the most profound of ways. God has shown his kindness and grace. The past two days have been about one candle lighting millions of candles all over the world, from Australia to Japan, from US of A to Amsterdam, from Sweden to Kendu Bay. Strangers inboxing wanting to help. Strangers praying and quoting deep bible verses. Tweeting and Facebooking. Commenting. Paying his flight to Nai (He lands this evening). Not one person has commented something negative on my blog, It’s been one loud voice of hope. A friend of mine called and said, “Biko, can you take a cheque?” And I said, just Mpesa it boss and he said, “Bwana this mambo of Mpesa is too complicated with this money. Just come pick the cheque.” And I asked him, kwani how much is it you are giving and he said 200K. I stood up and sang the national anthem…in bloody Kiswahili! To show what kind of a person he is, he said please don’t mention me by name in any platform. I called Jadudi and broke the news and he couldn’t say shit. He kept saying, “I don’t know….I don’t know….I don’t know….akia!”

Droves of ladies called and texted me and said they cried reading about him but I suspect some men also cried but you know how men are. Kwanza guys who like taking selfies… Teary chaps, those. They even cried watching The Lion King. I can’t mention everyone who put their backs into this. That list like I said is too long.

Oh more good news. I phoned the lovely Wanjiku Mugo – head of Comms at Kenya Airways – and said, “Wanjiku I know this is probably a bad time to ask for freebies but is there a chance you guys could bail this chap with tickos to India?” (See how I threw in that word “bail” hehe. No come on.) I figured she had some random tickets lying at the bottom of her desk. It didn’t even have to be tickets direct to India. If there is a ticket to say, Bangladesh, si Jadudi can just cross over using a mat? Surely, even him (Kenyan lingo) he should apply himself. The least he can do to show gratitude is get to Nepal, jump into a mat and find his way to India. You have gone through three head surgeries. Surely you are tough and can take a mat from Nepal. Donge, Jadudi? Even you stand by us now. Anyway, Winnie Onyach from Kenya Airways confirmed that they will be taking care of Jadudi and his mom’s travel to India when they sign the necessary papers. As the church congregation in my shags would say in resounding chorus – “Amina!”

By the way, some chap (he’s one of those chaps who think when jang’os say they are going to shags they all go to Kisumu) called me asked me; “Biko what does Jadudi mean?” So I asked him, “First have you contributed?” He said, “Yeah, boss. I did.”

Jadudi means a guy from Dudi. I told him.

So his name is Jadudi as in it appears on his ID?

No. His name is Emmanuel Otieno but Jadudi is just a name he uses. Jang’os feel the need to announce their shags. Especially when drinking. Or during a Gor match.

Haha. Oh, so Dudi is a place?

Correctomundo. Where is your shags?

I’m from Kianyaga.

Ati where?

Kianyaga, that’s in Kirinyaga County.

Right. OK. So you are Jakianyaga. A milli for Jakianyaga…Naah.

Haha!  Oooh, So how far is Dudi from HomaBay?

HomaBay town? I dunno, maybe two hours drive….if you are using a Nissan March.


Hehe. But Dudi should be in HomaBay County, technically….Why?

I was just wondering…si Homa-Bay is the headquarters of those nightrunners?

I laughed I almost died.

Jadudi. I think what this guy wants to know is if you know….have ever….you know….ran in the night? Actually, I also need to know.

But seriously, there is a lesson here, Gang. That people are just people. And that people will not stand aside and let tragedy or evil triumph. If there ever is any show that Kenyans are beautiful people this is it. You came out with your middle fingers and you flashed it in the face of cancer. Cancer is right now curled whimpering in a corner, sucking its dirty thump. No matter what it does now, we have won.

Tuesday night Jadudi texted me and said his mom wanted to speak to me. His mom is an old mathe and when an old mathe calls for you, you stop whatever you are doing to talk to her. So I walked out of my last Centonomy class – unrelated: if you spend 200 bob on the watchie to wash your car you should attend these classes. So I walked out to the parking lot at Apollo Center in Westy and I called him back.

His mom picked the phone and said, “Good evening Mr. Biko…(Jang’os and English, sigh!) And I told her, “Yaye, madhe, kizungu mane kendo ma’ iketa e go’dhiambo kendo?” She really laughed at that and off we were. She said what you guys have done for her son can never be repaid by anything but prayers. She said you guys have done what she didn’t imagine anyone could do for her family. She said this is a testimony that God doesn’t sleep. Said in Jang’o, Gang, it’s deep. And that you will all be blessed abundantly. She said she will pray for you all and she will continue praying for you. I’m certain these blessings will be reaped by our kids. Suddenly if Tamms starts improving in Kiswahili in school I will be like, “God, I see you. I know it’s you! Come out and admit it. Take credit for your work this once!”

How this cookie will crumble is that a sum of 1 million shillings will be transferred to Jadudi’s account to enable him fly out as soon as he gets his visa. Africa Cancer Foundation Trustees plan to create a sub account for the extra fund and a disbursement strategy will be discussed with Jadudi, his parents and lawyers on a roundtable. All further updates on this case will be shared via ACF. Which means a month from now you can’t run into me in a bar and ask, “By the way Biko, how much of our money is left from what we raised?”  Let’s be easy, sawa?

Zawadi Nyong’o and I thank you profusely for the support. We have officially closed this funds drive now. Any monies you might send I think will go to Africa Cancer Foundation to help many more Jadudis out there battling cancer. You guys are stars. Each one of you. And for the guys in the Diaspora who couldn’t send money because of an oversight on our part, poleni. It’s the thought that counted.

Ahsante. Thengiu. Kongoi mising. Nimuivea. Chabucha. Orio muno. Shukriya. Dhanyevad. Mbuyamono. Ashe Naleng. Ero kamano.

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    1. I’m short for words. I am trembling with excitement. Kenya, God loves us, so let’s love ourselves. May He touch Jadudi and may his life be a lesson to many who contemplate giving up in life. Thank you Kenya, thank you my friend, Biko and my sister Nyong’o. God bless you all.

    2. Biko,
      The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Said Mahatma Gandhi. God bless your efforts and commitment.

  1. First to comment! Wow! This, right here, makes me love Kenyans. Despite everything, we can rally behind one of our own. #DaimaMkenya

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA when I started typing there were absolutely no comments! Biko, big up to you too for highlighting Jadudi’s plight.

  2. Thank you Biko . Through you , we have again stood as Kenya , no tribe, no political affiliation , no social class, Just Kenyans for a fellow Kenya . God bless you . We have done our part as human being, we now pray that the almighty God does his part , that it shall be a testimony for generations to come.

  3. Biko and Zawadi – God bless you loads! Kenyans are a special bunch of people; right now, sisikitiki kuwa Mkenya!

  4. You did your bit, I did my bit, many of us did their bit….that’s what counts for humanity in the face of despair.

  5. The Kenyan spirit of Harambee came out stronger than ever .Thank you God/Allah or whichever god we all pray now #PRAYING4JADUDI

  6. So many things break my heart… He is so young. But this gives me hope. When kenyans come together like that, there is certainly hope. I am one proud Kenyan today too..

  7. This has brought tears to my eyes! Thank you Biko for using your gift to shine a light on Jadudi’s life! All the best to him!

  8. Awww sniff sniff……The Kenyan spirit of Harambee still exists…well done.

    Jadudi, Nyasaye ni kodi, ok onind as Psalms 121:4 says.

    Jakendu thank you for sharing Jadudi’s story.


  9. Power of the pen! just beautiful….Kenyans are beautiful. There is so much to learn here, somebody should write a book about it 🙂 Biko,do I hear a yes?

  10. Such a noble thing you did Jakianyaga truly “Harambee” is one thing that I thank God for Mzee Kenyatta getting it in our minds.


  11. Truly God is great.”Cancer be very afraid,This is a son of Kenya you messing with”.We will continue praying for Jadudi to fight it off and live as a testimony of What God love.Credits to @Biko and @Zawadi for sharing his story,and because of this,Kenyans of all ages came out to support their own.May God Bless you Abundantly.!

    Biko i got to ask,when you heard of 200k,did you actually sing the national anthem!?haha

  12. Hahahaaha! Jakianyaga wondering whether Dudi is next to Homa Bay. Yawa? Anyway, God bless all of you good people. despite our politics that sucks, great things still happen in our motherland!

    1. Chawucha kwa Jesu mkiri wodu…(Thank you Jesus our saviour) so VERY greatful. Amazing beautiful Kenyans!!!

  13. Biko your ability to still spin a story during such an announcement is leaving me in awe! Four things i’m taking home from this post:-
    1. God’s Favour and Mercies are real!
    2. Kenyan’s generosity….. KES 6,111,638 is no easy feat!!! Go us!!
    3. Centonomy
    4. Our mum’s are the best! Case in point, Min Jadudi. 🙂

  14. Biko,

    Amazing work this. In all this, I see the humanity that connects us. The ability for all Kenyans to say we are one and mean it. For you to always write on matters that resonate with all of us, in a way that pokes our consciousness, clutches onto our hearts and never lets go. I can only express my deepest gratitude for what you are doing. Keep at it and God Bless.


  15. I finally got sweet story about KOT. It has been ages of armchair twitting and trending. The Jadudi contribution has warmed my heart. Thank you Zulu

  16. Biko Zulu, I sit on my desk, look through the window at the sun that shines so murderously bright, and my heart overflows… I mean! I can’t do it any more, this braving the tears thing. I pick my hanky and wipe away the tears. Like you said, middle finger to cancer. And ero kamano to you, friend of Jadudi, and shining light to so many of us out here…

  17. BAM! Yet another reason to believe there is inherent goodness in Kenyans. Bon voyage Jadudi .. Godspeed. Praying for you buddy.

  18. GOD is indeed great, reading this just brought tears to my eyes, i say Kenyans are so spcial! Jadudi, all the best, may you come back cancer free! Biko, utabarikiwa ushangae

  19. Safe trip to India, Jadudi and
    mathee. We will pray for you too.
    @Biko and @Zawadi……Thank you for standing by Jadudi. Without your efforts, this was not going to happen!!

  20. Yassss!!! all the best to Jadudi that is the Kenyan spirit right there, Biko let all those who want to contribute still do so to ACF there is still more work to be done and other cancer patients who will need it please

    1. Yes, let’s continue with with this great job kicked off by Biko and Zawadi; there are others who need our support. Biko and Zawadi, be blessed. Jadudi, Ruoth otel.

  21. Biko you are a legend…your legacy will live on..
    ero kamano to you too..and to the entire gang. One for Jadudi; it is well.

  22. Thanks Biko for giving us a chance to stand with Jadudi. May God bless you and everyone who made his treatment possible.

  23. Nooo. And I was waiting for a ka-cheque to ‘iva’ I send some cash. Is this why I will burn in Purgatory? Because I will have waited until the last minute to join the queue to the Judgement Square?
    Anyway…well done. And Jadudi, we will pray for you, that when a time comes that you feel fear about to overpower you, and you feel like you have no strength to fight any longer, remember only that we are all with you on this journey. You will get well, my brother!

    1. Charles Kagana, you can still contribute to the Africa Cancer Foundation..many more cancer patients need your help however way you can

  24. Great crusade Biko. I was happy helping a stranger but now a friend. Will pray for Jadudi. Your incisive writing pricked my consciebce.
    We pray

  25. Today I have finally cried. Initially it was just sharing and asking everyone to contribute. But reading this, this inherent goodness in Kenyans…I have cried. God bless each and every one of us. God bless Kenya. God bless Jadudi.

  26. Great crusade Biko. I was happy helping a stranger but now a friend. Will pray for Jadudi. Your incisive writing pricked my conscience.
    We pray

  27. Yipeeeeeee!!!!glad to have been a part of this. and imagine we didn’t ask the whole country!!!Kenyans can stand together,they have proven time and time again. Kudos Biko,,just know in turn you will NEVER lack, you and your loved ones:-)

  28. I’ve never missed a piece on this blog but funny enough I’ve never commented (Am a real man, a real man from Kadem and as my grandpa once told me-real men dont get emotional). But today, I want say that Kenya is a truely land of the blessed race-The human race. GOD Bless Jadudi

  29. Ksh6.1m in slightly over 28hrs is unbelievable!! We should all give ourselves a pat on the back for this kind of solidarity. Thank you Biko for using your platform to support Emmanuel. Those selfie taking men can now wipe off the tears from their eyes!! Too fresh 🙂

  30. Ghaaaaa!!!! Again with the emotions!! Yawa Biko!! Yawa Kenyans!!! May the Lord remember you always…. iKent with these tears

  31. Damn,this got me all emotional and shit. This is the kind of stuff that
    make grown men cry. And I SWEAR I hate selfies and selfie-related activities!

  32. I cried when i read the post yesterday and I have cried again today today reading this. We rallied together, under the clarion call to help Jadudi; united by our humanity and the desire to help a fellow human. Each one of us is a hero; an unspoken and an unsung hero but a hero nonetheless. Little acts of kindness such as this do not go unnoticed. The blessing will come; not today, not tomorrow and probably not even in our lifetimes. But as sure as the setting sun, it will come. Thank you Biko for giving a voice to the voiceless and for bringing Jadudi’s plight to our attention. A million thank yous. You are a hero- and a funny one at that, might i add.

    Humanity rocks!!!!

  33. Just wonderful! i tear up again….and then some more. Glad to have been a part of it. Well done Biko! i can say that if judgement day came sooner and you dont get a chance to give to the society ever again….this was enough!

    Jadudi go well brother! get well soon.

    in our prayers.

  34. Charles you’re not alone. I shall send though for another warrior. Jadudi be healed in Jesus name. Maybe ACF should let Jadudi have the extra cash to fulfill part of his bucket list.

  35. Job well done, nahesabika! I would suggest that some amount should go to other needy cancer patients who have no platform to ask for help and that Biko you would assist in the disbursement..

  36. A classic case of ask and it shall be given unto you,exceeding,abundantly.I am in awe of the kindness that lives inside man.

  37. I was touched by Jadudi’s story, but i am awed by the spirit of Kenyans that refuses to let tragedy win. May God finish this story with a testimony that
    will last ages to come. *sniff sniff*

  38. stuff like this, makes you wake up and forget your problems, it makes you draw out the little hope you have saved up and be glad you helped out….you feel alittle like humanity reaffirmed…..get well Jadudi

  39. I feel like I just won the lottery! Thankyou Biko, I’m gonna sign me the National Anthem too. Praying for Emmanuel and family.

  40. Biko you are an Angel, God bless for using your platform to make a difference in society..
    Unrelated: Jadudi has a perfect set of teeth walala!

  41. Biko. Thank you. Thank you for this platform and for your great words. This is such an eye opener May the good Lord Bless you, Jadudi’s Family and all doctors who will work onJadudi. May healing prevail!

    P.S The Nissan March can do 180KPH too you know!

  42. You stood up and sung the national anthem?? HAHAHAHA!! But for real that storo has warmed me up thoroughly! Indeed we as Kenyans are one.. All the best to guy from Dudi. God is always in control of any and all situations we go through. And for reals Biko this article has put the twinkle back in my eyes after the last heart wrenching post.. Baraka Tele..

  43. Jadudi, we’ve done our part. Now go kick cancer’s ass and live. Thanks Biko, this is beyond amazing. Now lets pray for Jadudi.

  44. Thank you Biko (and Nyong’o) for initiating the campaign for Jadudi (and to other beneficiaries who will benefit from the surplus amount). First time participant of such campaign and sure wont be the last. God bless you and the rest of the Kenyans who came through for Jadudi. Get well Jadudi. #ProudlyKenyan

  45. i think i contributed the least and i have been wondering where i can get more coz i just thought i wasn’t doing enough.also.i read the post in a mat n sent what was on my mpesa.i am happy for jadudi.God see him through.God bless u Biko.thumbs up gang.also,middle finger to.politicians

  46. Aaaaawwwwww!!!! beyond words!!! My heart’s been warmed immensely!!! Thanks to all who contributed!! beyond words really!!!

  47. I am so happy we did this. Just goes to show what would happen if we are united. What if we now unite to push the government to operationalise the Cancer prevention and treatment Act 2012?

  48. Biko
    Thank you for not only bringing to light Jadudi’s journey but also involving us be part of it. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jadudi and his loved ones. God Bless #WeareONE

  49. What touches me is that we all have a God given talent and it’s gratifying to see how Biko utilized his to have a positive impact. Thank you and Thank you to all Kenyans who stood with Jadudi!!

  50. I was so touched by this. You are a great man Biko….for using this platformto help a brother out. Malipo yako will go beyond you on this earth.And every-one who took a moment to donate, pray or just wish Jadudi well.

  51. Haaaaaaaa!the best news ever!!!!! Even God himself has seen how much we want him to get well! May he help him get well and all Glory will be his Aleluyah!!!!

  52. Great work Biko.. Proud of you. You see believe it or not God’s plans for our lives are beyond us. Jadudi wouldn’t have thought of the 6mili come Monday but hey that how God works.. #kwa neema ya Bwana.. Peace

  53. Thanks a lot Biko. God bless you and bless these lovely people called Kenyans. For their contributions however little, for their prayers and words of encouragement. It’s the love that comes with it that counts. And when I sent my little contribution I did coz I was touched and now I just saw the photo and am surprised it’s a family I know. Thnx Biko, thnx to you all good people

  54. Well done Biko and Zawadi! All glory to God . Happy to have been part of this. Jadudi, my prayers are with you.

  55. Amazing, !! Am soo proud you did, WE DID IT, and am touched, and proud I was part of this,,,,,just wish I knew you (Biko) when my own mum was ailing, that bill in marter and KNhospitalS,,,,,she would still be alive today, maybe

  56. @bikozulu n @zawadinyongo you are two Amazing beings.!!! N believe you me God’s reward for this deed will be beyond human understanding. THANK YOU FELLOW KENYANS #Proudtobe kenyan

  57. For this post, I could not control my tears! God indeed is great! And Kenyans have proved once again that united we can overcome anything! This is the Kenya that I love! To Biko and your team, more blessings upon you!

  58. This just show the power of the masses when we pull in the same direction.Wish we could do the same for the country as a whole. So amazing. Thank you Biko, Zawadi and AFC. To Jadudi god speed chap.
    Also *chawucha not chabucha. This is probably the 2nd time I’ve seen a non-taita use the language in any of their works

    1. ACF…. Not AFC. I hope you are not deliberately out to spoil the good mood around here with football derby contests.

  59. I am EXTREMELY happy for Jadudi!!! 🙂 Thank you Biko for bringing to light his story and giving us the opportunity to make someone’s life better. I believe God is no man’s debtor and all we have done will surely come back to us ten fold. 🙂

  60. Just lost a battle with onions.
    you just made your mom very proud and she is goung around telling the angels look at my boy!

  61. Well in Biko. In the words of Mother Teresa ‘I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples’
    Get well soon Jadudi….

  62. Ero kamano Biko for coordinating and mobilizing us to do something good for this young man. God bless you richly!

  63. Biko! I luck words to express my gratitude. It is your words that caught our attention from our busy lives. It’s your words that melted our hearts. Thank you so much for using your talent to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. You have a way with your words. Subscribing to your blog is the best thing I have done in years. May God continue using you for the glory of his name. I contributed to a stranger for the very first time in my life. And now I feel like I want to keep doing that whenever I can. Asante sana. Mungu akubariki.

  64. Hallo..

    Got goosebumps from reading this…. We got Jadudi surgery, I have a
    request to make if there is a mother and child stuck in india, they went there for surgery, the baby-Her name is Amber, was treated but they were not able to clear they bill which is amounting to almost a million. She is from Tharaka Nithi county, and as constituents we rallied on social media and a Harambee was held at her home on 2 nd August. The events only raised 0.5M. Please help bring Amber back home.

  65. Biko this is fantastic news! good for you for bringing it to ALL our
    attention. just goes to show what we Kenyans can all collectively do for each other. thank you again!!

  66. Biko it is because of people like you that we know that God really does exist. Thank you for using your talent to change lives. You could have easily ignored the first DM sent your way but you chose to share this predicament in a way that only you could. Barikiwa sana.

  67. Amen.Amen .Amen.I hope the remaining money goes to all those people suffering from cancer and their stories remain untold…

  68. Wow, you did it again with your extra ordinary pen and humongous heart Biko. May total healing now embrace Jaduda, either way we’ve won! What awesome angels we have here in Kenya.

  69. If anyone has ever doubted human beings are by design good, this is your answer. People rallying around a stranger for a common belief… Sanctity of life and no one should die that way. Thank you all for every little thing you did. Biko and Zawadi thank you for reminding us again that IN OUR GREATEST TIME OF NEED GOD AND OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WILL NOT FORSAKE US. Ja’Dudi get well soon.

  70. Thank you Lord for what has happened in this funds drive. Indeed we are our brother’s keepers. Now Holy Spirit of Resurrection, you have the spare parts needed for this young man’s healing. You are also a consuming fire. Consume every cancer planted in Jadudi’s head, blood and body in Jesus Mighty Name. Uproot anything you have not planted, O Lord and restore him to total health in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you for the work you have started. All glory and honour return to you Lord in Jesus Name. Amen.

  71. Biko thanks for highlighting Jadudi’s story. I’m so proud to be Kenyan. It is this kind of thing that reminds me what a remarkable people we are.

  72. God bless you Biko. So proud of being a kenyan.jadudi you must get well to testify of the goodness of the Lord.

  73. Now this one is the one that ha made me cry, I knew we would do it but not this much. Its amazing to have been part of this glory. Jadudi sasa enda upone ambia madaktari wa India umetumwa na waKenya upone nothing less.

  74. Praise be to God.When we say we are created in the image of Almighty God this is precisely what we mean.Be blessed all of you as Jadudi receives his healing.⛅

  75. I am a very proud kenyan. A big thank you to everyone for sending in something. These are the strands that woven together make us the kenyan fabric or the hot bed of love for one another.

  76. Thank you God that this came to pass and thank you to all who supported through prayer and monetary funds, We are truly One. Biko thanks for the updates and even doing Jadudi’s story..God Bless you all

  77. God bless you! The India mat story had me in tears. I would read a line and burst into laughter. Kenyans are awesome.Thank you for being that guy Biko.

  78. The Gang. All you amazing,amazing selfless human beings. Karuheni chwaaaaa! May God increase you and yours.
    Sending light your way, Jadudi. It is well.

  79. After reading the other post I prayed, sent my kidogo contribution and shared on my fb. Today, I have shed tears and I am giving thanks to God. Jadudi God commands us to rejoice in each and every situation.

  80. when this was posted I was too upset with cancer to shed a tear, just
    wanted things to come through for Jadudi, then just like that he
    was sorted,in a matter of hours what needed to be done was done &
    I shed a tear. Tears of extreme happiness.
    get well Jadudi,may God be with you as you continue with your treatment.
    God Bless you Biko. to The Gang- no words, no words
    at all.

  81. That’s just the best feeling ever…to touch a life and you did just that. Thank you very much Biko. And to Jadudi and all that are suffering in this manner, we can only wish you a speedy recovery, you already know that we feel you and love you, fight on!

  82. Good news Biko.We did our part and i believe that God will heal him.
    The post about Jadudi Made me cry like a baby….tears Flowed and i was in the office…Such a shame …hehee

  83. Thank you Biko. We are grateful that God spoke to all of us in our own ways to lend a hand. Let’s keep the spirit alive and to Jadudi, anything is possible if only you believe. God bless.

  84. Nice read Elsie. ‘Greatful for’ That’s the beginning of wisdom:) Bless you!

    Biko & Zawadi … Bless you too for using your platforms as bridges for hopelessness. Was to send my contribution this afternoon and will still do it despite …

    Jadudi … It shall be well. The prayers, tears, warm thoughts, best wishes… It shall be well brother. God Bless everyone who spared whatever it is they did.

  85. Happy tears. Kenyans we are indeed one. I have laughed and cried reading this. Jadudi will beat that thing in his head. God is with him.

  86. Thisbis so far the best thing I have done this year. Helping a stranger…Felt so elated reading this hadi my baby kicked and somersaulted in my belly. S(he) is happy for what we have done.. Viva the gang!! ✊

  87. And God did it for Jadudi, I prayed, I cried, I sat on the floor for a brother in pain, for a generation that the enemy thought he was over and done with and God answered, not once, not twice but six times, SiX times?
    Enyewe my heavenly father will never let His people down. Ephesians 3:20-21. Go to India and come back home cancer free ja’baba (hope there is something like that in jang’o :D)
    God bless you Biko, God bless Kenya!

  88. And Bikozulu you did it too. The way you wrote that story about “that thing in Jadudi’s head” men…Thanks for sharing his story in the way you did, and thanks to all Kenyans who responded both in prayers and on Mpesa..Am glad I was one of them. Jadudi will be fine, God is with him.

  89. What Kenyans have done, only God can repay. The spirit of Kenyans amazes me, we are one great and big family

  90. I am a man and I must admit that tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks, so inspirational. God bless you guys

  91. Amazing!!! Thanks Biko! Thanks Kenyans!! Proud of myself. But Biko really, national anthem in Swahili, I take that with a pinch of salt

  92. God is Great. May Emmanuel be healed in Jesus precious mighty name. Amen! pleased with the good news as well.

  93. Biko donge ing’e ni ngima okan ne joma oloyo tembe ma Ruoth ogwedho! Nyasaye Ogwedhi! God Bless you!

    Get well soon Jadudi! Godspeed!!

  94. Thanks to the most high God and to Kenyans. Now let’s unite in prayer for Jadudi to be well. Erokamano to all.

  95. like obama said the only thing common amongst us is humanity. I am so proud of you and us for rising above everything else, yez for a stranger amongst us but a human being. God bless you guys and i believe Jadudi will live to tell the great story of humanity. Amina jathurwa.

  96. WOW!..Aki this is great..wonderful and amazing to say the least! Biko, Zawadi and the Kenyans who made this happen – May God increase your territories! We await his healing power over Jadudi! This is overwhelming indeed!

  97. I have a lump in my throat (and i’m not one to cry easily). This is easily the most incredible news i’ve heard in a while & i’m so happy for Jadudi & extremely proud of Kenyans for uniting as one to change someone’s life! May God continue blessing each & every Kenyan!
    And to you Biko, may God bless you in abundance for highlighting Jadudi’s plight. Your humour did not go unnoticed though…:)

  98. I look forwad to the day I will meet Emmanuel Owino doing his job like any other person. The problem with cancer is you never know when it striking. Its the cells in us that turn out to be dangerous.

  99. Thanks Biko for highlighting Jadudi’s plight and to everyone who came through for him. Glad to be part of this. More power to the pen!


  101. I feel like doing my own rendition of the national anthem now gosh I feel so patriotic!:)
    God bless you Biko,Zawadi and the Gang
    God bless Kenya(Holding my hand over my heart)
    Speedy recovery to Jadudi keep the faith and the fight.

  102. *sniff* again so touched by the Kenyan spirit. I am proudly KENYAN. We stand together no matter what and show the middle finger(i loved it) to evil happening to any one of us (including CNN). Thank you for being the one to remind us of our WE ARE ONE spirit.

  103. I have said it time and time again Biko is a force to reckon, this year Uhuru Kenyatta should awars you with the EBS. Your talent and passion combined with the many readers who shared your stories encouraged thousands to contribute. P.s. kumbe tuko Centonomy na wewe. Fellow factory worker, God bless

  104. To God be the Glory! Nyasaye ogwedhu, Biko and Zawadi. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measuure..”.By His stripes you are healed!

  105. You really should have a “LIKE,LIKER,LIKEST” icon!!
    Really love Ur articles and how Ur able to articulate the smallest of emotion ….lowwwittt!!!

  106. To God be the glory. Ne Aywak kane awinjo wachni. Thank you Biko for using what you know best to help Jadudi.

  107. What more can i say but praise be unto the almighty God. Jadudi we wish you all the best. God is in control.

  108. We are our brother’s keeper. United we stand strong, divided we fall apart. Jadudi, quick recovery. My payers are with you. You shall overcome, because you are strong willed. Quick recovery

  109. When a person uses a platform on which he expresses his talent to impact on another person’s life so positively,then he is an epic creature. Thanks Biko and Zawadi for brining Jadudi’s plight to light and Jadudi walamo ni mondo ichang maber kendo piyo. Amina!

  110. Our God is still on the throne and He loves Jadudi.Thisbattle will be a win win althrough.Kenyans are winners all the way.It’s is called becoming a miracle to each other.I can’t stop shedding tears of happiness now.Biko and Zawadi you are angels and may God expand your territories beyond your imagination.I am happy to be part of the great Kenyan team that stood in the gap!Thank you Lord

  111. This is awesome..I’m really touched by how Kenyans have come out to help. I’m proudly Kenyan….

  112. Mr. Biko-I cried when I read this story yesterday and I just cried as after reading it this morning. How wonderful to see that our people haven’t lost that Harambee (African) spirit! This beautiful and handsome young man, AKA, Emmanuel Otieno, AKA, Jadudi, will come out of this all cured. There’s just too much good will for this insidious disease to defeat our little brother. As you eloquently put it, Kenyans gave cancer their collective middle finger and sent it shuffling into a corner to sit and “suck its dirty thumb.” Hahaha. (Loved that.) This, and the fact that the kid is, evidently, a fighter, insures that Jahudi will win the fight. And, yes, Biko-I’m one of those in the Diaspora who so yearned to send my contribution that I even inbox a message to someone in Kenya asking how to go about it from here (the US). Alas, the person was away. So, next time include the Diasporans. In the meantime, I include my family’s prayers with everyone else’s for our very brave brother/son. I know you’ll keep all of us abreast of his progress. And, by the way, ero’ kamano to you, too, for spearing the drive! Needless to say, your great sense of humor helps make such a dark topic lighter and easier to digest. Keep up the good work!

  113. God bless you for what you have done Biko. May He bless you abundantly.

    in unrelated news: kumbe we were in the same Centonomy class?! I knew I should have read those name tags 😀

  114. Biko Zulu, you are a darling! The Lord is good. I hope many more people are encouraged. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

  115. God truly bless the beautiful Kenyan people. Jadudi’s Mum’s prayer, enough said! So proud of us! May good health be your portion, Emmanuel, mtoto wa Dudi :-).

  116. You Biko!!! Be blessed now!!!! I command you BE BLESSED NOW!!! Kenyans are great people I say, if only we can get more people like you to synchronize our greatness, we can make and break kingdoms. Wait, your writing has inspired me so much.

  117. wooooop!!this is the real deal..ang’owa?the real deal(insert proffesor bambas voice)..iv teared,laughed at your jokes..above all im greatful to God for using this channel to sort out jadudi..May his medical procedure restore his health!!!

  118. when you know a lady this well(jadudi mum), you definitely want to relate with her struggle, she is a nurse who has cared for many people but unfortunately can not o the same for her child, but Gods reward can never be this timely, the world is giving back numerous years of toil with very little money even to afford decent care.

  119. wow.glad about the results with the little we could do,even if twas just hitting the share button,little monies ,prayers etc.Full recovery jadudi

  120. Biko when are you vying for office? Be sure of my whole clan’s votes. Every week I come alive when that email comes in and to use this platform for such a cause? If I was God I’d give you Toni for a day.
    Thanks to everyone who played a part here. You’re all heroes.

  121. hard to hold back tears! can you believe it? Same here, I’ve taken away so many lessons. Biko, hats off!! God bless you Kenyans!!

  122. Wait! Don’t close the account yet! I also need to see that thing in Jadudi’s head fixed. I’m still looking for change. Ngoja kidoogo!

  123. God bless you Biko….praying for his quick recovery…. Kenyan @ heart thts the only tribe we have…. Daima kenyan

  124. I am so very happy at this news.

    Jadudi, millions of people carry you in their hearts now. Please keep us updated on what happens.

    Biko, you have a wide reach and a powerful way with words Sir. May you continue to use them to do much good!

  125. Yaay We did it! God bless Kenyan’s..Tears of joy and hope now..We have done our part God will do His.Amen.

  126. And Just like that I’m moved to tears again!!!! God Bless the Gang!!!!

    Special Crowns in waiting for everyone!!!

    **Singing Eric Wainaina’s Daima Mkenya in my head!!! **

  127. I love Kenyans. He is a son of this land. He must not die when Kenyans have the power to do something. All for the Glory of God.

  128. This is the kind of thing that makes even a Kenyan doctor tearful. BIko, Zawadi, Nyasaye omedu ndalo. On behalf of them all who ‘diagnose Cancer’, we wish Jadudi successful surgery & quicker recovery. I hope one good day, other ‘Jodudi’ can have treatment right here at home.

  129. Isnt God amazing, thanks B iko for highlighting plightvof the young man, you are the only in the millions!! God bless Kenyans

  130. Indeed God makes a fool of the devil over and over again.
    Miracles happen every day. I am happy we used technology for good.
    I am beyond touched.

  131. Aminaaaaa… Indeed God is a God of Miracles.. Its a testimony not to him alone but to many souls out here. May the same God heal brother Jadudi..

  132. To the Angels, we leave the last 50% of Jadudi’s miracle in your hands – Kenyans have done the first half!

  133. THANK YOU BIKO for the resource mobilization and THANK YOU KENYANS for joining hands and helping one of our own. Let’s put Jadudi and all those who are undergoing the same in our prayers.

  134. Again the pen is mightier than…..God bless u biko n all Kenyans….would request u to now write about our health facilities as a country n the shenanigans btw the governors n the state about the health equipment that should hv been installed as soon as yesterdays we the ‘middle class’ the blog readers n kot need to stand up n say enough is enough….in the same spirits weeks ago we trended #EdwardObiero n now #Jadudi…if we cud now pressure the govt before we trend again to take one of our own to India….once again GOD BLESS u all

  135. I have not cried a river and laughed so hard at the same time, in a long time! Need l say, daima mimi Mkenya….love the fight, generosity, empathy and humanity that permeates through a people in the face of adversity! God bless you Biko and Zawadi!

  136. This is proof of inherent goodness in people. To Jadudi: take it easy bro, you will conquer this nuisance called cancer. My dad just conquered it. To everyone: punguza red meat, alcohol and fatty foods; and go for regular check ups. This cancer thing has become so common place….

  137. Thanks be to God…this is an encouragement that we should never regard our contributions as too meagre..they add up to something major!! God be praised

  138. Thanks BIKO for being there. you are hero in need. Biko can you get in touch with me on 0722344397. i want to donate some supplements which are working well with cancer. We can eradicate this tumor he does not need to go to India anymore. they have worked on many cancer patients.

  139. “But he continues to go to school because that’s the only thing that still gives him a handle on his dream”. Where there’s HOPE, there’s FAITH.Where there’s FAITH, MIRACLES do happen.

  140. I always look forward to your blogs Biko. And to see you positively use the influence you have on your followers is amazing. This is how Nobel Prizes are won!

  141. Exceedingly,abundantly above all that we can Imagine.God is able and has already done it for Jadudi.He’ll be well.

    Thanks Biko and Zawadi.Mungu awabariki.

  142. This is so humbling.Thank you Biko for providing such a platform.
    Surely God’s Goodness and Mercies shall follow you all the days of your life.

  143. God Bless you Biko Zulu for voicing out Jadudis journey. he still wants to fight. He shall Fight . God is with him. Thankyou for standing by him Biko Zulu!

  144. thank you to all who took their time to spread this and those who contributed. right now am having this sweet filling just below my heart because of the HUMANITARIAN SPIRIT that #KOT have. we are indeed blessed abundantly.Emmanuel, who was my high schoolmate, will indeed conquer this Beast. may our great Lord shower you with his blessings in all you do Biko.

  145. wow… l am so feeling proud of you guys! This story gives me hope that l will also get a job. When you Trust in God, He bring His angels to surround you. Biko you are an Angel.

  146. GIVING 4 HUMANITY …WORDS lack meaning where action cross the boundaries of expectation… am a writer,a poet and a blogger but since i started reading articles there is no any other piece that ever caught my mind like 1milli4jadudi…congrats bro this is the true essence of for humanity #

  147. Dear Jadudi,
    Go on and get well soon. Can’t wait to see the great man that you’re destine to be. God bless you!

  148. Dear Jadudi,
    Go on and get well soon. Can’t wait to see the great man that you’re destined to be. God bless you!

  149. Proud to be Kenyan and happy to have been part of this in my small way. Go and get well Jadudi’s for God is with you.

  150. This is the great Kenyan Spirit. The one we need only to do good things for our countrymen irrespective of their middle name. I feel positively touched by this great effort.

  151. “God, I see you. I know it’s you! Come out and admit it. Take credit for your work this once!”……many times I feel this way

  152. Biko I am a man and I cried reading the blog. Listen to “I see You by pst liz and vfc choir on youtube. Kenyans you are a great nation

  153. Biko this is the reason this blog is number one. To make a difference in people’s lives. Not for you to win Airtel T-shirts and stuff…this is IT! Thanks for reaching out and making a difference. I am proud to be Kenyan. God speed to Jadudi. By the stripes of Jesus he is healed.

  154. Thanks, Biko and Zawadi. Thanks y’all that contributed. Surely you are all blest. Your children are blest. Your children’s children are blest. Mungu awabariki, Wakenya.

    Now, Biko this last part reminds me of an incident I once went thru. Mah! I couldn’t help but laugh. ““By the way Biko, how much of our money is left from what we raised?” Let’s be easy, sawa?”

  155. God Bless Immensely you Biko. You are Blessed in your Writing and your Heart is Big. Quick recovery to Jadudi. God bless Kenya.My Lovely Country.

  156. Biko do you actually read this comments? Sometimes I find the urge to skip the post and come direct to the comments 🙂 Kenyans are others man!

  157. Thanking God for us Kenyans. The empathy we all showed Jadudi and his family. May the Good Lord see him through this and always. Biko you God sent. Ubarikiwe

  158. And just like that you got me listening to ojuelegba, singing the national anthem and listening to my favorite centonomy talk on youtube… that order…

  159. I almost cried about the article, about the generosity and the fact that I missed the opportunity to contribute having been away only to realize that mission accomplished. May God bless you and everyone

  160. I am one of those who wet his eyes when i read this young man’s story. We came together as Kenyans and (momentarily) forgot our ethnic competition. It is all very moving.

  161. Its amazing. xoxo ‘teary’. I pray to YOU God Almighty that YOU him. Let Your healing unconditional power, his grace and his loving kindness flow through Emmanuel Otieno.
    Wherever you are, at home or at work, with family and friends, or with church members, hold in a circle and pray for him. Wherever two or three are gathered, His spirit is in the midst. LETS CREATE A PRAYING CIRCLE FOR THIS DUDE AND HE WILL BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME. AMEN!!!

  162. As a contributor, back in my mind I thot even if there be surplus
    after his medication is taken care of, then it should also help repay
    their earlier earned debts incurred due to the same treatment as was
    stated in the article?

  163. My day started on a high note today, don’t know why. Only for me to get to my comp and see this, now I know why! This is truly amazing, we TURNED UP for Jadudi. To Biko, I am now a believer, your believer. As i steal a line from mungai up there who described your writing so beautifully, “For you to always write on matters that resonate with all of us, in a way that pokes our consciousness, clutches onto our hearts and never lets go.”
    On another note …. I loved this “If there is a ticket to say, Bangladesh, si Jadudi can just cross over using a mat? Surely, even him (Kenyan lingo) he should apply himself.” Hahaha #dead&buried!

  164. I read this article with a huge grin plastered on my face. Mind you, I am at work! Biko, Kenyans, you are forever blessed

  165. Thankyou Biko for bringing his need to our attention. Now we pray for his full recovery. I wish we could help many others this way.

  166. More tissue plz,there is inherent goodness in every human being,Biko may your ink never dry and to you all,may your cups be filled to are all just too awesome.Praise God

  167. Indeed God is great. I am smiling from ear to ear reading this. And Biko you truly know how to ‘bring the news’ 🙂 . I will take this as part 1 of the happy ending. Now, i am praying for part 2.

  168. Biko, Zawadi and fellow Kenyans, in a few words – may God bless the work of your hands. Jadudi, I declare Psalms 118:17 for you – I will not die; instead, I will live to tell what the LORD has done.

  169. Biko words can’t be enough to appreciate you for this initiative. You and evrybody out there. May God grant our dear brother full recovery and abundant health. God bless

    *singing * because he lives, i can face tomorrow…..

  170. Icvontributed my part despite having been on a tight noose with finances…. and in less than 12hrs my house rent had been paid via mpesa in full… Law of giving in action… tell mama her prayers zilinifikia mbio sana….

  171. Biko am happy you have come around….I knew you would find this country worth dying for. It’s really the spirit of the Kenyan people that make it count.

  172. “I took my headphones, went on YouTube and played Ojuelegba by Wizkid featuring Sarkodie, the remix in French? Played it in the loudest volume. And it all felt so right. It felt so great to be Kenyan. You guys had done 5milli in, what, 28hrs? That was beyond paper.”

    Way to go ! Biko God has come through for Jadudi,I wish him quick recovery.
    That song right there by Wizkid is one of my favorites.It gets me on the dance floor effortless.The angle you took to narrate this story helps to deal with the thought of the pain cancer patient go through.Its funny and still real in life.Good job Biko.Good job kenyans.Ero kamano,kongoi,thangieu!

  173. Ahsante sana Biko and the team that spearheaded this initiative. May God bless you all abundantly. Jadudi is a fighter and will win this fight. The kindness of the Kenyan people is truly humbling. If only we didn’t allow the politicians to contaminate us.

  174. I just joined here when I read about Jadudi. May our God heal this young man. After reading your post on Wambui JL’s TL about your forehead, I didn’t wanna leave 🙂 You are a brilliant writter, no you’re a genius at what you do!! And YES Mr. Biko, TV is bad for you, but your fore-head can’t be as wide as Larry Madowo, he is good at what he does.

  175. These are the things that touch the heart of God. Biko and the Gang, i wish to see you all in heaven. GOD BLESS KENYA

  176. Humanity is all interconnected. The thing in Jadudi’s head got in there to remind us of
    this. May it be well with Jadudi, his family and every one of us.

  177. i hve really been touched with ur stry may Gpd be with u as u go for the surgery and i believe ur going to make it thro’ and with less complications let Gods blessings be with u

  178. Biko, I just came across the article about #jadudi. Sorry that I am late. But I have prayed to God to heal @Jadudi. Kenyans were so selfless towards the course.I wish them all God’s blessings.@Jadudi will surely surmount.As for you Biko and Zawadi, you have a heart of gold.Dare I say ‘Kongoi mising’!

  179. you stood tall for us and all.there is no barber in town who will deny you a hair cut before you go stopping bullets for your country

  180. Three things. 1. Congratulations, Gang. We did it. I didn’t send money, but I am praying for Jadudi’s recovery, ditto my other friends here in Uganda who follow this blog religiously. 2. Biko, I think you were too excited you mistyped the figures:6111638 and 6111338. Please touch it up for future reference. And 3. Someone up here posted about a baby Amber who is stuck in India and can’t come back home because they can’t afford 0.5m. Biko, is there a way you can prevail on the Cancer Foundation’s round table discussion so part of the remainder goes towards bringing Amber home? Or can these people who wanted to contribute but missed the deadline, send in that money so Baby Amber can come home? Thank you.

  181. Thanking ALMIGHTY GOD for this providence.

    One word of advice though, Jadudi toa hio T-Shirt na uichome. I’m a spiritual person and trust me, such graphics contribute to your health …

  182. On top of being moved to tears by Jadudi’s story and the warmth of Kenyans, I have really enjoyed Biko’s writing. Dude, you know how to tell a story. You have a way with words. I just read on….and on…. 🙂