Like A Thief In The Night…


It’s highly unlikely you will live to see 90. In fact, you will be lucky to see 63. You will die from heart diseases. Or hypertension. Or diabetes. Or cancer. Or HIV/AIDS. At this rate it’s also possible you …


Zanzibar. Dar. A Book.


Warning: Long post ahead (2,500 words), read in bed. Or at your virtual beach.

This will sound mad. But do you sometimes wake up in the dead of the night and lie there, anxious that perhaps there is a …


A letter to Kenyans Abroad


Dear Diaspora.

There is this time I walked into this shoe shop in Dublin, Ireland. It was winter and cold as a hyena’s snout. I had on this hoodie with “Safaricom” emblazoned on its front in green. So, there …


Teeth for Sale.


After five years, she finally packed her stuff. Not that she has much. A few dresses. Half a dozen tights. Tops. Socks. Jackets. Knickers. Vests. Shoes. They all fitted in her small holdall. She seemed excited at the prospect …


This is Nyanza.


Have you ever shared a matatu with a hen? Or shared a boat with a goat and a sewing machine? Have you, Sam? Do you go to Brew Bistro and compete with other chaps on who can make the