Teeth for Sale.


After five years, she finally packed her stuff. Not that she has much. A few dresses. Half a dozen tights. Tops. Socks. Jackets. Knickers. Vests. Shoes. They all fitted in her small holdall. She seemed excited at the prospect of …


The parents consortium


The other morning I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and Tamms was in there taking a susu. I didn’t think I needed to knock. She’s five for crying out loud, it’s not like she would be …


Raising a Brat, For Dummies


Question. What would you do if someone held down your kid’s head in a swimming pool? Another question? What if that someone in question is another kid? Like about your kid’s age (5/6), only fatter? What would you do? Hell, …


Fathers in School


Towards the close of last term, my “lito” girl’s school organized a Father’s Forum thingamajig. The school invites you for these school shindigs by placing cards between the pages of The Diary. The Diary is this small book that acts …


Father Moments


He tells me he punishes his son by sending him to the “Naughty Corner.” He’s 5. The son, that is. Naughty Corner. I turned that phrase over in my head, like you would an idea you haven’t quite warmed up …