Tales from Borana


I’m a “closeted” hat kind of guy. Which means, I love hats but I look like a peacock in them. I have five different type of hats which all hang in my bedroom like abandoned tools in a tool shade.…


At the feet of God.


It’s like a reed-like bathroom. You can see outside through these interspersed reeds, but it’s useless because beyond the reeds is darkness. But there is a stone. Onto this stone, you balance the metallic stainless steel basin. The water is …




Last Monday, while I was supposed to be posting a post something on this blog, I was on a small chartered aircraft headed Northern Kenya with a bunch of a dozen or so writers and photographers. Kenya Tourism Board was …


Would you take a bullet for an elephant?


Sunday 6.49pm

I sit down with my laptop; upload from my camera some pictures I took while in Tsavo West over the weekend.


I go through the pictures, deleting the ones I obviously took drunk. There is one …


Coast, a people



I was down at the coast over the weekend and this picture perhaps defines coast for me. It’s the endlessness of bliss, an infinite happiness. And happiness for me are boats like this that bob in the slight morning …