The Victorian Experience


There is something about Kisumu City. When you land at Kisumu International Airport (You have to say that in full if you are going to say it at all) and you walk out squinting into the bright sunlight, you have …


A sojourn in Turkey


So there was a massive snowstorm across Istanbul last week, which prompted our Turkish Airlines flight – and a bunch of other flights – to divert to Antalya instead of Istanbul, which should have worked out well for us since …


How I Spent My Christmas Holidays


Remember those days in primary school when they made us write about our holidays? A whole one page foolscap of it. You wouldn’t believe how I would embellish mine; half-lies. Tales. Lores. Then they’d send you off with 37/40 and …


Cry for Lamu


Remember those old men of Lamu? Them with the long white beards and faces carved by the sea’s tough hands? The ones who used to huddle by the seafront at night, sipping kahawa chungu from steaming tiny tin mugs and …


Day Eight #UnexpectedKenya


End of the road…not for us.

This is going to be a quickie. After one week we part ways with these two gentlemen. Now, I won’t say they have been like family, that’s too dramatic and emotional even for me. …