Cherotich: Week 3


By Nancy Cherotich

We all need some encouragement once in a while. And when we do, we usually turn to one person, our mums. Cause it doesn’t matter how old we get, we always call mummy. Yes, men too. It has been quite a tough week and I needed to hear her view on my newly chosen way of life.

Me: Mum, nimeamua kulose weight. This time niko serious kabisa.

Mum: Hahahaha! (Really mummy?!? Why the laughing???) What has motivated you? Umeenda gym?

Me: Hizi ugonjwa mingi. I just check what I eat, the portions and I walk a lot. I have stopped eating meat by the way.

Mum: Nani? Wewe ni mtoto wangu najua hiyo ni ngumu, you can kill for meat. Lakini if you get serious, you will really cut that weight. Sasa naona ukipata mzee.

Me: Sasa hiyo imetoka wapi? Was it that bad mum?

Mum:  Sindio ni venye singekuambia. Lakini it is good to be healthy hii mambo ya kukua kama roto tank si poa.

Me: Hehehe! Sawa.

I love my mother to death but she is the founder of the ‘Zero Chills Union’. She has no idea how to sugar coat, in fact, I don’t think she even knows the phrase exists. In her world, feelings are not things to be considered. Our mothers are from a different generation. I can’t really fault her for that. So, for her to even consider NOT telling me something, I know that things were thick, literally.

I would DIE before I would admit this to her, but avoiding red meat has been an uphill task. It has taken me a lot of discipline to avoid it; I have had to act like red meat does not exist. Like it contains Ebola or bird flu. That is the only way to overcome. I used to be that person who would get really hysterical every time I was served any food without meat at home asking if my dad had been sacked as I believed he solely went to work to ensure that we never lacked meat. I mean, why else was he working?

Moving on, swiftly or not, I was doing very well on the walking part until I got a little scare last week. (‘Little’ is my way of downplaying the incident….bravery through avoidance)

So, I was walking home at around 7 in the evening, with my earphones on, feeling like a superstar. Just after the globe roundabout heading to Ngara, two men, one of them limping, joined me and started walking besides me. I had bodyguards! Yes, my naiveté was strong that day. But that didn’t stop me from being cautious so I tried to slow down to let them go ahead but alas, they slowed down too. An attempt to quicken my pace was met with the same. Something in my demeanor told them that they had won, so with confidence and a touch of arrogance, one of the men said hi. I thought that they were from the Thirst-is-Real Association, men’s chapter, so I just sneered and gave them the ‘you cannot have this’ look; how wrong was I? The man then asked me to look down, and there it was, a knife held to my waist. He had hidden part of the knife in a sweater so another passerby could not see it. I was stunned and shocked which made me come to an abrupt halt but I was ordered to keep walking and act friendly. Trying to act casual, I asked them what they wanted from me and they replied that all they wanted was cash. With shaky hands, I removed my purse and cleared all the cash I had in there and gave it to them, 3K. They asked for my phone but they quickly decided it wasn’t worth the hassle, because according to them, smart phones can be easily tracked. I think that they looked at the cracked screen and decided it wasn’t worth their time.

They walked away after they accomplished their mission leaving me shaken and distraught. The thought that it could have been worse made me shed a few tears as I walked the rest of the distance home. I am so glad that I was not harmed. My attempt to pick myself up, act like a ninja and walk again has failed miserably. Every time I bolster myself up, I get terrified at the thought of being in town past 6pm.

I am desperately trying to convince myself that it was just one of those days but so far, that hasn’t worked. I have been asked severally why I have not joined a gym so I don’t lose my momentum. But the truth is, I hate monotony, and I find gyms monotonous, so every time I have enrolled, I have quickly found numerous excuses to not go more than a couple of times. The joy I get from walking is I don’t have to face the same walls and routines every day. I get to see different people and discover new things every day. I am a very observant person and walking really helps my brain keep engaged. I can walk for hours without realizing how much time has passed, yet at the gym, I cannot stop looking at the clock and wondering what drugs my teachers were on when they taught me that a minute is equals to sixty seconds.

I know that at this point, I do not have the luxury of being picky, but I also believe that losing weight and living healthy should be fun. There is no point of me doing something I know I will give up on after a few weeks. This can only be equated to falling for anyone simply because everyone around you is in a relationship….makes sense? No? Okay, let us move on. I have already given up meat; I should at least enjoy my walks.

As a last resort, I have resigned myself to walking around the estate (boring), as I gather the courage to walk home from work. I am still not going to the gym, yet. But I will compromise and download the zumba and Leslie Sansone workout routines and make use of my living room.

Since many of you asked, I ignored the little devil on my shoulder and stepped on the scale; I am still Nancy at 80. I am kind of glad that my weight did not go up bearing in mind that it has really been a slow week. I do however feel like I weigh 60 kgs; light as a feather. I should probably go dancing this weekend and see if I can twerk without my knees complaining or my audience confusing my twerking with a chakacha dance attempt. It is also a form of exercise, right?

Until then, the search for that body that attracts wazee continues.

PS: Thank you so much for the love and support which has been overwhelming. The messages I have received from those who have been on this journey before and those willing to join me have been very encouraging to say the least. I really do appreciate it.

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  1. Chero thanks for sharing once again and pole sana about the mugging. I actually have nothing encouraing to say cause that shit is scary! Meanwhile, I’ve gotten back to working out as well and hard as it might be I think of you and know someone is at it with me. Keep it up!

  2. Had the same experience. I was robbed at the same spot, they took my bag, my hair clip.. everything.. sorry.. i know how traumatizing it can be….

  3. Today as I was walking absent mindedly. I was jolted back by a push from a mad man I almost landed on the road, thanks to my quick reflex I was able to steady myself. I was shaken by the incident that from now I will walk on the left of the sidewalk always.

  4. Nancy so sorry for the mugging. But I love that you feel like 60 now. It’s a great feeling. I can assure you that if you fit some of your clothes,you will realise they fit loosely. Don’t mind the scale just yet. Keep doing the portions and clean eating and the rest will fall off. Remember it’s 80% clean eating and 20% exercise. Keep it up girl. We are here and doing the journey with you.

  5. Hi,chero.I have been a thin girl all my life
    untill recently.Well I weigh 57kgs which is the
    highest I have attained and am 5.2ft tall.Before this up untill I was 26yrs my weight fluctuated from 42kgs- 38 kgs.Believe it or not people made some very mean comments that I can not even share here.Heard comments like,”Kwani haukulangi” so often “Unakaa school girl”.I hated how I looked,I had
    issues with my body.Now I have gained some weightand people are still making comments.One told me
    matako yangu imekuwa kubwa sana,my workmate said my tummy has become big she thot I was pregnant.I
    have therefore decided my weight is my business and nobody elses.Its hard but these days I ignore all comments regarding my weight.Even my friends are not allowed to comment. Chero you are not alone in this struggle with weight issues

    1. I have been underweight too all my life till now when I’ve began adding (49 as at now). The comments and rumours going around my work place is that I’m pregnant. Before the weight, they said I was ‘too skinny’, mara guys like ‘things’ to hold on to.
      Bottom line, people will never be satisfied with how one looks. I’m trying to find peace within myself to accept this new weight and try not to care any more what they think.

      1. People gon’ talk whether you doin’ bad or good: Just do you
        love you and give them something to keep talking about!

      2. I can relate with you 2 ladies. I also weighed between 45 and 50 until I was 25 and its amazing how insensitive people can be with their comments when it comes to skinny girls. It hurts just the same as when you are made fun of for being overweight. Then when I added weight it also drew comments. So you just have to focused on staying healthy and getting to a weight that makes you happy. Because you cannot please everyone.

    2. And I totally relate to the thin girl struggle at 5 ft 7″… and Im still a tiny girl…. 🙂 But My weight is my business!!! And I am rocking it all the way….

  6. cherotich. sorry about that mugging. but stay strong girl . because cherotich @60 is coming soon

  7. He he, when we met at Kile I did not say anything because it had been a while but you have grown. Also welcome to the non-meat club but bad news after 5 years am right back at 90Kg’s.

    As for walking move to the estate that you hate.

  8. Iyamune tete,
    Am so sorry to hear you were robbed. i strongly suggest you avoid walking on that ngara globe route past 7. I work at KIE just a liltle past ngara and i used to walk down that route as exercise every morning on my way to work. i however stopped as i was also once cornered and robbed off my bag with everything in it. As much as you are determined to do this dear, make sure you don’t lose your life while at it. it’s never that serious… ok i lied… it’s serious yea.. but you must never compromise your personal safety.
    I recommend the gym. I know how borring the gym can be because i share your sentiments on that. Nothing good comes easy. So you need to push yourself. You might not like the gym so much right now, but you will sure like your mirror soon. Push yourself everyday. Set achievable goals and before you know you will be having fun. What i do to motivate myself everyday beforei leave work for the gym, i watch an episode on extreme weight loss or the big loser show. Dude, those people are humongous when they are admitted at the academies. I follow one persons experience all the way from when they looked like a house to them crying at the gym and almost giving up, to the end product usually after 12 months. The results is always out of this world. So after watching that and envying their courage and persistence, i leave work feeling like i have energy from here to Timbaktu and back. I enter that gym like i own the mother f**ker and work out a straight 1 hour.
    Alternatively, you could download the T25 work out programmes. They are amazing,easily achievable and fun. All the best dove. I hope you get settled on this so you dont end up giving up on the way kwasababu i am following and enoying your reads. Muuuuah!

  9. This is great I think coz at least you ve not gained anymore kgs.believe me its an achievement so cut your self some slack.There are no bodies that attracts wazees don’t lie to yourself.Besides I thought you were doing this for you and your health.sorry about that mugging incident but don’t let it derail you.Hang in there gal the” MZEE” should be the icing on the cake not the main ingredient.

  10. you will make it through Lady. l think most of us like procrastination. I am 5’2 and 56-57 Kgs. l dont have a problem with my weight but my belly looks like am pregnant constantly.Thanks to your inspiring story.. l will work on it daily from today.

  11. Pole for what happened with the thugs. I can only imagine how scary that was. I would encourage you to join a support group. There’s one on FB that encourages healthy eating and exercises. You will get plenty of help there. Oh…please ditch the scale and befriend the tape measure. Exercises may make you lose fat, but gain muscle. When you step on the scale you think you have added weight and you subsequently get discouraged. Send me an email if you are interested in joining a support group. All the best in your journey.

  12. Walking(esp slow leisurely walks) is low impact which doesn’t get your heart pumping. It might take you longer to see the results you want. About the meat, are you willing to give it up in the long term in order to avoid gaining back the weight after you have lost it? Try giving up processed foods, carbonated drinks and wheat products instead. Eat real food and consider strength training..And don’t worry about bulking up. That is a myth. Those bulky women you see in magazines have been eating, training and taking supplements, for years, so that they can look like that! Best of luck… am rooting for you.

    1. Tesh…I got the same news this week about walking not being as effective…sigh…sigh…so yes as we continue to be inspired by Cheros story I have taken on Zumba in the house as I find another non Gym alternative!

  13. Pole Chero for the mugging, happy for you that you feel much lighter!! with you in this journey! Stay Strong!!

  14. Cheri, you’re an inspiration … keep on inspiring the girls out there that are on the heavier side to work towards a healthier life. I personally have a kitambi that I’m working to get rid off…

  15. Asanteni sana for the encouragement and support. I have gone to the gym today and all I could do was marvel at the equipments and walk out. I think I need prayers. Btw, when did gyms become so expensive?

  16. Good job! Pole sana – the encounter with thugs would stop anyone from their daily routine. Perhaps you can walk during your lunch break (if you get one).

  17. Sorry about the mugging but do not let it weigh down your spirit I am strong with you, I am 78 planning on getting to 60 with you. I have cut on my carbohydrates intake and doing more vegetables and water, I have reduced by only 300grams.The squats are hectic but when I read your posts every Thursday I have a reason to go on. And finally Patience We Need It.

  18. Sorry about the mugging incident; hope you bounce back soonest!
    It starts with feeling lighter and not panting after taking two steps; you’re doing it. Go girl!

  19. Hi Chero, I started out heavier than you and have since lost loads of kilos. The gym is not boring…unless you are only considering machines and weights. A good gym has step and floor aerobics, zumba, yoga, rhumba dance etc. Look for an activity that is fun and works for you, then you’ll always look forward to working out. That worked for me. Otherwise all the best and we are rooting for you 🙂

  20. Reading this,I couldn’t hel thinking we’re totally alike on how we think about exercise, I hate routine. I jog 3 times a week now, I started by walking though until one day I decided to switch things up and was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed jogging more. I try to switch locations too, I’ll go for a run in Karura or arboretum on weekends just to change scenery. As a rule, I never carry any valuables when jogging in some places, maybe 50bob to buy water if I end up too far from home…that’s it. And dancing, that helps too, I do salsa on the one night a week thay I go outo. for one I spend little time drowning the wine coz I spend most of the time on the floor and I actually feel that fresh-just-exercised thrill after.I’ve lost 8kgs since Jan when I started all this but I know it could be more if I watched what I ate, but nothing shall separate me from my love for food…well unless it’s the doctor. All the best.

  21. Walk at Jafferies near Lavington Green shops when you can its free and there are lots of people who walk there

  22. I enjoyed your postings. Like someone said here, nothing is worth risking your life for. You can walk around the malls, climb stairs etc. cheering you on sista!

  23. Hi Chero. Keep it up and all the best.

    I’ll just give a small contribution, hope it helps:
    1. Multiple studies show that exercise for weight loss is significantly less effective than watching what you eat.
    2. Protein (red meat) is actually good for you. Carbs and sugar are what is bad for you.
    3. Check out intermittent fasting methods such as publicised by people like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Mosley, Dr. Varadana and others. If you can view Dr. Mosleys documentary for the BBC on intermittent fasting, please do, it could change your life and results:
    4. Do exercise for muscle and cardiovascular fitness, but not for weight loss. The amount of time required to see results from exercise is beyond the reach or ability of most people.

    Please be open minded and do the research as per the tips above, listen to the scientists at the current frontline of nutrition science and recognize that a lot of the narrative on weight loss is old and incorrect.

    Halafu good luck.