Month: September 2012

Guns and Beards


Literary pundits say you have to “structure” your writing. That the intro comes first, setting the pace, then the rest of the narrative follow. That you have to first “internalise” what you want to say before you can muster …

High Heels.


“High Heels were invented by a woman who was kissed on the forehead.” –Christopher Morley.

She dwarfed everything around her. I mean dwarfed in the sense that she made everything look insignificant and minute, but also in the literal …

Telegram from Kampala


I’m in a cyber somewhere in dowtown Kampala. It’s a hot dark small room next to a cereals shop. The aircon blows in dust. If you want cereals from Kampala kindly send me an sms. Like beans. Their beans …