Men & Marriage


Our Chairman


On 8 January in an introductory piece for the Men and Marriage series I wrote about a little spat I had with my best mate in our investment Whatsapp Group. You can read it here. ( ). I


And Now, A Few Lessons


Off Exit 13 on Thika Superhighway is a kitschy looking mall called the Spurs Mall in Ruiru. You might miss it, if you aren’t looking. On the top floor is a newish hotel called Verona Hotel. The restaurant, with


Joshua’s Words


You keep seeing this girl in the queue at the bus stop. Some days she’s wearing ankle boots, other days she’s in a hat. You say, “Tomorrow I will say hello.” Tomorrow comes and you don’t see her. You




He doesn’t want me to “over describe” his mother. So I will venture a more restrained version. Everybody has called her “Madhe” for so long her real name is of little consequence. If humans were elements of nature she …


Curse Of The Gifted


I haven’t been to church in four years. I was born in an SDA church, not literally of course, I mean our family is SDA, and as children we would be forced to go to church every Saturday. Church started …