How to Talk to Your Father


Heard of Tog Wajaale? It’s a small dusty border town in Somaliland, right at the nose of Ethiopia. Goats sit under trees, chewing gum, squinting in the heat. It’s a bustling town, forever gushing with trade. Men haggle at

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[It was just after 3pm and he was doing dishes. His wife was on a Zoom call in the living room, saying, “I think this demand-driven approach will not work in the long-term.” He could never understand half the

Time Can Be a Bastard


I know it’s God’s work when a holiday falls on a Tuesday. Because it means I get to put up my feet, probably a drink in hand. 

Which means Eddy here with his quick wit and father issues holds

The Silence Is No Longer A Mirror


I stared at my dad’s elbows. They looked like a turtle’s chin. All aging people’s elbows look like a turtle’s chin. The wrinkles have wrinkles of their own. The bones look soft underneath. He was watering a bush of

The Children Are Fine


“One time, a long time ago, we were drinking at this local in Buru when she started arguing with this other girl. I can’t recall what the argument was about but I was used to her sparkiness, especially when …