Women & Marriage




Her first kiss didn’t destabilize her center of gravity. She suddenly didn’t  feel like she wanted to lean against a wall and gather herself. Her heart skipped a beat, yes, but it didn’t gallop away with intense feelings of


Is This About The Lamp?


Perhaps – if you are anything like her – you are one of those people who say that they could never shag or date a guy they work with. Who does that? Why would anyone do that when the


24th August 2010


She comes straight to my office from work. She’s an English teacher, which means she’s got a studious air. She’s bedecked in a light green one-button coat, of course fastened deliberately because she’s a teacher and the world expects


The Lacoste Of Samburu


Her boyfriend in university was a dark, cool guy. Or maybe a cool, dark guy. Whichever came first, he was dark because she likes her men with that darkness of dawn. He was studying engineering and living in Mamlaka


Women and Marriage


You might have heard these famous words; A happy wife, a happy life. Which means that as long as the wife is kicking shit about, mumbling under her breath, opening drawers in the kitchen and just standing there staring