Women & Marriage

Mike and Micah Part 2


More than anything I remember thinking, “this chick has OCD.” It was how the cups hung from the kitchen counter, coded by colour. How they gleamed in the light from the window. How spick and span her bathroom was,

They Didn’t Like Dogs


The neighbours fought constantly because of their dog. Rather, their mothers did. Their dog – a scruffy hound called Panther – would make a hole beneath the fence and knock over the trash bin outside their kitchen, rummage through

The Tall Ghost


She wrote me an interesting email about her marriage, with a mathematical subtext. I said, “How about you send me some 2,000 words on this?” So she sent 5,000 words. I barely needed to touch it. But because I’m

The Emperor’s Naked


We had lunch: she had grilled pork and something. I had chapatis and something. She wore a long flowy dress and silver sandals. She had a tale about her marriage. I wrote it the next day at dawn while

Full Cycle


She preferred to write an email with her story because – in her own words – she has an “image” of me and she doesn’t want to “spoil the romance” she has with me in her head. She says