Joe Black on the Cove


Obviously, I love Joe Black. Because he’s still at that point in his life where idealism triumphs action. A point where intention is a mere projection. He’s talented and he doesn’t even realise the scale of it. He plays

Four Types of Village Girls


The first type of girl loves flesh. 

She’s not squeamish around blood. She understands her knives and relishes their weight in her hands. She didn’t grow up on a farm, nor did she grow up around bovines. Or sheep.

Two Things That Happened


I recently got stuck in a lift with a lady in an abaya and a child with cheeks that reminded me of naan bread. I was off to have a very difficult meeting with someone who hates being mentioned

Bitty-Titty Ramblings


Nothing wakes one up more rudely than a full bladder. Normally when that happens I try to ignore it as much as I can, but it wins. And I have to stumble in darkness to the loo, afraid to

Of Love and Other Mistakes


Biko is away. I don’t know where, but he’s somewhere writing or taking care of things that are above my paygrade. Which leaves me here, to tend to the flowers and serve tea. I think he’ll be back next