The Long Walk

The Long Walk


Say one day you are having lunch alone, across the road from your office in one of those small restaurants which lay out a buffet and someone – without asking – pulls the empty seat across from you and


The Magic Marker


My son’s school usually emails these pre-primary weekly bulletins written in blue font. Sometimes I read them when I’m trying to be a responsible father, often I don’t. The contents of the emails are usually the highlights of their


This Man, The Baton


He remembers his mother’s lover. Not the unique features of his face but his presence, or rather, his moment of impending absence. At 6-years, he didn’t know what a lover was. All he knew was this man whom he


The Three-way


Every Friday we’d gather around the counter at Pitcher and Butch and trade war stories. There was Jamo, a mechanic, ex Baraton University, Bachelor of Technology in Automotive. Boisterous, loud, carefree. He worked in a garage in Westlands as a …


“This Is Cancer.”


I got a call. The man on the other end of the line said. “Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o is coming into town next month. Would you like to sit down with him?”

“Sure. For the Business Daily?” I asked. …