Absence Of Sound


You could sit next to someone and feel the need to strike a conversation. Like in a plane. Or a bus. Or on a bench, waiting to see a gastroenterologist. Some human beings like to fill that space of …


The King Is Naked


I will tell you a story about how, not long ago, I locked eyes with a stranger, a man, and we proceeded to share a brief but intense and revealing moment.

It started with me wanting to make a …


A Girl. A Picture. A Story


Sometimes the moon is low over Turkana and the night an impregnable shade of black. Other nights the same sky is littered by a million blinking stars. Those nights Ibei sits outside this little hut, one of the only …


The Griot’s Daughter


It’s finally dawn and cowardice curls at my feet like a serpent. We are shadows with the night. Before we all start lifting our weaponized hands, we are still sons of women, not animals. We have been loved and …


Like Hockey


I love motorbikes. My favourite part of a motorbike is the swell of the fuel tank. How it humps up, like the back of an aquatic animal…like the potbelly of a former rugby player; it’s hard-ish, sitting there like …