Failure To Launch


I have power over fruits. Well, most people do but the difference is I’m aware of it. It’s a reckless kind of power. I know it when I walk up to a fruit shelf teeming with abashed oranges, blushing

Shades Of Grey


He wasn’t supposed to sit at our table. He had followed George. You must know George.  Everybody in town knows George. George is the life of the party, a barfly, snake oil salesman. Always in a Polo shirt. I

The Hearts of Men


This guy’s a bit of an ass. That’s what I thought when I interviewed him for the newspapers in 2017. He was a big shot. The cock of the walk. He had on a very crisp white dress shirt—the

Salt Water


Cerebrospinal fluid is saltwater, her gynae explained. And that this saltwater is manufactured inside ventricles, which are these hollow spaces in our brains. He was a middle-aged man with ageing eyes and thick knuckles. He looked like he would …

The Wind Catcher


It was winter here, it was summer there. I was in Barcelona, then I was in Sitges, a small astonishing coastal town, Southwest of Barcelona, Spain. I love water, Sitges has a long stretch of beach. I was in