Shirt Of Guilt


Let’s say your buddy tells you that his friend is throwing a birthday party for his wife’s 35th. He asks if you want to go. “It will be an Italian Job,” He says. “We won’t stay.” You don’t really …


The Black Settler


The Chief’s wife is also the Chief. She’s an office by herself. And if you whisper in the Chief’s wife’s ear, you have whispered in the Chief’s ear. But my Chief in the village has many wives so you …


Absence Of Sound


You could sit next to someone and feel the need to strike a conversation. Like in a plane. Or a bus. Or on a bench, waiting to see a gastroenterologist. Some human beings like to fill that space of …


The King Is Naked


I will tell you a story about how, not long ago, I locked eyes with a stranger, a man, and we proceeded to share a brief but intense and revealing moment.

It started with me wanting to make a …


A Girl. A Picture. A Story


Sometimes the moon is low over Turkana and the night an impregnable shade of black. Other nights the same sky is littered by a million blinking stars. Those nights Ibei sits outside this little hut, one of the only …