This Love


Sometimes Joyce would dress up in a nice dress and go meet a man who would turn out to be a wet blanket and then she would have to go back home and sit on the bed with her

Bradley – 2


It was a June lunch hour; bright and hot. The office of Rachuonyo and Rachuonyo Advocates was out to lunch, the laptops left abandoned on desks in an apocalyptic fashion, the fifth floor of Capitol Hill Towers finally still.

Duke of Gatanga – Recap


When you have a new book out, it comes with the great virtue of shamelessness. The ability to sell it anywhere and to anyone who can read their name. So there we were, with the Duke Of Gatanga at

The Monkeys Never Came


I was at Dunga Hill Camp in Kisumu, seated by the lake, with two heavily drinking doctors. It was a few days shy of Jesus’ birth in the famed manger so most people were either drinking or getting drunk

Brother Julius


Somehow we are still here. Some aren’t so lucky. Some are breathing through tubes in hospitals and will spend Christmas listening to the beeping sounds of machines. Others are making plans to bury loved ones who lie in cold