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    1. Yeeeey! Back with a bang.Cheers to Bikozulu and the three geeks.Sharing is now easy.

      I heart the new curtains…

    2. I can’t get through to you Biko, everytime I try sending my message I get this pop up to try contacting the administrator by other means. How else can I contact you, an email would be really helpful

    3. Hi Biko, you good?

      As always, I’ve enjoyed “The Knife”.

      The irony is, as a story between two editors, the editing was not meticulous.

      But…truly worth the read! Thanks

    4. Hi Biko.
      I’m going to cut to the chase because I’m sure you get a million of these: How did you manage to post on separate pages? I recently started my own blog and want to have a page for short stories, whilst I have a main “blog” page talking about societal issues.
      Love your blog, by the way!

    5. Are you still interviewing people in their 40’s? How about you do DR Roselyn Kwamboka Akombe – she of IEBC?

    6. Hi. How does one contact you? I have been trying to send an email and it seems to have a problem. I am interested in the master class.


      I think you meant to say, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo. She went back to work at Yahoo after 2 weeks maternity leave. Even though she is associated with Google, she is more known for her work at Yahoo

    8. Hello,

      My name is Ben and I’m a relationship manager at Getplacing, content marketing company specializing in PR, SEO and content strategy.
      We work with startups and established businesses on boosting their online visibility.

      To cut to the chase, I came across your website today and I wanted to start a relationship.
      We’re interested in running some sponsored/guest posts with you.

      Could you please give me quote? We aim long term partnership.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,
      Ben Maso
      Relationship Manager

    9. Hi Biko/Team,

      I bought the book; Drunk, on Fireplace but cannot read past the preview. Please advice. My user name is Jimmy. I suggest you also include your contact on Fireplace. Thank you.

    10. Hello

      My name is Andy Charlson and I’m the marketing specialist at I’ve looked through your website and I really like the quality and wide range of content on your website.

      I’m interested in making a sponsored post on your website. Please let me know the conditions (price, etc.) of making a sponsored post.

      Thanks in advance and waiting to hear from you

      Best Regards

    11. Halo,
      I love the new look and appreciate the stories as they come.
      My sole problem is navigating through the blog especially when i want to read previous stories using the page numbers that appear at the bottom. When i click on a page number ,only one story appears at the top. Was this intentional or am i having user problems?

    12. Hi Biko/Team,

      Still awaiting your response,…..posted earlier, I’m not able to access the book beyond the preview. Please advise, am I missing something?


    13. Morning Biko. I bought,’Drink’s over a week ago and I can’t read it past the preview. What is happening? my username is darrisp . please resolve this issue soon and get back to us

    14. Biko,
      I’m not able to navigate through the blog especially when i want to read previous stories using the page numbers that appear at the bottom. When i click on a page number it reloads the main page again.

    15. Hey Biko,

      I bought Drunk online thinking that I’d get the hard copy but I instead got the soft copy. Is there a way I can switch it to hard copy?

    16. I didn’t want to comment under the actual story, but I wanted to make sure that you know this- I am Betty Wekesa’s niece- the lady referred to in the story titled “The Duke of Gatanga”. This story has been extremely offensive to my family, but nobody will come out and comment directly on your blog. David was AWFUL to my aunt. Even when she was sick and pregnant in the first few months, he wouldn’t get anything for her to eat, and when she ate stuff in the fridge that was “his”, he would make a scene about it. She had planned to leave right before she got pregnant, and after she got pregnant, she planned to leave soon after having the babies. We all knew it, and we all knew how horribly he treated her.
      We see no use in direct confrontations with David as those have happened and led nowhere because he continues to sell this grieving widower story, but please offer aunt Betty her respect and take this down. My family has been pained enough by this man already.

    17. I bought drunk last year but i cant open to read it. I sent an email but it bounced back undelivered. Kindly assist

    18. It appears I was removed from the subscription list. I have not gotten notification of a new article past two weeks.

    19. You have a new Ugandan fan in Kampala.Why I am speaking in the third person? Anyway I have been reading all your articles/blog posts. There is a particular one I am looking for,”Visa denied” Please send it to me when you get a chance.

    20. Hi
      Need to pick the book ‘Drunk’ today as I’m leaving the country in a couple of hours. I have tried all means to reach your office but…
      Pls advise?


    22. Hi, navigating to your archives proves to be impossible, Especially where Id like to navigate back to content on specific months. The website only enables a previous one month movement with the calendar icon disappearing right after you click to view the month.
      Ps. I cannot view content from June 2018

    23. Hey Biko, This sounds hell a lot like me.Went to a national school.Aced my KCSE,joined University then fell in a bottle of “Makali ” looking for a happiness.I quit University in 2016. I’ve never been able to get a float and grab some air.It got all messy, I broke up with my family {Figuratively}, I live in a shack and ooh boy I still love my bottle…….My birthday is coming up, this month.Am turning 26……….I’ve this resolve of quitting. I don’t know if I will manage , for with every passing minute sober , the demons yell louder….the hearts beats faster….the legs grow restless and ………

    24. Hi Biko, i have been getting this system error message for the past week when i try to access the book on my bookshelf account, please assist
      “Oh shoot! Either there’s a system error or you haven’t bought the book. If not, you can buy your own copy here: “

    25. How does one know whether a book is good or not? well for me its when i find myself snickering from page to page, with my mind going ‘oh no he diin’t’ with every chapter and your small book gave me all of that.
      Keep up the good work sir. Write or die!

    26. Hi Biko, your blog has become part of my daily routine.I love writing too but i still have a lot to learn, can i intern so that i can expand and grow as a writer from you?

    27. Ever heard of the story of the boy and the zen master. You live long enough and even the best will disappoint.

      You did a hagiography last week that left a bitter taste in my mouth. We all have to pay the bills I agree.

      Neruda was a communist and Machado maybe a paedophile. But I realized the things I aspired of you, most of all a patriot, you had never declared themselves to be true. Somehow I missed that.

      And I realized I have no place to feel disappointed. Onwards and upwards.

    28. Good evening.

      My wife would like to sign for your next writing master class.

      Is it possible to get the information in advance of the class.

      Looking forward to your feedback.

    29. you are one awesome writer, like legit legit.
      but you should write personal stuff too you know.
      id love to know how you go about with life and not how others do most of the time.
      again, a 19 years old opinion.
      still love your work though.keep it up.

    30. Hi Biko ,

      I hope you are well and enjoying New York . I am interested in participating in one of your Master Classes and was curious on how I should go about registering for one . Thank you for your time

    31. Hey Biko,

      I have a friend whos story I think youd tell so well. Ive asked them and they are willing to share.

      Have a good one.

    32. Hey Biko,

      I bought your book via Fireplace but did not realize it was a softcopy until after the transaction was done.
      I wanted to purchase a hard copy.
      I was wondering if there is a possibility of furthering the transaction for me to acquire a hard copy of your book.


    33. Hi Biko I recently read an article you wrote for KQ’s Msafiri titled “the hand that rocks the cradle” and I remember thinking how silly yet how insightful it was. Often we make “status quo-ed” presumptions about things and people that we don’t actually consider what meaning or message such simple acts as a handshake may carry.
      I just arrived in Accra and I’m staying at this AirBnB. I get here and the caretaker comes to receive me and in true right- hand -people fashion, I quickly extend my right hand to greet him only to realise that he had no hand. Just a wrist and half the palm. No fingers. I felt horrible and as if he knew how I was feeling, he let me shake his hand still. I know he’s probably used to it and he probably doesn’t take offence anymore but at that moment I remembered your article and I couldn’t stop thinking how such a simple, sub-conscious act can express such arrogance and insensitivity. It’s so incredible.
      So, I too have resolved to make 2019 the year of “the hand that rocks the cradle”! To being a “leftist”!

    34. “The hand that rocks the cradle”. Biko this article was so simple yet insightful. I lived it yesterday. I probably wouldn’t have been aware of such a sub-conscious prejudice were it not for your article. Thank you

    35. Afternoon, I came across this blog, I wish I new about it a while ago. You have changed my perspective on life (Parenthood, Relationship and life in general. Keep up the good work.

    36. Hi Biko,
      I hope this mail finds you well. I love your writings and I read them from time to time. I stopped reading for some time because of work-related busy schedules but now I am back trying to catch up.
      What I find most frustrating is your search function. I believe the 3geeks can do a better job on this. It is almost impossible to go back to something you read like a year or two ago unless you know the exact title of the writing. The calendar only goes back one month. The topics are not exhaustive and still do not get ou there.
      Anyway, I just thought you should know. Just a little tweaking to up the search a little bit.

    37. I’m new to your articles and I’m loving your use of words. You’ve revived the reading culture in me. Keep up the good work.

    38. I am very much impressed by you stories and I think focusing on these daily happening in men’s lives can be of great help to many Men. Keep it up.

    39. My heart goes out to this man and makes me wonder if I appreciate my man enough!
      But please do a series on happy marriages! Like dedicate a year to that.
      Thank you. We all need hope!!

    40. I think thanks “Paul” for being honest! I think, having been one who was accused of not appreciating a good guy who did all the things you are doing and some… let me try and help you, listen to her. ASK HER how she’d like to be loved. ASK HER why she’s angry at you. ASK HER what she’d like you to do for it to get better. DONT assume, think, decide, interpret!!! ASK HER!!!! She is the only one that can tell you how to love her!! And just for the record, when you love a woman in the language she understands, she CANNOT help herself, but to fall head over heels! It’s science! We weren’t built capable of resisting ! All the best. Chin up!

    41. Hallo Biko, first time commenter, but a semi-regular reader. This is about “Paul”. As you were having that conversation, I noticed that he kept on repeating about him being “Nice” this and “Nice” that. He also observed that other married guys “shag” girls outside their marriages, don’t lift a finger when it comes to house chores, are generally “obnoxious” towards their wives, and in turn, their wives love them for that. He should stop and ponder deeply about this observation. What Paul suffers from is what in other circles is referred to as “Pedestalisation”. He has put his wife on a pedestal (i.e. worships her). It is supposed to be the other way round.

      He needs to stop being “Nice” and become GOOD at being a man. He should put his interests in this order: God, himself, his work/job/career, wealth, then finally his wife . He needs to toughen up, become the MAN of the house, the DIRECTOR and FINAL DECISION MAKER in his house. Women hate it when a man acquiesces and defer decision making to them. It is unnatural and that’s why they develop “attitude” like in Paul’s case. They need a leader, a decision maker, an unapologetically masculine man (forget about all that democratic/liberal nonsense about a man being in touch with their feminine side. It has been proven not to work. Just look at how marriages and male-female relationships are going down the drain nowadays). Men need to embrace what our forefathers did in the past. That old system used to work well and resulted in marriages that lasted and families that were stable worked (with minimal deviant behaviour as opposed to what we see nowadays).

      We should love our women through Guiding them and Protecting them, not through “romance” Alejandro style. That is a fantasy and a fallacy. That’s why it only happens on-screen and fails spectacularly when applied in real life. If we apply this, our women will surrender (i.e, women’s way of showing love) to our guidance and protection. These are the basics. Its how God designed male-female relationships and what I am saying here is found in the Bible and all other religious texts. Our Muslim and Hindu brothers apply these principles in their marriages and relationships and that’s why you rarely hear of them divorcing.

    42. Hello! This is Bing Bang, I’m the Director of STONJAUS films and I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.

      We are an international Film Production house based in China and we have made films for brands like PORSCHE and TOYOTA, we just finished shooting a Music video in Nairobi, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

      We made this video for free because we believe these talented artists have so much potential and they inspire and bring tons of happiness to their community.

      Since you are better connected I would appreciate if you could hint me how to better distribute this video or even better if you could help us spread the word.

      Thank you very much for your time,

      Hope we can get in touch and come up with something.
      My WhatsApp:

    43. One Click Demo Import – log_file_2019-07-09__01-48-25

      Hi Bikozulu (Zuku) 🙂

      Since last week, 9th July, I haven’t been able to access your stories. Please see above the message that I get when trying to click on the link to the story. Hellllp!


      Kind regards,


    44. Hi Sir/Madam,

      My name is Richard, operate manager of GameMania — one of Kenya best online casino games. I wonder whether we can publish an article that introduce our game on your website.

      Kindly reply me if there is a chance we can cooperate together.
      Looking forward to your reply.
      Best Regards.


    45. Hi. You do write very well. The story telling flows. Please can you write about successful marriages were couple gets married, work through their differences respectfully and are still together.

    46. This is such an awesome platform!! When we finally get funding I will come back to curate some of this wonderful storytelling.

    47. Hello,
      I have been reading your work ever since I was introduced to your website. with time, I developed a great interest in writing.
      Am requesting if I could also share my work with you.

    48. Bikozulu. After reading about Tamms’ assault by a short boy whose hand is still intact (thankfully) I followed a link on your blog in an attempt to buy your books.
      Alas. The shipping options do not extend beyond the east African borders. You’re sales strategy is not aligned with your marketing strategy. Please advise. How can I legitimately buy your books and read them in hard copy here in Perth. These night shifts stretch endlessly. A good book will be welcome company like an old friend I haven’t seen in years.

    49. Can’t seem to be able to send an email to you.
      I would like to make payment for drunk, delivered but not paid for

    50. I still have a clipping of an article you wrote in Msafiri about selling your 2 year old son! I was looking around my Dad’s old Msafiri magazines for pictures to use for alphabet cards that I was making for my own 2 year old. When the noise gets too loud, I hide myself in the store where he put the fridge and read that article off the fridge door. Then, knowing I am not alone in the madness, I breathe and resume the race. I’m glad I was reminded of your online self today, after about a decade of just looking to that clipping for sanity. Amandlha!