Lights On


The god of Talk


“So, actually this didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that she acted like we are friends!” She turns from the dresser mirror and looks at you. “Can you believe that?” You shake your head. You can’t believe it. …


These Tailors


We close this year with an introduction. Eddy Ashioya. You will be seeing his work here on Thursdays Lights On section. I’m taking him under my wings, my protege. For those joining us, Lights On is where we pay


Dear December


Dear December. 

What is it about you that makes us want to remove our clothes? And dance in the rain? Or just stand at the window and feel the light on our chest and for the neighbours across to


No Title Is Also A Title


Disclaimer: If you don’t bank with Standard Chartered Bank, don’t read this piece. This is only for Stanchart clients. Kindly. For the rest, there are some snacks and tea on the table outside the door. Thank you. 

I’m rubbish


The Land Yonder


Beyond the streets that we know, with bars that sell cocktails for 800 shillings, above the roofs of residentials from under where microwaves hum with food ordered in through food delivery apps, past the imaginary line where status changes