Month: July 2016

When We Were Refugees


Last night I stayed up late reading about this 24 year old chap from Syria called Abdel Aziz al-Hamza. The feature was in the The Sunday Times. Do you read The Sunday Times? You have a 1000 bob to

How It Feels Like To Be Blind


First, can I just say that nobody uses the word ‘blind’ to describe us anymore? Just the same way you don’t say ‘disabled person’ because surely, the person has to come before their disability. So you say ‘person with

Jaguar And A City


Our main character has a protruding forehead. He’s dark. Let’s call him Chocolate Man because some street hooker in Pattaya, Thailand, christened him that.  And who are we – mere mortals with aged peeling careers – to disregard the …

Mama Pendo


Have you ever met a lady you are acquainted with and she has this a ka-small bump where her stomach once lay flat, and you silently wonder to yourself whether she is pregnant or she just had a large …

Looking For A Date


A while back, a friend asked me to hook her up with one of my “interesting friends.” She had just turned 40, great job, mortgage, drove a German car and drank premium vodka, no man. Rather, there were men.