Month: November 2019

Kananu’s Scar


This is a peculiar story. And not just because it involves a vagina but a vagina of someone I know. Well, I don’t really know her vagina like that; never seen it, but in the course of interviewing and

The Tall Ghost


She wrote me an interesting email about her marriage, with a mathematical subtext. I said, “How about you send me some 2,000 words on this?” So she sent 5,000 words. I barely needed to touch it. But because I’m

This Oil.


I have questions. Rather, one question. I come all the way to Mpaka Road, Westlands, to have this question answered. It’s not the proverbial “burning” question. It’s not an awfully important question either, which means it’s not a life

The Emperor’s Naked


We had lunch: she had grilled pork and something. I had chapatis and something. She wore a long flowy dress and silver sandals. She had a tale about her marriage. I wrote it the next day at dawn while

Full Cycle


She preferred to write an email with her story because – in her own words – she has an “image” of me and she doesn’t want to “spoil the romance” she has with me in her head. She says