Month: April 2020

Is “Shit” A Bad Word?


“Will you be completely honest and raw?” I asked. “None of that boring perfect-husband spiel?”

“Of course,” he said. “But you have to protect my identity.”

“I will.”

“No, I mean you really have to protect my identity,” he …

Like Hockey


I love motorbikes. My favourite part of a motorbike is the swell of the fuel tank. How it humps up, like the back of an aquatic animal…like the potbelly of a former rugby player; it’s hard-ish, sitting there like …

“Look At Us”


She confronted her daughter one evening after she had cleared the dinner plates. Her daughter had leaned back in the creaky wooden chair she had sat on, away from the light and truth and she denied it. She couldn’t …

The Final Leg


She likes sitting in gardens and following the lazy flight of a butterfly with her eyes. Everybody likes sitting in gardens but not everybody notices butterflies. Which is a shame because what’s the point of butterflies if you don’t …