Month: August 2020

Men Of Hair


Look at that mane. That metaphor of youth. Of invincibility. Of bottomless faith in his capacity to thrive in this moment – even this unstable moment curtailed by a flu. You may not know it but this hair carries …

The Last Joint


His landlord was a wizened 6’5” bushy-maned white guy with three dogs the size (and faces) of hippos. He rented his small wooden house built at the corner of his big compound in that strange area that isn’t Langata …

Once Upon A Time


You met a girl outside Kenya Cinema. She wore baggy stonewash jeans. She – left handed – scribbled her telephone number on a scrap of paper you borrowed from a shop inside. “Is this a four or a nine?” …

A House With Corridors


You may call it love. Or you may not. Your call. But the first time she saw him it was after the afternoon prayers at the mosque and it damn felt like love.

This is the mosque in her …