Month: January 2024

Hurricane 2


I remember that over his plate of Saumon fumé, we talked about his penis and, specifically, the state of its tip. I’ve spoken to many people about many things, but never about their penis, and certainly not as I’m

Duke of Gatanga – Recap


When you have a new book out, it comes with the great virtue of shamelessness. The ability to sell it anywhere and to anyone who can read their name. So there we were, with the Duke Of Gatanga at

Mike and Micah Part 2


More than anything I remember thinking, “this chick has OCD.” It was how the cups hung from the kitchen counter, coded by colour. How they gleamed in the light from the window. How spick and span her bathroom was,

The Monkeys Never Came


I was at Dunga Hill Camp in Kisumu, seated by the lake, with two heavily drinking doctors. It was a few days shy of Jesus’ birth in the famed manger so most people were either drinking or getting drunk