Month: March 2024

Ni God Manze


I wrote a story but the subject requested that it be shared with his lawyer first because the last time I wrote about him and his marriage it created such a shitstorm it ended in court. His lawyer hasn’t

What Happens In The Blue Room?


I haven’t written a decent sentence in five days. I’m in a bit of a creative slump, something that happens once in a while. It’s like walking through dead air, a place with no gravity. A place with no

A Shot To Lessons


I went over to interview Serah Katusya at her residence. [No, trust me, I’m not abusing this word]. She broke her leg in circumstances that we won’t get into here and now hobbles around with a rather fancy cast

The Blue Door


We spend a good deal of our lives knocking on doors. As a teenager, you keep knocking on the door clearly labelled “adulthood,” because you want to do adult things like come home in the morning, have a beer,