Month: May 2024

The Rock


He waited until after supper when his wife was sipping her dreadful green tea to tell her that he was getting another wife. Of everything else that he remembers of that evening, she remembers the light on her face.

The Ones Who Make It


I wrote something but then touched the under of its wrist and felt a faint pulse throb. I wasn’t in the right headspace, I will admit. I stood over it the whole day and did what I could but

Bubbles on Nipples


The world is a bewildering place for those who wake up from long afternoon naps to a setting sun. The concept of time and space is whittled. The light is too orange, the shadows too stubby. The man that

Cats In Shit


A girl rescued a kitten that had fallen into a latrine. A little black kitten. You wonder what a kitten was doing in a latrine, but we can’t ask such questions about cats because cats are feminists. The girl,