How To Be A Man


The beauty of having a protege is that you can call them at some random hour and say, “Mluhya, uko sawa? I had a bit to drink this weekend, do you want to bang something for Tuesday?” Of course

Mark As Unread


Funny, you could grow up in the village, at the foot of a rocky mountain with a long name. Or in a house in Buruburu with its old bricks, not too far from the city’s tricks. Or in Mombasa, …

Going To The Mattresses


I couldn’t go to his house because he didn’t want his wife to know he was giving me an interview. Sometimes the less the wife knows the better for the general peace of the home. My brother likes to …

Hips Don’t Lie


It wasn’t in the 8-4-4 curriculum, but any man knows this, primately; a man should always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. Doesn’t matter what type of a man you are; you could have …

Tale of Three Mothers


Even an old train stops once in a while. As I did. Also, it was a Jesus weekend. Praise God. Thankfully Eddy is here to hold court this week.


By Eddy Ashioya

Love has always come easy to our …