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A Place of Drums


There is no Women & Marriage story this week because I had to go down to shags last week to take care of urgent business. Okay, it wasn’t “urgent business” per se, it just feels grown up to say


Our Chairman


On 8 January in an introductory piece for the Men and Marriage series I wrote about a little spat I had with my best mate in our investment Whatsapp Group. You can read it here. (http://bit.ly/2IproFg ). I




He who sits on my right side -Kim – is four years old now. He has made tremendous gains as a young person. For one, he can now wear his owns shoes. But he doesn’t just stop there, he can


An Old Conversation


When I get to City Market I don’t know where stall number one is. I linger at the entrance facing Muindi Mbingu street like a pickpocket. It smells of fresh roses and Maasai carvings, bibelot and curious, touristic paraphernalia. …




How things have changed since 1987. I suspect 1987 probably looks at 2017 and covers its mouth in fascination, envy or even horror. In the last writing masterclass I invited Oyunga and during his talk he used the word “