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Now…let’s bury a Kikuyu


Let’s say, for the sake of argument (although around here we don’t argue), that this was 1872 and you were a Kikuyu (Yes, including you, Momanyi). Let’s say that you suddenly started coughing and after a few days you …

A cut below


Some time back after a game of squash, my boy and I went back into the changing rooms of this club to take a shower and ran into an army of stark naked guys. Rugby chaps in their post-training …

This is Nyanza.


Have you ever shared a matatu with a hen? Or shared a boat with a goat and a sewing machine? Have you, Sam? Do you go to Brew Bistro and compete with other chaps on who can make the

Bed No. 5


Tequila. That’s how it starts. And that’s how I end up in hospital. Two Thursdays ago I attended a Mexican Gastronomical shindig at the Intercontinental. Tequilas flowed. Now, I’m not normally your suave tequila gobbling urbanite, I try to …