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The Guy at The Top


Every week I meet someone at the peak of – or peaking in – their career or profession. A revolving door of CEOs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, wheelers and some dealers. We sit in a cafe or an office for an

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

This Gadget Isn’t a Hot Stone


by Hanafi Kaka | Resident Techie

This is not a space ship, relax. It won’t take you to a galaxy far far away (Star Wars fans can I hear a roar!). There are no aliens coming to abduct and …


9 Gadgets To Own


By Hanafi Kaka

This is a gadget guide for men and women who love their toys. Things you have to have as a bona fide gadget freak.

Power bank

Power banks shouldn’t look like weapons of mass destruction.  You …

A sojourn in Turkey


So there was a massive snowstorm across Istanbul last week, which prompted our Turkish Airlines flight – and a bunch of other flights – to divert to Antalya instead of Istanbul, which should have worked out well for us …