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The Magic Marker


My son’s school usually emails these pre-primary weekly bulletins written in blue font. Sometimes I read them when I’m trying to be a responsible father, often I don’t. The contents of the emails are usually the highlights of their

Babies in Labs


Kim is turning three in a month’s time. My beautiful, beautiful boy. I’m tempted to say that he takes after his father but you cynical people will not believe me. You will roll your eyes and say, ‘Right! Not

Books and Random Things


I interview John Sibi Okumu in his house, up in his study which sits in an  attic, where the roof plunges and rises like a wave. His whole study is a woodland of books. Hundreds and hundreds of books

The Last Tribe


Tamms is Luo. So is Kim. But they are also Kikuyu. Which means they don’t belong to any tribe. Tamms aptly calls it, Half Tribe. When you ask her what tribe she belongs to, she says, “I’m half Kikuyu

Be A Baby


Tamms asks a question that has disturbing her for a while, “What’s bacon made from?”

“Pig,” I say.

“And sausage?”

“Another pig,” I say and chuckle. She doesn’t.

Tamms has the sense of humour of an overflowing ashtray. And