Rain, power…and everything between.


It rained yesterday. Hard. It rained throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. Then it rained at night. At least it did where I live. I normally write my blog on Sundays and yesterday I woke up and banged some 17 words, cut and pruned it , smoothened its rough edges and when I was satisfied it would fly (because I think intros are like t he first kiss you give a woman, it’s a make or break) I saved it on a folder called “Ice Box” logged off and had my breakfast. I would write the rest during the dreadful Wedding Show, I told myself. Only it started raining at 2pm. Then power went. My laptop had like 23% power battery, enough to write a grilled pork recipe, but not enough to write a 2,000 word piece.

You can tell where this is headed, eh? Me too.

Since I try and make a Monday commitment here, I decided to wait it out. I read a book, then cut my nails, then made some tea, then played with my lil’ girl – a morbid game where she opens her eyes wide then comes about an inch from my face. Whoever blinks first is the loser. I let her win, but only because she had eaten these boiled eggs (she loves ‘em, I hate ‘em) and I wasn’t too hot about her breath. Then I got on Twitter the land of the t-witty and roamed my timeline, later I got on Facebook and read those “tunga sentensi” jokes, which gets old very quickly. Then I sat and intensely stared

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at a spot on the wall and my spirit floated out of the room and then the house and the estate and I went to some KPLC hot shot’s house, found him shaving his chest, and I took a hot iron rod and pressed it against his chest, singing hair as it burned into his skin. He wailed. Boy, did he wail!

By 9pm power had not come back. My phone died. I was left in the living room, sitting there in semi-darkness, staring at the candle. Then the candle died. Then I sat there in complete darkness, occasionally reaching out and munching on some peanuts. I love peanuts; peanuts are man’s best friend. If you were to illustrate this on a cartoon strip you would have a character that looks like one of those black red lipped natives in Asterix series

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sitting with his hands on his knees. In fact you would only see red lips in darkness, opening and closing, chowing his life away in darkness. I finally gave up and retired at 10pm. Power was back when I woke up at 5am, and I would have written something then only I had to go jogging because, let’s be honest with each other, my mental and physical health is more important than 2,000 words.

In short; I didn’t write anything today. Ok, I did, 17 words. What good is that?

I know how this will play out. Someone will come on and comment calling me a slacker. Or ask, why didn’t you charge your damned laptop? Why didn’t you carry it to a pal with power and write from there? Have you run out of ideas Biko? Who do you think you are? You are becoming big headed. We shall burn you! We hate you!

But thankfully most of you will understand. Most of you will know that you can’t write with an unpowered laptop. You will know that when things don’t turn out the way you hoped then you would look for a silver lining. You eat

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boiled eggs. You open your eyes wide. And you don’t blink.

Good week gang.


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  1. Its okay man, been staring at this monitor for the last 2 hours and i got zero ideas. so i’ll just borrow a leaf from your ideals and head to the gym and hope, neigh pray, that the rejuvenation will offer a fertile ground where ideas can grow and be pruned into beautiful words. cheers.

  2. Biko? What do we have here! Been waiting for your post and alas……..!!!! this is what you have? C’mmon brother. Is the rain the excuse or the power?

  3. I understand Biko. and I love what you did to that KPLC guy.
    and OMG how did it feel now that MM gaveyou a positive reccomendation

  4. You must be my neighbour Biko, because when I went to bed after a powerless Sunday, I had a nightmare that you would not hand in your post on Monday as usual, and, alas, my nightmare came true.

  5. FYI KPLC re branded to Kenya Power. Yet candles still remains at the core of their service deliver. Right about them, I know its boring but at least we can comment albeit to vent our frustrations with them.

  6. I would have written the same piece… befitting… but then I am not as creative as you are. I just look up to you, your writing. Sufficiently entertained though!

  7. I swear Biko I was hoping you would say that u will post it later in the day. Until I saw…good weak… This is going to be a long one! Lovely week Biko.

  8. Wow Biko, I have to say, this is the best piece you have written. Probably the best you’ll ever write. Good work

      1. Ha Ha. Good to see some humour in here albeit on the other side of the fence but hey, these are rough times and we’ll take whatever bone you throw our way

  9. Kiptures
    Next time remember Murphy’s law _If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong and at the least expected time .

  10. Indeed,your mental and physical health is more important than 2,000 words. And yes,we know that you can’t write with an unpowered laptop.

  11. I understand what you are saying, it may not be the laptop, just a writer trying to get in sync with his writing. They(readers) always think that we(writers) sleep,eat and dream words,on most days we do but on some days we don’t.

  12. What the bloody hell is then, Jackson?!(yeah i sedit!) …A whole 7 days and you give us peanuts?
    We should burn you. Weka wewe tyre.
    But not today. Only because you had the cahonies, the nuts so to speak, to go to the KPLC hot shot’s house and stick a hot iron rod against his hairless chest.
    That should teach KPLC. And their rubbish advert!
    You did good Biko. Long live your spirit:)
    Now have yourself a brilliant week, ey?

  13. Oh.. move to apartments with backup generators? Just a thought. Or a hood where power never goes out.. in that case you might as well leave the country!

  14. Have a good week too. Remember we wait for your post on Monday, if KPLC continue to do this, I guess the only option will be to buy you a generator/ or a backup battery.

  15. You see Biko, it’s your creativitiy that we-oh, let me correct that and speak for myself- that i come on to adore not the 2 000 words. You are so far the only writer i know that can write about why you couldn’t get to doing what you were supposed and still have me praising your creativity. It’s this talent, this kind of talk-or in your case writing- that lets you go unscathed. I am normally very demanding but you manage to escape my cane, that should speak either volumes about your talent or about the sissy i’ve become in calling people out but i think it speakes of the former.
    And i agree about the wedding show but also Samantha’s bridal show; they’re not highly rated with me as well.

    1. completely agree with Adhis on this one…its not the 2000 words, its the way the words are written…so still had my weekly fix though very little of it..cant wait for next week…good week to you too!

  16. Hi Biko,

    How about the gang reads my blog today so we can all feel better? 🙂


    1. Hey Tumooz,
      I checked out your blog, I believe with all my heart that you are going places. If you choose to stay focused, have fun and most importantly allow God to guide you, you will find true happiness in your wildest of dreams.
      I pray that through your blog, many more people will step into a momentous revelation that relationship(s) are sacred, a place where the little things are the big things, an opportunity to represent a world filled with hope, joy and comfort to others.
      Bless you.

      1. Hey Moh,

        Thanks for the gracious comments! And keep reading. I was about to send Biko a message telling him thanks for allowing the link to run on his blog,and thanks to him, the ka-young blog had the highest hits today!


    2. Biko, somehow, I felt carried away just reading your ‘non-post’, I’ve said it before: the things you do with words, I like them. Tumooz, I like your blog! Now that’s my other blog to read every week in addition to Biko’s

  17. Thought it’s only me who was messed by Kenya Power. Comfort in company. Didn’t get to run copies for an exam. Gutted of course, but there’s always Kenya Power to blame. Good week Biko.

  18. You slacker. Why didn’t you charge your damned laptop? Why didn’t you carry it to a pal with power and write from there? Have you run out of ideas Biko? Who do you think you are? You are becoming big headed. We shall burn you! We hate you!


  19. wow!! how intriguing!! You cut your nails AND played a game of chicken with your daughter??! Too much excitement…. I had an equally fascinating blackout Sunday which included me playing a game of “I have your tail” with my dog…hold on to your seat as i explain the rules 😀 you sneak up on your sleeping pet and quickly grab its tail yelling “I HAVE YOUR TAIL” and watch out for teeth and a terrifying but hilarious yelp! Nucking Futs!!!

  20. Hey,
    Thank you Biko for finding it in you to still write in, the blackout notwithstanding. This “piece” did make my Monday. A blessed and an awesome week to you too, hopefully one punctuated with minimal blackout(s) and boiled eggs, and lots of peanuts just for you.
    Bless you.

  21. “why didn’t you charge your damned laptop? Why didn’t you carry it to a pal with power and write from there? Have you run out of ideas Biko? Who do you think you are? You are becoming big headed. We shall burn you!” We love that you posted something nonetheless! Good week to you too.

  22. here are I am, hustling away on a Monday….and reading your “slacker” of a post transported me back to the peaceful raindrops and lively thunder strikes from yesterday…I feel alive again with just a few more hours to go! 😀

    beeks, you rock!

      1. @ Susan: Girl, if those raindrops were peaceful, I’d hate to see them pissed…they did a nasty number on my roof & now it’s all leaky 🙁

        @ Biko, you do realize you’ve gotten away with it by handing in a paper on why you didn’t do your homework? Muy cheeky.

  23. Am not really complaining but when I don’t get my weekly shot, they end up giving me the happy jacket to hug myself. Just in case, promise to work on some stronger medication next Monday.

  24. Your post had me counting my many blessings. I live at the neighbors’ and I have never seen or heard of a power blackout in the past one year. I wish the KPLC hotshot would pay a visit and know how it feels to have power 24/7/365. Of course after he has recovered from the burns on the chest :D.

  25. this may be just another excuse, another way of staring into our eyes and blinking just to make us think we won. we are on you biko…and calling us gang doesn’t earn you any brownie points.

    but a well written piece nontheless.

  26. out of the ordinary…a story about ur sunday n ur need to post a read for the week but kplc lets u down. thats a post on its own. thanks for making our mondays interesting in a way…big up biko..

  27. Cashew nuts!…guys lets stop playing saints,all those who want to know if having some recharges ur battery let me see ur left hand up!! Famooz i can see urs

  28. A terrific post Biko,but will you move a little out of the way and make those 17 words in to 2000 before the end of the week? I(we) will appreciate.

  29. Sawa! All you that are unsatisfied I urge you to direct your complaints to @kenyapower or their customer care services.

  30. Great post as usual. Beautifully written…I guess that’s the typical story in Kenya nowadays. Have a great week!


  31. Hahaaahaa you’re forgiven. I appreciate that you take the time to spin colorful explanations for slacking-off.

    I too enjoy peanuts.

    That is all.

  32. yani yo jas full of nyef nyef.
    ulikuwa na hangs and i know jana i lacked the internet bcoz awa it guy.
    ooh thats a storo 4 anatha day but dude today only to find???

  33. boy oh boy at least you could have got one of those hand powered laptops that cost about 10g’s or in the thereabouts not tell abut the power, Now that you know get ’em, don’t ask e from where

  34. i think u call us gang so that you make us feel like we are part of this slacking mischief…. How about you post the articles you received from the request you had made

  35. Funny how a ‘slacker post’ yields such response. Readers still read it to the last word, then blow jab-words at you. Amazing how some are glad you explained you’re failure to post on time, while others preferred that you post kawaida without explanation like nothing happened. funny how people are different dont you think? love your writing, Biko. When I grow up I want to be better than you!

  36. Reading this today and i must say i love this gang…..I am challenged to always write in proper English lest i get a comment like my fellow gang member above 🙂 anywho…..i will not crucify you for not updating..heck the above is like a post..just shorter.

    For those who hated…try running your own blog and try maintaining the wit!!

  37. slacker! But I need to write a 10, 000 word piece and I like your style, so yeah, I’m just being a hater!