Month: June 2014

Dad, the cheat #Dadslovewhisky


As we get to the homestretch of Father’s Day, the emails from women keep coming in. Boatloads of emails from women writing about their fathers. Most are damaged. A few are amusing. I can’t run them all, unfortunately, but

This letter from a daughter will move you #Dadslovewhisky


By Anonymous

I have received tonnes of emails during the time I have been running the Father’s Day #DADSLOVEWHISKY series. Most, although unique, are unimpressionable. But after reading stories from and about fathers; moving, sad, thoughtful, anguishing stories, it …

Joe Black writes to his father #Dadslovewhisky


Four brothers living with their maternal grandfather in Majengo slums. An absent and conflicted mother who doesn’t know the fathers of these boys – at least not all of them. Questions abound.  One of those four brothers is Joe …

A cut below


Some time back after a game of squash, my boy and I went back into the changing rooms of this club to take a shower and ran into an army of stark naked guys. Rugby chaps in their post-training …