Month: July 2014

Little Zulu


You have to see how your child is born. Cancel trips. Move meetings. Walk over bridges. Get on a ship. Travel by night. Stay sober. You just have to see it. They are only born once. It lasts about …

Do you know this man?


Of course you don’t. You can take a closer look if you want. He does look familiar now that you think about it, doesn’t he? Here is a hint: he is a policeman. That certainly throws a spanner in …

This isn’t about hair


I grew a beard late in life. We are talking 27 years of age. Hairlessness way after your adolescence, when all your peers already look like colobus monkeys tend to make one develop serious hang-ups. You imagine that folk …

Is this the funniest stand-up comedian in East Africa?


Tanzanians aren’t funny. My roommate in campus was a Tanzanian. His mates would fill our small room, cracking these jokes and cackling like hyenas. I didn’t get them. Plus all the jokes were in Kiswahili sanifu. Who tells a …