Month: August 2014

This man and his saxophone

This man and his saxophone


The light is slowly dying. The scene is retro-ethereal. It’s the subtle blues and reds and greens beaming from afar, like a large steamboat approaching the coastline. Then there is the man, pint sized, but so confident he fills …



Ian Callum. Heard of him? He is Jaguar’s Design Director. He’s the chap who draws those cars. Callum describes the Jaguar as – wait for this – the “optimum expression of metal.” Turn that over in your mouth. Savour …

A short book review in one (long) paragraph


A quarter-way through Herman Koch’s book, THE DINNER, you will suspect you don’t like the main character Paul very much. Halfway through you will be certain he’s a dick. And just as you are struggling with this conclusion, you …

Can I have a cherry in that?


Cocktail functions – the bane of corporate existence. I try to avoid them as much as I can, but to build your network, they are a necessary evil to be endured.  The thing Michael Kors Handbags with cocktail functions …