Month: October 2014

10 (Kinda) Snappy Book Reviews


DROWN – by Junot Diaz

Junot is the shit. And not just because he earned a Pulitzer for his first book – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – which I’m currently reading, but because he writes sentences …

Joe Black Sits His Exams


In class. Looking at bent heads and scratching pens, enraptured by the sudden change in mood from slackened reading to full blown revision. My desk mate has got about five books piled up on his locker. One hand is …

#How to Be a Social Media Mom


The first tenet you have to embrace is that motherhood isn’t about your baby. It’s about you. Babies are just collateral damage. Never mind them. The second is that you don’t have to be married to be a mother. …

Cry for Lamu


Remember those old men of Lamu? Them with the long white beards and faces carved by the sea’s tough hands? The ones who used to huddle by the seafront at night, sipping kahawa chungu from steaming tiny tin mugs …

Kevin Ouma


Kevin admits that he hasn’t done Malcolm Gladwell’s proverbial 10,000 hours to rise to the mastery of photography. He hasn’t washed his hands by the big table to accord him a seat to break bread with the big boys …