Month: September 2014

A Team That Prays Together #UexpectedKenya


We normally pray before we leave. Since Kevin started it, he normally leads the prayers. I know what you are thinking; that we hold hands in a circle and someone sings a short dull Catholic hymn before Kevin launches …

When Good Things Happen #UnexpectedKenya


I think when you wake up in the morning your destiny has already been decided. [Oh, sorry, this will get slightly introspective.] You can’t even begin averting your fate. You were born a pawn. Your card was dealt a …

Day Two: Wasini Island #UnexpectedKenya


Trailing a photographer shooting the Safaricom Calendar 2015.

At breakfast today, Kevin joined the group and sat at a different table then proceeded to hold his head in his hands mournfully. “Kevin, are you OK?” Lilian, our producer, asked …

Day One: Old Town #UnexpectedKenya


Mombasa doesn’t wake up like most cities. At 6am it still pulls the blanket tightly over its head. Curling tighter in a ball of post-snooze delirium. The drive from the hotel is mostly silent. Kiss FM spills from the …

Capture Kenya #UnexpectedKenya


I pity photographers. Such anguished souls. I have been on numerous assignments with some distinguished photographers. I once did a story in Meru National Park with Joe Makeni. Joe said little. He always seemed to have something in his …