Month: December 2014

The end of an era


There is a rock in far away Laikipia. In some ranch. Borana, actually. Have you been? It’s something else, Borana ranch. It’s strictly for the birds, the wealthy. The rich chaps prang their Range Rovers and the wealthy get …

My Moments of 2014


Mid this year I went to Aga Khan to seek medical treatment. Sore throat. You know how they embarrassingly call out your name loudly for you to get into the atrium to see the nurse? I hate that shit …

Just Wear Clean Underwear


He grunts. More like groans. Deep and guttural, like a predator breastfeeding its young ones. His large head is bowed down, scribbling something in that bad handwriting of theirs. You squirm in your seat and stare at his scalp; …

India: “Too Many Dead People”


I asked Clay to write something about India because he always told me bits and pieces about his time in India. Mainly about booze and debauchery. He sent his story at dawn today with a little disclaimer that it …