My Moments of 2014


Mid this year I went to Aga Khan to seek medical treatment. Sore throat. You know how they embarrassingly call out your name loudly for you to get into the atrium to see the nurse? I hate that shit by the way. They should just call a number, that way patients won’t struggle not to giggle when they learn your name is Omusakhulu Wepukhulu Wafula Jnr. Anyway, so they call out my name and I go see the nurse then I come out and go straight to that water dispenser near the window to get some warm water for my throat.

When I turn there is this guy standing in my way with a lopsided grin. He looks early 40’s, or very late 30’s. “I’m sorry, man,” he says then asks if I’m the Biko who writes. Now, there is Soko Analyst, Steve Biko, who writes about finance and business and I didn’t want to be presumptuous and steal his glory just in case the chap was referring to him. So I asked him what this Biko writes about and he said, “Bikozulu?” I said that’s me. And here is what he did. I swear I’m not making this up. He stepped forward and hugged me. A man. A stranger. Hugged me. Both hands. Around me. I stood there, wondering if I should hold him with the free hand not holding the plastic cup, or I should just pretend this is not happening to me. So I reluctantly held him with the left free hand. People stared. Thankfully, he didn’t cry. I almost did, though. Suffice it to say, he said he was a big fan. Then he said, “I’m sorry about your mom.” Then I felt like maybe I needed another hug.

Here is why this for me was the biggest fan moment for me this year; it’s because men generally don’t gush. They will hardly ever show emotion. They will mention something you wrote and laugh and say you write well. But that’s it. Hard chins; “what are you drinking? Have a double on me.” They will never ask for a picture. They will never look at you the way some women will, that distinct look I have to come learn: “My goodness, you don’t look anything like you write,” which is not always a compliment as any writer will tell you. And so to Fredrick M. Pleasure meeting you.

By and large it’s been a brilliant year. Quite fruitful. No hernias to report. And so here are some of the special moments that stick out.

Best Event: Kim is born

An arrow in my quiver. In my head I’m the godfather, Don Vito Corleone, and Kim is Michael Corleone. He will carry the torch and continue my narrative when I’m gone. Folk say babies are babies, and they are right, but having a son makes you restful. Suddenly you are sure you will never be forgotten by the world. It’s like when a ship wrecks on an isolated and uninhabited island one day and when the occupants gingerly step on the beach, they are surprised to see human footprints, your footprints. That’s just how it is. A daughter says many beautiful things but a son says you were here, which means you don’t have to scratch those words on the walls of a loo anymore.

My Best Article

Forget Visa Denied. The best story I ever wrote this year, on all the platforms I write on, is Today My Mom Will Die. I wrote it at dawn, because that’s when it came to me and I knew if I waited longer I would lose the rhythm in me. I wrote it before the household woke up, and like a needy cat the emotions curled around my feet as I wrote it. The tears hang close, but Tamms was going to wake up any moment and I didn’t want her to see me that vulnerable. So I finished the first draft quickly and went for my run. I loved it because I invested so much emotion in it and it moved most readers, it still felt like it still retained its privacy.

My second favourite article was in my column in Msafiri, a fictitious piece about raising teenagers. [Read it here, pg 28]

I was experimenting on writing about something I know nothing about. It was so vivid that my editor in the UK emailed me and asked, “Biko, I didn’t know you have a teenage kid!” Moral of story: You can bullshit your way through life if you want to.

My Best Interview of 2014

Ahmednasir Abdullahi- The Grand Mullah. Because I expected to really chase him for an interview instead the phone conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, my name is Jackson Biko from the Business Daily.

Him: Yes?

Me: I would like to interest you to an interview.

Him: About what?

Me: There is a Friday column I contribute to called BD Profile where we remove CEOs from their desk and ask them who they really are.

Him: OK.

Me: OK? Uhm…are you keen?

Him: Come to my office tomorrow at 11.

And that was it. That’s how easy it was. I expected him to try and bully or intimidate me during the interview instead he was very accommodating and gracious and laidback and we had a laugh. Plus he didn’t have his shoes on during the interview. Read it here.

Most Elusive Interview

Donald Kipkorir. I have called. I have emailed. I have in-boxed him on Facebook. I have tried using proxies. Nothing. This is the dull part of the job, seducing subjects. But it’s necessary evil. So you take breaks. You change tact. You keep your humour. And you keep trying.

If you know how I can nail this chap next year, please let me know.

Best Bikozulu Moment

Definitely winning the Best Creative Writing (second year running) and Best Blog of 2014 in the Bloggers Association of Kenya award ceremony mid this year. Ahsanteni sana those who voted and those who thought of voting but forgot.

The Biggest Interview to Chase in 2015

Uhuru Kenyatta. The President of the Republic. Once I write about Uhuru Kenyatta, it will go up as one of those articles that upcoming journalists refer to and lecturers’ use in their Creative Non-fiction classes. I intend not to write about Uhuru, I intend to create a profile template. And next year I will dedicate the year to chasing for this interview.

Most Read Article 2014

Visa Denied. Well, what more can I say about this? I leave the onus on you.

Best Books 2014

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusac. Because it’s narrated by death and death is ironic. Then there is One Day, by David Nichols. Because you manage to find beauty in the ruins that tragedy leaves behind.

My Weird Moment 2014

This happened not too long ago. I rock up home at 2am to find the gate locked from inside. I call the Missus, all her phones are off. I call the Househelp a million times, but her phone is on silent. Next door neighbours are having a party so I meekly knock on their gate and ask them to allow me to climb to my balcony. So they prop this ladder up against the wall and I climb up to the balcony. Don’t forget I’m tipsy like hell. But it’s breezy and the air is sweet with some flowers.

Now the balcony door, I find out, is closed from the inside, which means I’m still locked out. I start rapping on the window, but not too loudly because I’m afraid to wake up my landlady. My landlady is a very sweet ageing lady who I respect greatly. My worst fear is her waking up because of my commotion to find me knocking on the window, locked out of my own house like a stray cat. I dread to imagine how that conversation would go with her looking up at me from the bottom, clutching her night-dress tightly against the chill. “It’s OK, ma’am, I’m just taking some breeze. It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it?”

She never came out. I gained access after 20mins and I remember thinking how cold the tip of one’s nose can get when you stand in the cold for too long.

And now, about that Kick-Ass Logo.

The kick-ass logo has turned into a long running joke. The search for the kick-ass logo has been long, ardours and marred with men with grand promises, women who looked on disinterestedly, their hands thrust in their pockets. The kick-ass logo became a myth. Then I sought for help, and some creatives came on the wall and said, “nyet, we aren’t going to be a part of this wastage of talent.” I think they called it group sourcing or something. Apparently it’s the death of the graphic designer. I honestly don’t know what the fuss was all about. The chaps who sent their designs, thanks a lot. Ian Arunga, thanks for pitching in. (By the way, Ian, your comment system in your blog is limiting). To the one chap who came so close to nailing it, Gabantu, thanks bro. I have a token for you.

Which brings me to the picture of that gentleman.

That chap is called Chris Bitti. He’s the CEO of DB Agency. He lives in the penthouse suite of International Life House. Like the guy from the movie Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps, Gordon Gekko. Him who says, “Lunch is for whimps.”

Through my friend Vicky, Chris heard that I was looking for a kick-ass logo. I had interviewed him some time ago (read it here) and he told me he’d have his designers submit something and if I liked it and decided to use it I wouldn’t need to pay a red cent. I know. For free.

So he put a small army of his designers on it. The first design they sent to me – the one above – I liked immediately. Sometimes you see something and you just know it. And I just knew it.

This is going to be the new kick-ass logo. Some of you might not feel it, but one day you will.

Chris, thank you.

Lastly, Best Crowd 2014; Gang.

This goes out to you. For coming here always. For sharing these stories. For commenting. For suggesting. For complimenting. For criticizing. For the support. Thank you. Let’s roll this dice again, in 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. Learned of your blog after the Visa Denied post and i read all the posts in the blog in less than a week. Now am looking for someone who can write as well, but not much luck so far. You should consider posting more frequently…

    Big fan
    (i wont hug you though…)

  2. Today Mom Will die was the first, and the very best …. You are the only writer that keeps me coming for more….

  3. Aaaaaaaaw Biko! It’s been one hell of a year…Thank you been part of mine through your blog. Have a Merry Christmas & looking forward to many more this coming year 🙂

  4. That 2am incident should be a story on its own. Lovely to have been part of your 2014. Onwards to 2015.

  5. Funny as hell. especially the part of you going over fences and balconies and the imaginary chat with your land lady hehehe… hope i dont ruin your esteem or ego or your Xmas mood but i dont think that “kick ass logo” quite does kick any ass…. i think i get it but….???? (that’s just me anyways*)
    merry Xmas to you and your family Biko and thanks for making my year bearable and having something to look forward to. May God grant you good health and more creativity to rock my 2015…..for that you are in my prayers. Cheers.

  6. I like the one Ian Arunga proposed better, I really do but it wasn’t you, this one is so I’ll love it too mostly because I love your blog and the kick ass logo is really irrelevant.

  7. thanks Biko,.u made the year for me. next time u r in kla lemme know,u have an ardent fan base here. some guy was actually so impressed with the Jag article he said if he could afford you he would ask you to review the mercedes GL. He sells them.

    1. A man who sells a Mercedes GL should be able to afford me, no? 🙂 Next time I’m in Kampala – hopefully 2015- I will look for you and Mr GL. Happy holidays, Nyambura.

  8. Ohhhhh BikoZulu! So till 2015.
    as I prepare for the village pliz advise on the best way to dodge , everyone asking for ….
    ka – something. .
    they Don’t know what Madam Serem has done to my allowances

  9. honestly love the logo ( love at first sight ) . Most of my pals who read this expected something as complicated as your English

      1. Biko,

        The year has settled in quite well, running very fast & you have to catch up, dices have rolled almost into half-year. Still waiting the master interview of 2015 as promised, the Uhuru Kenyatta interview.

        Meanwhile, continue wooing us with your words on this platform.

        Say hey to Fred!

        Ardent Reader…

  10. Awesome, Biko. I feel you on that article about your mum, the emotional investment you put into it. I did an article too about my late mum and dude, that’s when a man is most vulnerable…..

    One day my wife asked me which blogger i would point to and say, ‘Yes, this guy got skills’……it most definetely gotta be you, no kidding….the way you weave your way around those words and knit a great article is superb. Looking forward to ’15! Kudos

          1. Goodness, i have just seen this reply….almost 2 months later!!Nways, i don’t mind the capitals!! I also hope you don’t mind gettin nominated for awards, check it out….

  11. A silent ardent reader of your blog….today my mom will die, visa denied, joe black on the exams were my favorite….I have read and re read. Reading about India was shocking, insightful, amazing….

    Happy 2015 to us all…

    1. India was something else, wasn’t it? Those guys are haunted. Thanks for reading. See you in 2015, if HE agrees. Happy holidays.

  12. I see the kickass logo came through, not bad
    I’ve been reading your blog for the last 14 months and you havent dissappointed, thanks man for making my life easier, merry xmas dude

  13. Biko, my highlight of the year with you was #UnexpectedKenya. That was one helluva project. I hope we get to do more of such in 2015. Cheers to the holidays.

    1. My highlight of you is when you fought that guy in your vest. I suspect you lost, but we will never know, I guess. Happy holidays, Magunga.

  14. It’s not common to find a writer whose articles you can re-read, but you guy! Ps: I have this confidence that I will meet you soon…..more hugs,,

  15. Love the simpleness of the logo. Really do.

    Thank you for many lol moments in 2014. Looking forward to many more.

    Blessings galore for the holidays and 2015.

  16. Biko been a silent but an avid reader..your articles are always hilarious..i remember a cut below,n johnie black stories…n many more..i cant exhaust.Keep ’em coming.merry christmass n happy new year to you too!

  17. Today, Mum Must Die called my emotions…It was hard and still hard, but I know Mama never dies..she rests. The way you tie your shoes, brush your teeth, eat, laugh, and all the little mannerisms reflect mama. We live in their reflections and so Mama rests easy

      1. And this is to everyone who understands what the full moon brings forth. You can write sentences that at the break of dawn you still surprised that was your brain!! You owe me a mug Biko. I met you on twitter years back.

  18. I like the logo; classy, simple, unpretentious and straight to the point. Just like your writing. Happy holidays Biko and the whole gang. Looking forward to reading more of your articles in ’15.

  19. I enjoyed reading most of your articles. Yes, your mum’s article …..I felt it. Been there. Seen my dad lost without her etc.

    My other highlight is Joe Black. I miss him already.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    1. JK. Great initials. You can thrive in politics with initials like that: This school was officially opened by his/her excellency, JK. OK, I’m done. Thanks for reading, JK. Happy holidays.

  20. My favourites blogs are in your Fatherhood section, along with ‘A cut below’ — I laughed until I started hiccuping —- that’s a good laugh that clears the lungs. Your writing gives me joy. Merry Christmas to you and yours Biko and waiting on that Uhuru Kenyatta profile come 2015. Sure it will be one for the books.

  21. Biko for some of us away from home, you are the humor that reminds us of how far we’ve travelled! To a lovely Christmas and a funnier 2015! Cheers!

      1. Frrrreeeeezzing cold… and as only you’d say like a witches tits 🙂 Where do you get some of these from! I know 2015 will bring more laughter! You my fellow country man are the best!

  22. Your best picture 2014? From the Safaricom calendar ? I’ve enjoyed your articles. Happy holidays to you and yours. . Blah blah blah….As for that logo! SMH…..not that it matters but…..

  23. I know me you will call me a stalker, but all the same stalkers are also human beings. As usual I went through the essay with a tooth comb. I must say there was no disappointment at the end. Kudos Jackson, I hope this is not the last article this year because I will be looking forward to more before the clock turns 00.00.00 2015.

  24. Biko Zulu. Allow me to confess, I have been reading you since high school and when you stopped posting every monday i started reading you in saturday nation and true love and lately msafiri magazine. I don’t think there is anything you have writen in the media that i haven’t read. My husband for a while thought i was obsessed so I stepped back and decided that maybe im a madhe who is a stalker hehee. I have two kids by the way, I’m 32, in case you are wondering. Anyway, for six months i decided not to read your work because i figured i was getting sort of fanatic about you and your work. Plus I prayed for God not to make me email you, because you would have thought I’m a psychotic woman. Plus, yes, I’m married and I’m old fashioned.

    Anyway that six month break helped me, sort of, I stopped forcing hubs to read your work (hehe) and stopped sharing your work with all my friends. I stopped obessing about you, sort of. I have gone back to read all the work i missed, of course, but with a more calm mind. I just wanted to tell you that you might not know it but your work affects people in many profound ways, ways that you will never imagine. Some of us crush on you silently here and if we were younger we would definately act on it. I know you might choose not to approve this comment and i will understand, which is fine anyway because it’s meant for you anyway, but if you approve it, it’s sawa as well.

    Keep writing because you have an amazing talent. I will keep reading, always, as long as your keep writing. Have a blessed holiday to you and your family.

    Yours reformed stalker. hehe

    1. I like the way you guys call your husbands “Hubs.” Very fresh. Sounds like a chicken sub, but without mayo. As you might suspect I don’t know what to say about this comment, or even if I should say anything at all. But thanks for the kind words, for sharing my work and for finding sanity in the turmoil. Keep reading and forcing “hubs” and your pals to share, :-). Much appreciated. Happy holidays to you and fam.

  25. I started following your blog from high-school (your previous platform) and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you for posting more frequently this year. My best article in 2014 was ‘Today My Mum will Die’. It touched my soul. The series on Fatherhood was also quite enlightening. In 2015, I will be hoping that you finally give me feedback on the article I sent you. C’mon…give a sister some pointers. Merry Christmas.

  26. Honestly the way you write about your mom…I would hug you too, but I am a lady so it wont be as awkward! always your big fun!

    1. You might not be aware of this but your usage of the word “lady” as opposed to a “woman” or “chick” says a lot about what you think of yourself. That’s a compliment. Thanks, Kui. Keep reading. Happy holidays.

  27. I learnt about your blog from a Ug newspaper article and I must say, the writer was right! Best blog I’ve read. I’ve become a Biko advocate such that I’ve shared your blog with everyone in my Skype contacts and they all love your writing. With every post, we talk and laugh about it like we’re some Biko’s blog club or something! I’ve read every post and still laugh when I re-read some of them. And that Joe Black kid, amazing. You’re awesome and have a huge fun base in Ug. Merry Christmas!

    1. Another one from Uganda! Beautiful day! Ogambachi? Thanks for reading and sharing with those cats in Uganda. Keep reading and Joe Black will be showing up here more often next year. Merry christmas.

  28. Hi Biko, Thank you for always writing…’A Cut Below’ and ‘Visa Denied’ are my memorable this year…i laughed my guts out and i think i tagged all my friends plus i had to print out Visa Denied just to share with others not on line. ‘Today My Mom Will Die’…you poured your soul here man….That was deep.

    The Kick ass logo….something missing….The Kick or the A….

    Happy Holidays Biko!

  29. Reader from K’la here. This blog unearthed feelings of regret as to why I didn’t find it earlier. It had me glued, all digging up the archives, teary-eyed on more occasions than one! A Cut Below left its mark. perhaps, more than anything, because I was going for my own cut. Albeit for reasons totally different. Some stuff I have read here has changed my outlook to life yet I never intended to read this blog for life lessons. Two interviews in BD were remarkable. Both from Ladies. One lady who is unmarried, well “because no one ever asked!” (Really? Had to be in Kenya! Such stuff doesn’t happen in Ug!). Other lady lost her child. She met a total stranger who told her all about it and helped her recover. Touching stuff. It gave me a different perspective of life and its moments. And now we march on, single file to 2015 and it’s stories. Throw in an interview with M7 in there. Fireworks I tell you

    1. Ogambachi, ssebo? Or are you a nyabbo? Nonetheless, I’m surprised you read those BD interviews from back there. I’m glad you got a take-home from those two. Talking of your M7, watched his interview with Amanpour on CNN last week, oh boy! That’s all I could say. Listen, thanks for reading, it’s great to always read from a Ugandan reader, that place is special to me. Especially, the Kansanga area, and Bugolobs. Memories. Thanks and see you next year.

  30. Hi Biko. I’ve been a silent but ardent reader of your blog since 2012. I’ve had countless laugh out loud moments, teary eyes, giggles and banging-the-table-while-stamping-my-feet episodes while reading you.

        1. Greetings from balmy Nairobi, Liz. Say hallo to those workmates, is Fat Joe’s bar still open? If so, get a drink on me. Shalom.

          1. Hahaha. It’s called Fat Boyz! And yes, it’s still open but not as popular as it was back in the day.

  31. I actually really like this logo, didn’t think its simplicity was what you would choose but guess less is more even for you:) Once again, great piece, and I haven’t been reading for a while, just found time to go back months and months.. Visa denied – hilarious. The Book Thief was also my favourite book this year, they did’t mess up the movie either, Thank God! Congrats on all your achievements this year and I’m sure 2015 promises bigger and better things:)

    1. Inshallah, Aaron. Hey do you know Aaron Neville? Maybe he was before your time, but he was deadly back in the day. Happy holidays.

      1. Nope I do not know him. Just ‘googled’ him and interestingly his birthday and mine are a day apart. Plus he was an artiste! Ok, I have a theory that Aarons more often than not are involved in some of, movies etc.

          1. Did you just reveal your age? They don’t make music like they did back in our time. Not with Nicki Minaj an ’em

  32. My best reads are your family posts, about your dad, mom. lil ones…I guess this is because they are pretty close to your heart. Thanks for the ’10 (kinda) Snappy Book Reviews’. Because of this I got to read my best book this year, ‘Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green.

    “Do you know those folk who walk around never having read “Fault In Our Stars” by John Green? Or never having watched Pulp Fiction? I envy them. I envy them because they are yet to discover the beauty of such works of art. That such sheer pleasure awaits them and yet they are not even ware of it. It’s the same for people who haven’t read Hemingway Such lucky people.”, you said.

    I have been reading your work for a long long time. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t but even for the posts I don’t like there’s always a thought that I take away with me and am grateful for that. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Biko.

    1. Thank you very much, Sheba, for the faith, for coming back even when you were dissapointed the last time. See you in 2015.

  33. How have I marketed “A cut below” and “Alley Tales”! My all time favorite articles .
    Anyway,I hope 2015-16 you can bless us with a book ,even though its a compilation of short stories or something. Sourcing for all your articles from like Sat Mag+True Love+this blog+…… can be kaodo tiring 🙂

    1. I shall think about that. But thanks for the compliments, Imelda, they are kaodo flattering. Keep reading. Happy holidays.

  34. Hi Biko,i read your first post in 2010..Think its was a week after you posted on wordpress…I always come here every other time you post and what can I say……”Thank you for making life in the office bearable everytime you post”
    Happy Holidays to you too

    1. Yes. Finished school. Back home. He will be coming to Nairobi in January. You should be reading more from him here now that he has finished school.

    1. Happy holidays, baba. Because you have used the word “imbibe” (which means you can afford it) I guess I will up my taste a notch and ask for a Glenmorangie, Quinta Ruban?

  35. I have been a big fan since a lady friend forwarded the Knickers link to me during working hours. I am here religiously. I commented today because Biko was dishing out Christmas responses to each comment :).

    By the way, the photo of the walking man is such a definition of your brand. You should import it in high school.

    1. Knickers. Sigh. Days when we gave little shit. The walking man served his time, didn’t he? Happy holidays, Kajura. Be safe until 2015.

  36. Okay gotta say that am that guy who always wants to comment but forgets……anyway cheers for the great reads man!And look for me i will be in Kisumo i hear there is a floating hotel with some floating fis’
    Have an awesome holiday. (Brutal truth…?That logo man *sigh*)

    1. The first floating restorant (said in luo accent) in Lake Victoria. I won’t be down this holidays, but I hope you enjoy that “hotel” – as you call it. Hehe. Merry Christmas.

  37. biko.. have read and reread your articles several times. they don’t lose taste and get better after a number of reads.. like wine. thanks for all the. humour and wit. merry chrismas and happy new year.

  38. Moral of story: You can bullshit your way through life if you want to.

    Thanks for the heads up Biko.

    Cheers to the holidays!!

  39. Kick ass logo, finally! Minimalist. I Like. If it is the right one? Today My Mom Will Die, was very heart wrenching and gave us an insight into your (ok, torn between using beautiful, handsome or just very human) soul. My F5 key has really complained this year, for all the times I came by and didn’t get a new post and was in denial :). Thank you for your words, here is to 2015!!

  40. Am still studying in india, I must admit the post about india are absolutely true Big fan..but I don’t find toni Braxton attractive though…(terrible test in women) Happy holidays biko and your family…and the post about about samburu chap, loved it ( am samburu)…

    1. Did I fail that test of taste? Look, Toni is my meat and your poison. Actually, she is both my meat and poison. Some beauty can’t be seen by all. ION you must be the only Samburu who reads me, and it’s a great honour, Isaac. Happy holidays!

  41. You are talented. That is for sure… I have read, re-read and shared your blogs… Your style of writing resonates with something in me. “A cut below” was very hilarious… It’s the way you weave the words to tell a simple story. That said, i don’t like your logo. It doesn’t say all the things you were looking for. It doesn’t say “African warrior”. Maybe my expectations were too high. That said, i’m looking forward to more of your stuff in the next year. Happy hols to you and your family!!!

    1. I guess now we have to find the warrior in other things, no? Thanks for being here and next year it is. Merry Christmas.

  42. I introduced my pal to your blog about a year or 2 ago. She (luckily its a she) would have pulled one of those hugs that could take you down if she met you.

    Been an amazing year following your writing on a few of the spaces your ply your creativity on. Cheerz to an even better 2015! Happy holidays…

  43. How did “burying a Luo” not feature anywhere!
    By the powers conferred to me as a gang member, I declare this as the most funny sad (whatever that is) story. Class: Social diversity category.

  44. Biko, its amazing how far you have come. From the old blog, to you threatening us to save the articles we fancy because some of those old articles would not see the light of day on the new blog.. 🙂 ….it’s been quite a journey and I am so proud of you. I will hug you too when I meet you..have known your virtually like forever…Cheers and looking forward to 2015. Happy Holidays.

    1. Threatening? You mean coaxing? 🙂 Thanks for staying the course. That hug I shall welcome if we finally meet. Haave a lovely festive season.

  45. I was chatting with a friend recently when she mentioned that she has episodes of depression and does not know how to deal with it. I advised her to start a blog, an avenue that would help her put down her thoughts and escape into an imaginary world. See, she is a globe trotter and occasionally writes notes about whichever city she’ll have visited. She writes beautifully, I tell you. Her worry, though, is that when she writes, she bares her ‘soul’, puts too much emotion in the articles, which I said was a good thing because it creates an emotional connection between writer and reader. To emphasise my point, I shared one of your blogs, about the kind of relationship you and your father share (because it was the latest one at the time). I’ve since advised her check out old posts to show her that there’s nothing wrong with writing from the heart. I’m pretty sure the depression will soon be a thing of the past.

    PS: I’ve stared at the logo again and again and I think I love it. It’s a bit plain at first glance, but it grows on you. Less is more, like someone mentioned up there.

    1. Kwani there are how many Lizes here? :-). You gave your pal the right advice. Writing is therapeutic. It’s like lying down on a shrink’s chair. You feel better afterwards, especially when you are those who hate talking about their feelings to people. So maybe she will find peace in writing, I hope she does. Can you please share here blog here, if she doesn’t mind? Maybe what she needs is a group hug. Thanks for reading Liz, I appreciate it. Happy holidays.

  46. Hi Biko, started reading your articles after the visa denied, shared with my friend Yawezi and now we can’t get enough. Thanks for always making us smile. WE(my friend and i) pray for you and look forward to your articles next year. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thank you and Yawezi, for the prayers and for reading. Let’s do it all over again next year. Cheers. Happy Holidays.

  47. The best part in this last (hopefuly not) post is that Biko responds to everyone.
    I love your blog! . Happy holidays! (((Hugs)))

  48. I always read your posts…just wonder how you look like because i have an image of you in my mind every time i read your posts. I picture you bald, like a young bald headed guy, tall (luos are tall) not necessarily dark neither light but again maybe i am just thinking we look a like because I can relate so much to your articles especially when your dad is the subject. My best ever….”How to bury a Luo”. Keep writing man.

    1. It’s flattering to think of me in your own image. Sounds quite, uhm, biblical: And Robert thought of Zulu in his own image….I will take it, bro. Our dads were all the same, that’s for sure. And maybe we will all turn out the same in the eyes of our sons. Keep reaidng, boss and thank you. Happy holidays.

  49. You made my 2014 and boy, haven’t I forcefully (or otherwise ) introduced my family and friends to your blog. You should meet one Gabu who religious prints all of your blogs and reads with a highlighter in hand. You sure have crazily loyal fans but then again with a sense of humour such as yours who wouldn’t?

    1. Beautiful words. Thank you. Thank that Gabu guy for me. Flattered. Keep reading and have a merry Christmas, Beautifulsoul.

  50. Biko! You make me want to pick up a pen and write, I have all this stories floating in my head, maybe some day I will. You have totally made my year, entertained me in the office on dull Monday mornings and made me talk to people, like, “You don’t know who Biko Zulu is, where are you from???!” Great job and happy holidays.

    1. “Stories floating in my head,” don’t you just hate that? I get that too, stories just floating there at times, like vegetables on a pot of broth, and you don’t know how to write them. But that creative inertia is also a beautiful thing, because it’s a promise, of sorts. So sit and write. It’s that simple. Sit and write. Thanks for reading, Wambui.

  51. Biko, I confess that I read this article, saw the logo and kept my opinion to myself for fear of sounding like a “hater”. Glad you said it was the wrong one. So I’m back from hiding. For this year I’ll place your brother’s piece on India as the saddest although everything turned out o.k in the end. My best was the unexpected Kenya experience-Kevin talking to God like one of his boys.

    1. There are no haters here on Bikozulu, just folk with strong opinions. I love strong opinions, so long as they are respectful, constructive and it would help if they aren’t malicous. So next time, please don’t hold back, that;s the only way we can grow, no? Thanks for reading and I will send my compliments to Kevin. Merry holidays, Tina.

  52. Jackson Jackson Jackson (had to say it thrice) It’s been a pleasure reading your posts;’A cut below’ was the most hilarious read. You truly are funny & witty!
    Here’s to reading more posts in 2015!
    Merry Christmas & a happy new year to you & yours!
    Anytime you’re in Juba say hello okay?

    1. Juba!!!!! Sudanese or just a Kenyan chasing the paper down there? I sure will, if I ever land there one day. Thanks for reading, Libby, I appreciate it. Happy holidays from a sunny and glorious Nairobi!

    1. Tokyo!!!! *small bow* My first Tokyo reader. So far away from home, Rabera. It’s winter there now, I suppose? Missing home? Thanks a bunch for reading and taking time to comment. Happy holidays!

  53. The blog that has the right mix of urbane suave, enjoyed reading this since Visa Denied, I hope to draw some elevating moments again in 2015. The Kick ass logo? I am insufficient to mete my critique.
    Happy holidays bro…

    1. “Mete” I love when folk use words like that. There are words that seem to step out in a hat, like “mete” or “eke”, words that are proud. That logo? Well, it’s one of those things we will never all agree on. Thanks for reading, Future Diplomat, and it will be nice to have you here next year. Happy holidays, boss.

  54. You have made 2014 beautiful! I look forward to the blog posts, true love articles Heck, even Bookclub isn’t Bookclub if we fail to discuss Biko’s latest post!!! And the book reviews, thumbs up!! Keep them coming! Happy holidays Biko. I look forward to remaining in the gang in 2015 🙂

    1. And I’m honoured you are here. The book review section is the least popular, mostly because most people don’t give a hoot about books. And it’s sad. I’m thinking of ways to make that section more sexy. Next year, then. Happy holidays, Katendirangu.

  55. Biko keep on keeping on.This year 2014 has been the roughest for me,your blog was one of the things that made my days brighter.I recruited my siblings by the way..i wonder what names they hide behind on the comments.Anyway here’s to you!happy holidays and a blessed year ahead..p.s we haven’t heard of Farouk in eons.

    1. I hope next year will bring better tidings. Chin up. Thanks for recruiting your siblings, I’m sure they are the ones with uncreative names like sijui proboxsuceed 🙂 Happy holidays.

  56. Got introduced to your writing by someone very close via ‘Visa denied’.That’s my moment of 2014. I now understand her enthusiasm and since I know how she hugs, I don’t look forward to meeting you! Happy holidays Biko and holding my breath till 2015.

  57. I love your blog, thank you for writing! Do write more about Tamms, those are my absolute favorites. Happy Holidays Sir! Looking forward to 2015.

  58. I like this logo better than yesterday’s!!! Like your font, it’s playful, it’s happy! I like that it’s bold without it being in your face. The grey too is ‘down to earth’! Like the Gang and the Gang leader. Yet to make out what the image is (spearrow?) But it’s a bolt from the blue- sort of-like the non conformists, the haters perhaps?

  59. Happy holidays Biko.I feel like I have known you all my life. Hope one day il be lucky enough to be seated at the Aga khan casualty with you. Coz Il hug you, maybe even cry. ….but am a gal

  60. I love the simplicity of the logo..waiting for it felt like waiting for Dr. Dre’s “Chronic2001” album to drop but it was well worth it…Merry christmas to you too Biko and a hyphergraphic 2015!

    1. Dr Dre. You are from the 90’s era, aren’t you? The Gin and juice era? Doggy Style era? Glorious days those, weren’t they? So? New Jack Swing, Friday? Merry Christmas to you, sir and a happy new year.

  61. I have loved every one of your stories! i loved especially A Girl. A Book.A Banana.. it really changed me and my daughter. We read! we seriously read! You have been simply the best! looking forward to more great reads! Happy Holidays!

    1. Brilliant. Nothing like a small girl who read, huh? Actually, nothing like a human being who reads period! Good going, Rees and happy holidays!! Thanks for reading.

  62. Jackson, I have been a silent but ardent reader of your posts for a long time. Can’t even say which are my favorite. A college mate who would read the campus magazine (forgot its name) back in KIU; where is Kagame?

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015.

    1. Kagame is in Ontario, Canada. He’s some sort of governemnt vehicle inspector. Swaggers around in uniform, pulling speeders off the road, slapping them with fines, impounding vehicles and doing it with the foulness that only Kagame could master. I miss him. Great to have you here, Stephen, it’s been a while. Thanks for reading, boss and hope to find you here again in 2015, if God agrees. Merry christmas.

  63. Ever since i read ‘like a thief in the night’ i have not looked back. I also liked the suspense in ‘room with a view’. I have forwarded to everyone who appreciates this form of art. Biko, you have become part of my life,yes! now i just need a big hug to seal the union. Happy holidays to you, missus, Tamms and Kimani. oooh, and i am happy to know this will be replied to.

    1. Haha. Yes it HAS to be replied, Olive. Hug we shall have when we meet. Thanks for being faithful here. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  64. I check your blog everyday for a new read and i love them all…yes i have read them all to the very last one!! You are a great writer Biko, keep up the good work and happy holidays!!

    1. Winnie Kenneth. Should we say that with an accent? What a name, very odiero. Thanks for reading, Winnie Kenneth. Have a lovely festive season.

      1. I am no Odiero Biko :d..but i have always wanted to learn the language..:)…and no, that is not working too well. I am looking forward to meeting you someday, and i hope it will be soon. I need to see the person who makes my weekdays better with words!!!

  65. Great logo..simple and elegant!! I read(and re-read) your stories in the matatu every morning on my way to work!! I hold you responsible for all the weird glances i get from other passengers when i burst out laughing..keep up the good work..will see you in traffic come next year! Merry Christmas

  66. My favorite article must be cut below. It made the cut.I swear I have re-read it more than 20 times and still can’t get enough. My wish 2015 is to have cut below 2 .I want to know if ‘ochang’ was finally rewarded or his efforts were fruitless…

    Happy holidays!! baba

  67. Hi,I learn’t about your blog this year from blog awards Kenya.I do not follow any blogs but i subscribed to yours.I did not vote for you but i must mention i went through ten blogs in the creative category nominees list .Am no critic but your work stood out.You use words like a painter uses a paint brush,or like an artist uses his painting tools.You create scenes in our minds,you paint not only a clear picture but get into the readers head…(reader being me) and engage our imagination.Honestly i would like to meet you just to see how you look just so i have a picture to paste on the voice giving the story when am reading.

    1. Hey Feli. Maybe we shouldn’t meet, I think the image you have in my head is better, and more flattering for me 🙂 Thanks a bunch for reading. happy holidays.

  68. Whenever anyone asks “who is your favorite writer?” I don’t even have to raise my head, “Jackson Biko”
    then I raise my head and say “there’s also Morris Kiruga ( ” the latter is because his big head may feel left out.

    Thank you sir for writing and in turn, for being a constant even when things got overwhelming and fast.

    1. Thank God someone else has noticed Owaaah’s head! Are you reading this, Owaah? You might want to butt in…with your head, no doubt. Thanks Gg, merry christmas.

  69. WOW another year gone by just like that…thanks for making it bearable when it wasn’t and even more wonderful when it was. Your writing…highly doubt there’s a word in the dictionary to describe it, reminds me of an old friend who speaks how you write, as for the humor WHAT! you have had me laughing all year and made Monday’s a day to look forward to. Here’s to many more articles and to an excessively creative 2015. Happy Holidays Biko to you and yours.

  70. i also noticed you are replying every comment. i cant wait till you reply mine, will take screen shot then post it on all my social media accounts then will boost around for the next days of the year.
    plus is that your picture, so i know who to hug and i don’t have to ask for your credentials first?
    thanks for making my days tho. i always snick up here when work is boring and have a good read. you’ve never disappointed. happy holidays.

    1. Unfortunately that is Chris Bitti. But going by the attention he’s getting, I don’t mind being mistaken for him. Thank YOU for the days you came here to read, and maybe commment. Much appreciated. Please do it again next year. Happy holidays, Village Belle.

  71. I have read your articles for a while now. From the giraffe days (I think that’s what the campus mag was called) to now, my best article is Today my mom will die, it was a sad post but so beautifully written. Second to that is How to bury a Luo, hilarious. You have definitely got better with age.Thank you for sharing your talent. Happy holidays jakendu.

    1. Why, thank you, Adu. Thanks for starting the journey, hopefully you will finish it with us here. Happy holidays to your and family.

  72. You have made my Mondays, I have read some articles twice, others thrice e.g Knickers though its old its new every time i read it.
    I have a book for ” new words” like onus hahaha.
    Its been a great year.
    I am buying myself a book for Christmas thanks to this :
    Il meet you one day, Il know by that legendary forehead. Il hug you, and say; “am Mihas from the back bench 🙂 ”

    Happy Holidays Biko

    1. Hallo Mihas from Backbench. Keep reading those books and being here. Let’s have more fun next year, shall we? happy holidays!

  73. Thank you biko for all the lovely stories..”a cut below”how to bury a luo were my favorites this year.i introduced my friend to this blog and she laughed so hard in a mat everyone thought she was mad,she had to alight at the next stage and connect again..merry Christmas and a happy new year..

  74. Whenever I get bored in the office I just open your blog, and it never disappoints.My best article remains ‘pretty boys’.

    Still waiting for that logo up there to kick my ass coz it has not done it yet.

  75. Your pieces are always amazing!!!

    I always look up to see if you have a new post up, yes… you should write more… I suggest.

    I can’t quite pick my best post, I find every piece so captivating………………

    Looking forward to that ‘Mr. President’s’ Interview, am sure it will be great.

    Enjoy the holodays.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    1. This is not Aida Odinga by any chance? Hehe. I’m kidding. Thanks for reading, Aida and I hope to find you here next year. Happy holidays.

      1. No Odinga….
        Just Aida, blessed and waiting for her ‘little Aida’ in 2015, am sure its going to be a remarkable year.
        And now that I have a chance to spell ‘holidays’ right, Happy Holidays again Sir!!

  76. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, your articles are always something to look forward to, have a blessed time, you and yours during this festive season.

  77. Biko, i follow your blog from USA, makes my Mondays bearable, write a book chief i am sure we will all love to read anything you write hata kama ni ur grocery list! Happy Holidays to you and yours

    1. Ebrahim, from US of A. Thanks for reading, boss. Books shall be writen when boks are ready to be writen. See you in the new year, shalom.

  78. Biko- My first read was “A letter to Kenyans abroad” and while it made me angry, it got me hooked to your blog. I have been checking it every week and every time there is a new article, its like christmas for me. I would still like to write you a piece from a Kenyan living abroad that might change your perspective about how life is here, just like the guys from India did. “Majuu” life is not all it’s pegged out to be and some of us stay here for the hustle, just like anyone that got a job in a different part of the country that they would have never thought that they would go would…for the hustle…..Aside from all that, this is still my fav blog.

  79. Thank you namesake for your stories. Your blog is a must-read for me and keeps me informed and entertained. My favorite was “Little Zulu.” I don’t have any kids yet but your description of the experience made me realize what I’m missing out on.
    Great job and Merry Christmas from Canada.

  80. I had a creative writing class this semister and we read you when inspiration went missing or when the lecturer said our technique sucked. Keep writing, another class will need you. The Pokot and India stories did it for me…
    P.s bring more Joe Black in ’15 and maybe Tamms’ composition? Has she started writing those?
    p.p.s what happened to naming your son after Njogu, the guy you hit with your car sometime in 2010?

    Happy holidays Sir.

    1. Flattering. Very. Joe Black will be here. Tamms hasn’t started writing yet. Njogu seemed like a great idea at some point, then life happened. One day you will know what I’m talking about. 🙂 Happy holidays, baba.

  81. Great posts this year. However, perhaps out of nostalgia, my all time favourites remain Beetles and goodbyes, knickers, and Farouk’s ‘odyssey.’ But nostalgia is a biased arbiter. Not in the case of the Godfather though; that was a work of art. Happy holidays. Will continue reading next year.

  82. I’ve wanted to comment on all your posts all year long but i cudnt coz i cant log in with my phone….. Its like i wanna get an autograph from a celebrity but am always stopped by the security guard then with the smallest chance I rush it so i cud…. .
    Anyway, I love ur posts and it made most of my 2014, and for that I Thank You man…. u av a way with words.. I’ve always read and loved your posts Biko.Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2015 for You and your family

    1. The comment section should be just fine now. Thanks for reading, Kentmwokoz (how do you guys make us these names?!), have a merry one.

  83. Biko,the kick ass logo is awesome. I love it!!! Good read as always. Have a very merry Christmas and a super new year. Looking forward to more of your exciting writing in 2015!!! Keep it up!!!

  84. If i ever meet you Biko, hope it’ll be with my girl and i’ll be like ‘aha! This is him’ then you’ll have to contend with all her questions arising from your articles which i devoutly quote.

    I’ve been a ‘ghost’ reader for about two years now and i like how you phrase things. Best articles to me are Men,Women,Knickers and the one which you went to pick up your daughter from school and said how the parents wanted to mob justice you while munching on apples.

    Keep up the good job Biko,Happy holidays and see you next year.

    1. Thanks Kanyanja. One day we shall meet, hopefully you will still be with the said girl! 🙂 Thanks for reading, boss. Happy new year

  85. Thanks for the laughs n cries this year biko..looking forward to more good stuff next year.your articles have been good company esp when am bored.I was reading this one in the middle of a boring talk by some proffesor at a thanks…happy holiday

    P.s.. The kickass logo feels like its been there all along.blends well…good job.

    1. Proffesors are something else, aren’t they? Does that one has a grissly beard? Happy holidays, Kate. Thanks for reading.

  86. Biko, biko, bikoooo!
    Well, i started following your posts ardently while in campus- we’d be in class and my best friend would just laugh out aloud! After not getting her narration of your humor, i simply asked her to send me the link- now i am the one laughing like a madwoman at the office, o the road, at the restaurant (even at home!) Ofcourse,i’ve been reccommending this to friends- we talk of you as if we know you personally.
    My best was your narration of the birth of your son ‘lil Zulu’ and i’ve read the book “The Fault in our Stars’ it’s widened my take on things that are ‘socially’ supposed to put me down
    Bikoooooo, thank you for you….i’ll keep reading, just keep writing.
    From TZ

  87. Must say 2014 has been a difficult year for me…… but the out of the times I have had a good laugh, you take credit for a few of them. ‘Gone Girl’ 🙂 was it for me, great piece on it and the book definitely did not disappoint. I am not sure I would hug you but I completely understand why, that guy has good EI. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and the bikozulu family.

  88. We may not agree on the best logo but one thing is clear; we all agree that your writing is just awesome. The ”Kick ass logo to come here” had become a logo by itself. Looks a bit strange now that that bit is missing. Happy holidays

    1. I know. I think this goes to show that people generally just like anything with an “ass” on it. Happy holidays, LIsa.

  89. Biko im sure you hear this alot, but really you are the best there is in this creative blog writing business; you rightfully won those awards! I have been one of the silent readers (and subtle marketers as i tell anyone i know who reads to read your blog), one of those who will keep refreshing my page just to see if there is anything new from you (even mid week at times). My favorite piece yet, A Cut Below! I have reread it several times and I am still left in stitches every time! Noticed you responded to each of the comments today! Very nice. I am looking forward to what you will have for us in 2015 especially that one on Mr. President! Fan for life!

    1. Well, I haven’t heard it from YOU. Thanks a lot for reading and always sharing. Hope to see you here again next year. Happy holidays.

  90. ” that chap is called Chris Bitti”…and here i was getting all excited that i finally put a face to a name. si siku moja uweke picha jamaneni

  91. My best section this year was reviews because you introduced me to the best book so far.The fault in our stars.Thank you Sir Biko.Merry Christmas.

  92. the pleasure is all mine reading your blog!! and many more stories in 2015. Mayb you can refer a few other blogs to keep me busy as we await your coming back in 2015!!

  93. Usually i do not comment but i had to on the last post of the year. i’m one of those silent dedicated readers who share your work on Facebook. Thank you for always giving us something to look forward to. Happy Holidays Biko. Hope you have more in store for us in the new year.

  94. I am aficionado… Always looking forward to new posts. Been an avid reader of this blog since 2012 and I’ve never regretted. Thanks for making me laugh, sometimes making me teary (Article about your mum was poignant) and other times motivating me. Indeed you made my 2014 worth it.

    Let’s do this again in 2015 ..Enjoy your Christmas Holidays and CHEERS!!!

    PS: Your Kick-Ass-Logo is indeed one. I totally love. It defines the writer that you are.

  95. Now that we have a logo that’s kicking ass, if we ask nicely would you put a photo on “The Bikozulu” responses just above the blue star? Even forehead is ok

  96. …reading your blog…always makes my day…I sometimes save it for the “right” moment. Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the gang!

  97. There’s no better way of saying this without sounding like a groupie: the day I shall meet you,I shall get all emotional and force you to take a selfie with me:) Thankyou for being such an inspiration writer to budding bloggers like myself.Merry Christmas!

  98. Biko thank you for making 2014 so awesome, bumped into your blog with the controversial “kenyans in diaspora” article,read all your previous work in 2 days ,from then i cant get enough ,you have a way with words.merry christmas

  99. Hi Zulu. …great article as usual. About the 2015 interview chase, try a hook up with Big Ted am sure he’ll shade some light.

  100. When you get your hands on the son of Jommo, and since you will be apolitical as always. Ask him on my behalf, what kind of books he read when he was 27 and whether he liked working at KCB. Finally, I wanted to say merry xmass then I realised I’m Adventist and I’m told we don’t believe in that thing.
    You’ve been inspirational, it is hard to find interesting A grade things to read, at least not free on the web. For me This is Nyanza Piece was the best. Not since The River and the Source (M. Ogola) and some of Grace Ogot’s short stories, have I found a piece so relational. For 2015 bring more such contemporary culture alive even as you romanticise machines (the BMW piece).

  101. Like some other guy, I happily and accidentally landed on your blog via a link some guy strugglin to get a British Visa in NY..I read VISA denied… I havent slept… reading everythg..gr8 stuff..Hapi Hols..

  102. We hosted the Bri’ish PM the other day, and since he is one of those guys who’ll come up to you and say hello, I got the opportunity for small talk and asked if he looked into that visa issue raised by one Bikozulu. He gave one of those I-can-not-talk-to-just-anyone-about-certain-issues answer, and I quote “… Oh that, yes, something was done..” And so Biko, how did that go?

    And me and a couple friends have sort of formed a bikozulu club where we read an article and call each other to ‘discuss’ it and I’d like to ask on their behalf, have you and Njogu ever met for nyam chom?

    Happy holidays to you and the family

  103. In 2014, you made me laugh and cry at the same time, I would hunt down all your articles and I must say, you deserve a hundred fold of such hugs. Lets do this again in 2015… thank you for being such an inspiration. Happy Holidays Biko!

  104. i started reading this year, and my favorite read has been all reads… i love it all. when i discovered this blog i went on a go slow at work- making time to read more and more… sharing with colleagues so they stop staring when i laugh… so this day the boss finds me laughing and everybody else grinnin at their machines… we shared the blog and she approved a weekly 30 min break so we biko zulu. thanx for making my days awesome… ill send some poetry in 2015.

  105. Hey Biko. I have been one of your silent readers for a long long time. Lets just say you have a true fan from Belgium I always look forward to your writings. I have even recruited my pals to be reading your posts.

    My most poignant piece was a like a Thief in the Night. Cant count how many times I have read it.Thank you thank you for the laughs, the heartaches and the touching heartfelt stories

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy 2015 to you and your family

  106. #Bikoreplies!
    ‘Today my mom will die’ is the post that brought me to your world, biko (I had to use the ‘b’). I’ve never quit since then and will never quit. I found your blog a few weeks after being sacked from my job and was about to fall into depression. (Too much stress and life pressure). But finding your blog and reading through all the archives is what brought me back to life. I would wake up in the morning in my tiny house, load your blog and read posts all day long (True story). Reading and re-reading your posts helped me get through this phase. My life has changed (positively)a lot since then and I attribute most of this to your blog, biko. You are a ‘beyond-amazing’ writer. By the way, I was so crazy about your blog that at some point I thought I was going bananas. I consulted our good friend Google on whether it’s normal to have a crazy ‘crush’ on a writer to which Mr. Google said is OKAY! Thank you Biko for giving me a smile every Monday.

    Happy Holidays Biko! (had to use caps here not to ruin the caps rhythm)

  107. I am one of those silent dedicated readers who share your work on Facebook. Thank you for always giving us something to look forward to. I have managed to convinced several guys to start reading your posts. My best memory is the advice you gave to that odiero, “never trust someone who eats his peanuts alone.” Happy Holidays Biko. Hope you have more in store for us in the new year

  108. And not to forget, I honestly use to believe that the big forehead was something else until my friend informed me that it’s actually a bald. He met you at choices during one of those life bands.

  109. Biko, when a friend of mine Job sent me a link to your blog “how to bury a Luo”, that the beginning of this addiction… I think i have read most if not all of your posts dating back 2011?2012?.,,and every time i am captivated anew, your creativity man! How you are able to deviate from the mIn topic then jump back right in, no wonder you should win awards throughout.
    So through your blog, i have made new friends;dads love whiskey , i was on holiday at Medina and quickly recognized Edwin,the guy who wore a hat to work, and we immediately hit it and laughed for days.
    My colleague Clifford Juliens,CBA, speaks very highly of you… I wish i knew you were in the building when you came to interview Gladys Akinyi for business daily, i would at least have seen you,and told you this myself…your talent is top of de top.
    Enjoy your holidays and make sure you get new inspiration to keep us entertained in 2015.



    1. Wow. You met Edwin? How cool is that?! Thanks so much for being a fan and staying the course. Please thank Clifford Juliens for me. Happy holidays and see you in the new year.

  110. I started reading your blog this year and I can say its just amazing. I have several favorites but ‘women’ did it for me. it changed me in ways I cannot even explain… thank you for being such an inspiration. Till 2015, Happy Holidays.

  111. I had to comment just for a reply 🙂 the book thief is definitely at another level loved it! As for visa denied… Apt.. Did you reapply successfully though?? Merry Christmas to you and your family (btw what happened to I only want daughters.. 5 of them? Hehe. Don’t answer that.. We all say things we don’t mean at times). thanks for writing, keep writing. 🙂

  112. A friend called saying that he thinks you may have designed the logo yourself.I hope i grow to like the logo.I’m a designer and i regret not trying out the challenge.
    That aside, thank you so much for always writing.

  113. …….I constantly think of my clothes. I dream of them. I picture them in that dark suitcase, wondering why they have been abandoned. I think of my socks, curled into a ball in a corner, yearning to stretch their legs. I had running shoes in there. Now lost. My poor shower gel. Sigh. You don’t know how precious your shower gel is until it’s gone. Guys, cherish your shower gels, it might be gone tomorrow. And then there is my (Luo alert) my bottle of Hugo Boss, Orange. Hugo, if you are reading this, I will find you. I will not tire until I find you. I don’t care if ghouls here will say that sounds gay, but I will find you Hugo.

    Such Kind of humor just finishes me. Thank you Biko….Happy New Year

  114. Hi Biko. Greetings from snowy Germany. Your sense of humour reminds me of John Grisham’s in his thrillers, I don’t know why..
    I have read all your articles, both here and in DN. I sent a link of your site to some friends of mine and they are now hooked. You are the best out there. I saw a quote from Visa Denied being discussed in a German forum, something about your car igniting with 56 bob.:-) All I can say is it was nice to see my favourite blogger was that popular. Happy New Year to you and your family and looking forward to more great articles next year:-)

  115. Looking forward to greater stuff come 2015 because I plan to stay with Bikozulu all the way. A Happy New Year to you sir.

  116. ‘A cut below’ – I LAUGHED and LAUGHED and LAUGH….. you get the drift…

    Looking forward to 2015 – your stories always make my day.

    Happy New Year!

  117. you know what Biko, I dont know why i always find myself in your blog, i always try to think why, but i laugh soo much through ur post i forget to get the reason, ‘THE REASON WHY I READ BIKO’ is one of my resolutions 2015, hehehe, cheers man, u make me laugh. ION, i have a charity initiative idea thats giving me sleepless nights, wanna know bout it? say yes and al HUG u maan,what? yes i said HUUG, i swear, al hug u, with both hands, just say yes

  118. Biko, that logo is kick-ass!

    Bet that Kipkorir will coming looking for you.

    Keep on keeping the gang here – you’re great at it 🙂

    P.S. A wild idea: ask someone at Sauti Sol to hook you up with No.1 for an interview

  119. It’s been years since I first read your blog.i don’t know the detail of exactly how long…you can tell the state of my head already. More weirdly it’s the first time I’m commenting. But keep writing…

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  122. i have been your adherent fan ever since i can remember.My family knew that Saturday magazine was mine. The way you mince your words, pure talent! Good work and Happy belated New Year(January isn’t over) . .

  123. It’s been years since I first read your blog.i don’t know the detail of exactly how long…you can tell the state of my head already. More weirdly it’s the first time I’m commenting. But keep writing…

  124. The hug from the stranger is gut i writer you crave to know that you’re read and appreciated.that was great from your fan.
    Meanwhile, you change TACK….not tact, but TACK. i too learned that after writing ‘tact’ forever. so let us know if changing tack does get you that interview with the President. Best!!

  125. Correction: ”Folk say babies are babies, and they are right, but having a daughter makes you restful. Suddenly you are sure you will never be forgotten by the world. That’s just how it is.” This is 2015,get real Biko nkt.

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