Month: April 2016

Perspectives From the Shampoo Sink


Two weeks ago I sat with this person and they told me something very dark and beautiful about their lives. We agreed I’d write about it. And I wrote about it. On Sunday I told them I had finished …

Pay Forward


We landed at Kisumu International Airport at 7am. Kisumu reluctantly stirred under a mild blanket of gray. She remained aloof and picturesque. Our driver, standing where a horde of taxi men congregated, held up a placard written “KCDF.” That

The Kiswahili Interview


Sometimes the Lotto guys ask me to interview someone who has won big. It’s very simple. They send me a number, I call the person up, I do a quick phone interview then I send an invoice. It’s a …

Oh Kenchic, Where at Thou?


One day our kids will be teenagers and they will live in a world without lions. Because there will only be about five left. Five lions, two black rhinos and about 30 million baboons. You want baboons to get …

The Guy at The Top


Every week I meet someone at the peak of – or peaking in – their career or profession. A revolving door of CEOs, entrepreneurs, businessmen, wheelers and some dealers. We sit in a cafe or an office for an