Month: June 2020

Absence Of Sound


You could sit next to someone and feel the need to strike a conversation. Like in a plane. Or a bus. Or on a bench, waiting to see a gastroenterologist. Some human beings like to fill that space of …

Split Eight Ways


When I wrote about this story, I said that my mentee’s girlfriend was called Nincy. Eddy told me that she took offense at me misspelling her name; she’s not Nincy but Nincie. They sound the same but they …

How I Met Sam


I remember the night because an escort accidentally spilled wine on my white Adidas jersey. She had on a loud wavy red ochre weave that reached all the way down to her posterior which I will not say much …



The president doesn’t know this, but he could just be keeping my farmhand, Boy, on a job. He’s been naughty, dishonest and not entirely productive, and I’ve been meaning to go down to shags and have a hard talk …

The King Is Naked


I will tell you a story about how, not long ago, I locked eyes with a stranger, a man, and we proceeded to share a brief but intense and revealing moment.

It started with me wanting to make a …