And We Are Back?


They shot Boniface Mwangi’s breast with a teargas canister. I can’t imagine anyone shooting my breast with anything, let alone a teargas canister. It must be mad painful. Anyway, he called me and said, “I see your website is …


Once On Your Knees


The van stopped at The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint along Nakuru-Nairobi highway. They bundled out to gape at the view and take selfies and update their social media feeds – planting the seeds of Likes and shares, cultivating this …




She’s got small shoulders. Small because they can’t carry the weight of the world yet. The weight she carries is her own weight. The weight of innocuous things like whether her best friend is loyal to only her or is


Do your thing.


Somewhere down a damp, patchy-grassed, walled corridor separating two blocks of houses in a South B estate, a man bangs on a metallic gate in the shadows cast by the early morning sun. It’s 7:25am, a cat basking on top …


Is It Over?


It’s not you, it’s us. Apparently some of you are not receiving your alerts when we post. I’m getting
emails from people who ask, “Biko, was I removed from the mailing list? Is this romance over?”
Well, the fat lady …