Month: October 2020

Better Half


I once dated this girl who smoked. Dunhills.  She always smelled of cigarettes and perfume. She lived in a house that had a tree branch that peeked into the balcony. I found it distracting and I offered to cut …

Club 27


Some of you have been sending me compliments for upgrading the aesthetics of this patio. You say that the new curtains have given it a more modern feeling. Truer words have never been spoken. 

Speaking of modern, my attention

Half A Couple


Five years back, when people asked if I, Eddy Ashioya, was a writer or knew Bikozulu, my answers were straight: “No” to the first and “Who?” to the second, because it’s always good to defy expectations. But life comes …

Bastard II


Why do people look for their fathers? You grow up without one, you lead a normal enough life, get children of your own and yet you still feel the urge to look for a man you never knew. Possibly …

What Stirs You?


The first thing that stirred her was her upbringing, growing up like an Indian; in a knot of relations. In an old four-bedroom mansion in Parklands with big windows and a restored roof. A house with an old carpet …