Month: February 2021

The Other Island of Motherhood


I ordered her a lemonade before she arrived. She had said she wouldn’t be long. I sat in a booth facing the doorway. Karen. The light outside was bright, pouring in through the doorway like a hungry flood. Music …

A Hammer & A Cigarette


I didn’t interview any mothers or fathers last week. I was out camping in shags the whole week, listening to nature’s heartbeat. Which means I don’t have a story. As a filler I will tell you a story about …

My Stupid Dress II


If there is a second time I should have fainted in my life it should have been that moment when my husband said, ‘I think they found her.” I thought, found what, her her or her the body. But …

My Stupid Dress


Today we tell this story in the first-person voice for a change. Because it’s that kind of story that needs intimacy.


I was just going to dash upstairs to pick something up from the shop. It was one …

Kitale Guy


They moved in together in 2003. They were campus sweethearts. She studied engineering while he studied economics. She was the serious one, the one who knew where she was going in life, hell, the one who knew where he