Tale of Three Mothers


Even an old train stops once in a while. As I did. Also, it was a Jesus weekend. Praise God. Thankfully Eddy is here to hold court this week.


By Eddy Ashioya

Love has always come easy to our …

Bad Nurse


She made tea. We sat in the dining room. I could hear her husband on a Zoom call somewhere in a room down the corridor. He was speaking to white folk, from what I could hear. Everybody sounded so …

The Light in the Tunnel


There will be three long queues into heaven. The first will be for children and people who refuse to grow up. The second will be for adults and the third for companies. On that day – a clear day …

I’m Sorry


I like villains. Pariahs. Outlaws. They never experiment with hats, they wear the same hats. They ride horses (or drive old grey cars with faulty driver’s windows) in the gloom of darkness, fleeing another sunrise. They sit desolate in …

The Other Island of Motherhood


I ordered her a lemonade before she arrived. She had said she wouldn’t be long. I sat in a booth facing the doorway. Karen. The light outside was bright, pouring in through the doorway like a hungry flood. Music …