It’s not what you think. We were to post today, really, everything was in place and then Biko, somehow found himself, neck-deep in the woods of Rusizi, a small town on the border of DRC. There’s no strong network where he is, he can’t tether using his MTN, because of said woods, and the poor sod had to scale up a tree just to relay the information. We are now resorting to communicating with ravens and smoke signals. So, please put down the torches and rakes, Cliff The Tall, this is not a Walpurgis Night.

See you kesho? 10 AM?


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  1. The network of SAFARICOM/MTN is perfect here in RUSIZI—What the hell are you talking about, nigga didn’t do his homework …hahhaha

  2. No excuses.
    Eddie you’d have simply jotted down something to calm our nerves. Ata kama ingekuwa a soft life “mimi ni baby boy” post. We’d have read it, as Biko tries his hand at morse code, and blows smoke from DRC.
    Now see.
    Next Tuesday it is then.

  3. We are not boarding!

    Go up the post and post! The gods of DRC aren’t happy with big foreheads. The godzilla type…

    Send the Tweet bird instead of the Ravens. Please…

  4. But why….. After the notification, I decided to complete a few errands then settle down to read about the ”Gang” with zero interruption. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
    Eddie a few more paragraphs at least.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahaha aaaaaa!
    You should see how I was seated comfortably read to enjoy the read.
    It’s alright tomorrow will come

  6. Haki Eddie Ashioya. You have played me a good one. Okay, we shall await till the ravens and smoke signals phase ends

  7. This man was last in Somaliland just a week ago, and now he’s tracing our Bantu origins, despite him being a River-Lake Nilote? What next, Nile Delta? We want the Somaliland story. Wishing the sojourner all the best in his travels.

  8. The title itself got me excited. I was starting to imagine how Biko had managed to write about us, the gang, who are faceless to him. Then I open and it’s just a paragraph, and it’s Eddie

  9. Did he contact papa freddie before leaving for a gallon of foundation? I hear the Congolese prefer caramel to chocolate

  10. Biko, you better be through with the smoke signals, drum beats and ravens mbikos le gang ain’t laughing.
    10am it is!
    Eddie, awesome read last week, should have pulled another yesterday too.

  11. Biko! should we talk with the passport guys to take away your passport since umeanza kutuzoea and not in a good way anyway hope you’re staying safe……..Eddie a few more paragraphs would have been really awesome ama you were meeting with akina Brayo and Ndugu hahahah

  12. Ati what? Eddie you and Biko sasa mko na jokes.

    Do you know I had saved this post for my long commute to work.

    Imagine my surprise.

    Eddie you redeemed yourself with last week’s wonderful post so you are forgiven..
    As for your mentor, it is a few minutes to 10am hopefully he is climbing up that tree na hata shuka mpaka he “relays” the story na hiyo network ya pata potea.

  13. Saved this article for today, but guess what… Anyway we move on as we wait for Biko to get out of the woods.