Failure To Launch


I have power over fruits. Well, most people do but the difference is I’m aware of it. It’s a reckless kind of power. I know it when I walk up to a fruit shelf teeming with abashed oranges, blushing

Scent for Cents


You know Oscar Wilde, right? He once said, “‘There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.’ The latter is worse.” 

Tom’s tragedylike all of ours

Shades Of Grey


He wasn’t supposed to sit at our table. He had followed George. You must know George.  Everybody in town knows George. George is the life of the party, a barfly, snake oil salesman. Always in a Polo shirt. I

Related By Heart


[It was just after 3pm and he was doing dishes. His wife was on a Zoom call in the living room, saying, “I think this demand-driven approach will not work in the long-term.” He could never understand half the

White Collar


I sleep with him. This man. Most days. I also eat with him, on occasion. He eats using his left hand while he writes notes and opens doors with his right. Ambidextrous. He’s a quiet man with a spongy