Month: June 2022

Bikozulu - The Man's Man

The Man’s Man


This interview happened on an insanely wintry morning. The type where you occasionally blow into your hands. We sat at a window. Outside, the grey clouds refused to shift, the sun a faded memory. It felt gloomy and desperate,

Once Upon A Night in Juja


I finally met Gloria the new writer replacing Eddie. I thought she’d be brassy and big-boned with loud African beads dangling from her neck. Instead, her neck was slender like a biblical staff. Instead, she had long beautiful

Soda And Chips


“No,” her aunt told her emphatically after finishing reading the letter, “I’m not taking in your sister. Or any of you.” Then she lit a cigarette and looked away. This was the 1980s in Karatina when women didn’t smoke.

Man Flu


I have Man Flu. But before that I had a stomach bug. I fought the stomach bug with Metronidazole and I was winning the fight, we were really killin those buggers called Giardia lamblia, knocking them over their heads