Month: July 2022

The Full Three-Sixty


When he was 25 years old he shared a small shack in Kariobangi South with Andre, a friend he had met in university. He had a dusty degree in commerce and three year old dreadlocks. His dreadlocks were a

Open Season


It was her ex-husband’s idea. Her ex husband was a businessman. He liked to host people, his associates mostly, or people he was wooing, people he showed their massive garden in the backyard of a house they had taken

Big Ali


I succumbed and bought an Air Fryer. It’s white and it looks like something you can culture bacteria in. “Can it cook chips?” Kim asked. I told him it cooks damn near anything. “Even cake?” I said even cake. 

The Mouth on Joseph


A sink fell on a boy. You know boys. Maybe he was hanging on it like a monkey. It came off the wall and crashed into his face. The whole damn sink. Nine years old, with his milk teeth