Month: November 2022

The Flag of Covid


Warning: Adult content. Sorta. 

This is a short story about a man who lost everything that a man can imagine losing and then gained something. It’s a short story because it’s ugly to dwell on this particular shortcoming of

Don’t Hush


“I was neighbours with prominent figures,” She said. “Politicians and high commissioners. I’d see these prominent people around my neighbourhood, of course they didn’t know me. I didn’t know myself either, or this life I was leading.” She lived

Two T


Your wife has her friends over. They are only five but it feels like they are 38 because they are sitting everywhere. And they all seem to be talking at the same time and laughing at the same things

All That Jazz


First, the gas explosion. He was 14, just a boy. A gas leak at the neighbour’s house that they had gone to investigate. He was standing behind his neighbour who had discovered that the leak was coming from the

Big Apple


New York constantly screeches and screams. Fire trucks and ambulances constantly whip down the street. The massive billboards shout at you to buy soda, phones, bags, cosmetics, cars – subliminally. The men in rickshaws play loud music and speak