Month: October 2022

Blue Folder


“There is no God,” shouted Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin through the hole in his bushy beard that turned out to be his mouth. It was 1840 and he and some Ukrainian soldiers were in a hut where his ilk gathered

Necessary Sue


I’ve always wanted to leave town on an old train carrying a battered suitcase and wearing a forlorn look. Maybe it’s raining and I’m standing on a platform, my hair wet having ran across the parking lot. Maybe the

45 at 45


Sometimes when we pray as men, we forget to thank God that nobody has to stick their finger up our rectums anymore to look for cancer. Unless you want them to, that is. Unless it’s your thing, which would

The Great Cocktail


Her lips were darker than her areola. But not dark enough to make you notice. Regardless, she remained very insecure about them. She imagined it’s the first thing people noticed about her. Not her dreadlocks that stood on top