Month: May 2023

Melodies of School



What do you call a horde of naked teenage boys in a communal shower? Whatever it is called, it was shocking for me. To shower in a cubicle without curtains or doors, the older boys brazen in their

Mwanamke Bomba


It’s a tragedy when a child gives birth to a child. When the responsible man, a man now in his 20s, disappears into the woodwork and leaves her grasping at the hopeless straws of love. It’s tragic how small

The Middle Finger


I’m not one of those 65-year-old types who type on their keyboard with one finger. You know, searching for keys with their fingers half suspended in the air, mouths half open, mumbling something under their breath. No, I type

Beyond The Curtain


I don’t recall my first time. And it breaks my heart. I want to recall the screaming and screeching and the sudden feeling of leaving the ground, of floating and soaring into another universe. Maybe I had closed my

Oh Ye Lucky Ones!


I hated church. It was always crammed. The pew so hard against the ass, my feet could never touch the floor and the service was always long and windy and the music droned on like a broken life support