Month: April 2023

Kiss The Ring


I stalked her for many months last year. She remained an eel, an illusion, a mirage. She gave me three dates which she ended up cancelling, with apologies. Late last year she ghosted me (yeah, I was a bit

Two Carrots


Her earlier childhood memories.

Her mother’s boyfriend touching her breast. A stinky, scary man with hands the size of a tree’s roots. Her mother walking into the room and whacking him over the head with a pan or something

This Week in Eddy’s Life


Yeah, yes, it’s me again. EDDY ASHIOYA. Biko is away, in shags somewhere, fussing over his grass or pigeons. Old age, things. Anyway, I’m holding forte here. I haven’t forgotten the directions to this place, even if the rain

Boy With a Sax


Everybody has their ‘Obama argument.” This is when one person holds a view, a theorem, a speculation, about Obama and the other person counters it passionately because we all feel invested in the man. But this wasn’t even an