Month: July 2023

Three Tortoises and Other Stories


To create art is to embrace the seduction of solitude. To dare to be different. However, to create amazing art, to create with your mind and then hands, is to invite all the demons of being different and be

The Evangelist


By Eddy Ashioya

It’s me. Again. By now I should just have my own guest bedroom with the SpongeBob bedsheets. I am like that half-remembered ex with main character energy, who, as everyone’s greatest girlfriend—Beyoncé—once said, ‘bado niko

Small Dog


Folklore has it that when the white man showed up in my village they found my great-grandfather, Okeyo, naked. He was herding cattle on a hill in Kendu Bay, leaning on a staff. He might or might not have

Peggy’s Curse


You know the moment you meet them that they are eccentric. They sit and look around fiercely. They lean back and tell the waiter, ‘If I have hot water with a slice of lemon, will you charge me?’ And