Money Is Funny


All of men’s desires can fit in a matchbox. They might meander and slither but eventually, it distills to one thing; respect. They seek it, consciously and unconsciously. The more gung-ho of them demand it. Or fight for it.

Siku Ya Mungu


Not long ago, I found myself in the wrong room, where everyone in the room was conversing in a foreign language. I didn’t know which language it was but it sounded like a cross between Mongolian and Gobbledygook. It

The Silence Is No Longer A Mirror


I stared at my dad’s elbows. They looked like a turtle’s chin. All aging people’s elbows look like a turtle’s chin. The wrinkles have wrinkles of their own. The bones look soft underneath. He was watering a bush of



The howling emptiness of the villa threatened to drown me. The beauty of the villa didn’t take away the throbbing solitude. It was luxurious, yes, but it was also excessive in its beauty if that’s possible. There was a

The Children Are Fine


“One time, a long time ago, we were drinking at this local in Buru when she started arguing with this other girl. I can’t recall what the argument was about but I was used to her sparkiness, especially when …