Two Televisions


I was 15 years old and had thousands of parasites in my blood. Malaria. I was greatly fatigued, I was running a fever, I had a bitch of a headache and my joints felt like termites were building a

Is There A Doctor In The House


He attended my writing masterclass in 2016. He had just started university; young, bright, and shy. Thin as a reed. He was talented as well, anyone could tell. He wrote beautifully with his cheek and thought himself funny, which

Five Knives


A guy comes to my gate in the village. He’s young, wearing a shirt with torn-off sleeves like a scrapper in a low-budget flick. We speak through the gate. He says, “I once did some work for you.” I

Down An Anthole


The other day I was having a conversation about death with Lady. I’d read an article about a guy who was talking about cremation and she asked me, “Would you consider being cremated?” Her voice echoed loudly because everybody

Ni God Manze


I wrote a story but the subject requested that it be shared with his lawyer first because the last time I wrote about him and his marriage it created such a shitstorm it ended in court. His lawyer hasn’t